Anti-Lynas solidarity protest in Sydney


Anti-Lynas protesters gathered in Sydney on 14 July to express solidarity with their Malaysian counterparts who cast their ballots in a mock referendum on the rare earth refinery.

Photograph courtesy of Peter Boyle
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Shall we boycott Australia?


Health risks of Lynas plant is discussed here:
In Mandarin.

Phua Kai Lit

Lynas not SLAPPing people in Australia ?

(SLAPP = Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation)

Gerakan K

Where is your ‘Lynas is dangerous’ report ???

Phua Kai Lit

Hello Gerakan K (a.k.a. inane pro-BN propagandist)

1. I have TWO reports now.

Newer one is from National Toxics Network (from Australia), dated April 2012. It is even more alarming than the first!

2. Mr Anil Netto can have access to both reports anytime. This person I trust.

3. As for you, you can have access to the NTN report.
But only if you provide me with your true identity.
(Unlike you, as a public health professional, I don’t need to hide my true identity)

Brave enough to do so?