Anti-Lynas protest outside Parliament


The anti-Lynas movement is holding a protest outside Parliament this morning.

They are hoping to meet the PM as well as key Pakatan leaders to express their concerns about the Lynas rare earth refinery.

The protest comes in the wake of the Parliamentary Select Committee recommending that Lynas be awarded a temporary operating licence and subject to recommendations. What else did you expect from this committee.

As one blog commenter said, Australias get our graduates (the so-called ‘brain drain’) and Malaysia gets the rare earth waste.

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23 Jun 2012 2.48pm

By the way, the Penang is under the Opposition MP, and they have many industries there producing lots of radiation and other toxic substances – how come you fellas , so against these things, don’t mention anything about Penang?

Gerakan K
Gerakan K
20 Jun 2012 2.00am

Lynas is safe according to experts. Orang biasa please DIAM, ok ??? Jangan kena tipu oleh propaganda !!!

20 Jun 2012 10.10pm
Reply to  Gerakan K

PROVE IT. Build your gravy train sundry shops next to it. Otherwise, don’t ask us diam-diam like a dictator. If you can’t prove to us with your deed of believing in Lynass, who’s going to buy it, … minion.
Rather be safe than be sorry for a lifetime due to (pea)-brain foolishness!

Ah Pek Lim
Ah Pek Lim
19 Jun 2012 3.50pm

Aussie gomen wants the brains of Malaysians. Reported that who graduate with Aussie U can work at Down Under.
Only foolish barang naik regime allow brain drain export while toxic import is welcomed.


19 Jun 2012 7.55pm
Reply to  Ah Pek Lim

Exactly Ah Pek Lim, a good deal between BN and Oz. One has talent and the other has waste !!! That is OneCareMalaysia so long as some selected few have big fat comm$$$$$$$$$$ission !!!

Wake up wake up and do an ABU !!!

Andrew I
Andrew I
19 Jun 2012 1.37pm

Try try first. 1Try.

19 Jun 2012 1.26pm

Protest as much as you like but BN is blind and deaf and shameless. How do you expect to meet the PM when he is probably making another side trip for shopping or a reunion with his son in law in Europe after visiting Saudi Arabia? He spend RM3million on the last trip and I wonder how much for this trip again? What’s a few millions here and a few millions there – I thought the NST reported that his late father asked him not to be extravagant? Am I the only one who is scrimping to pay income tax?… Read more »

19 Jun 2012 1.13pm

Himpunan Hijau ‘Occupy Balok-Gebeng 24 Hours’ on 23-24 June, at Pantai Balok, Kuantan.

Full day 24 hours activities galore at Balok beach to show the people’s displeasure of a rare earth plant just 25 km away from Kuantan town.

For more info:​pages/​Himpunan-Hijau-20-Langkah-L​estari/156138757834195

19 Jun 2012 12.33pm

By all means we have to stop Lynas in our land !!! The Rakyat’s health CANNOT be compromised, that is for sure.

Wake up people !!!