Arrested for trying to hand over a memo?


The highhanded police action against the 15 activists and indigenous reps in Kuching yesterday was a waste of resources.

All they wanted to do was hand over a petition to state government leaders expressing their concern over the Murum and other dams and the displacement of natives. For that, they were arrested, reportedly for illegal assembly, and later released on police bail.

The CM and his Ministers were too arrogant to even come and accept the memo. The natives have an issue that needs resolving – not arresting. This is the prevailing feeling in town, says a Kuching-based observer.

All this shows how out of touch the Sarawak state leaders are.

Now, Sarawak’s civil society groups are going to oppose all 12 proposed dams in the state. See report in Borneo Post here.

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francis ngu

Let all readers of this worthy blog of Anil also be alerted, and offer moral support as deemed fit, to the Dayaks at Sri Aman, being oppressed at the same time.
I refer readers to 2 blogs Dayak Nation and Broken Shield for further news.


francis ngu

Arrest was the hospitality with which Sarawak greeted some of the Penans visiting Kuching for the first time.

A couple of them may be foreigners too, correction, stateless, as they do not have IC cards. Whatever the status, arrest is the glorious welcome befitting them !

Shamed and shamed again !



the sarawakians will never learn, wait and see


Dr. Hamid S. Rajan and the other such as Steven & Sugu are (allegedly) trouble maker under the influence of UMNO and MIC. Now Sugu wants to sue the developer for RM4 millions. Where does he have the money to sue when he said he don`t have the money to rent a house. Of course he is (allegedly) instigated by MIC & UMNO. Uthayama is an idiot and you are one of a fool or either an instigator. Kampong Buah Pala resident have been given a good deal. Look at Tanjong Tokong. On top of the flat they are being… Read more »

Dr.Hamid Ibrahim

Malaysian Indians voted for the goons in the hope that they will help them; but see what happended. Guan Eng and Rama are hiding and the houses have been demolished; the poor Rakyat are on the streets. If it has been other (ethnic groups), (wouldn’t) guan eng and rama would have come to help(?) If the previous government made a mistake, the present ‘gorment’ can set it right. Someone has already quoted the legal provisons in the Land Code. How these goons are not aware of the law. I hope the Malaysian Indians of Penang when the next general election… Read more »


Sarawak, the land of hornbills, is a paradise of borneo. Blessed with petroleum, timber and ibans. Raped were the petroleum, timber and ibans. GOD had forgotten and forsaken them since merdeka. When will there be change for the better?


Anil. sorry tat I hve deviated from d topic here. Pls allow me to say something about Kg Buah Pala.Lately i dont see much about KBP from yr blog?? Just to mentioned here tat finally LGE, Wira Rayer, Para fesor CM2 hve (succeeded) in putting d villagers in d streets under d sun & drenched in d rain. Wa, wa wat a achievement DAP goons?? We choose u hoping tat u will b our saviour but it turns out to b a … collabratin with d devil lopers to ruin d lives of unprotected (villagers) in KBP. Sadarji Karpal who… Read more »


Polis Malaysia….standard lah cam tu. Otak taruk lutut… pasal tu lah IGP boleh berlagak macam the “little tzar’ dalam PDRM.

Angela Ooi

These leaders living in Ivory Towers are becoming little gods far removed from the common folks. This is another good reason to bin them in the trash can come the next elections. Remember this incident when Sarawakians go to polls.


I am just amazed and at the same time disgusted by the continous support of these people towards BN.Why are they so gullible?


It is high time Sarawakians vote for change. The state BN government has manipulated and deceived them since Malaysia was formed. Time to vote for change; for justice, equality, fairness, and dignity.

The police’s action was expected.
Any protest, assembly or demonstration directed at BN will be reciprocated with their battle cries: Surai! Surai! 1 2 3 Tangkap! Tangkap!

As the cow-head protest was directed at PR government, no shout of tangkap was heard.


Why are Sarawakians keep voting these people?…


Expected lah! They let the cow-head bearers walk through town and straight to the state secretariat, but arrest the peaceful assemblers. Guess who owns the police in Malaysia?