Another high density project for Gurney Drive?


The MPPP is calling for a ‘request for proposals’ for a plot of land at Gurney Drive.

From what I hear, this plot is somewhere near the Gurney Drive roundabout and is likely to attract bids from many large companies. I am not sure where the precise site is, but I believe it is somewhere here (see below), perhaps around five acres including nearby roads. MPPP should tell us exactly where this land is located.

Will we see another mall or commercial complex with high density similar to Gurney Paragon sprouting up here? MPPP should tell the public what sort of actual density (excluding any area of the site that is already used by existing roads) it is going to allow here.

Said one activist, “This is the result of a projects-based development mentality and syndrome in the absence of macro-planning and policy to manage land use.”

In other words, in the absence of a gazetted Local Plan (seven years after it was approved), a field day for developers…

Agensi Pelaksana
Majlis Perbandaran Pulau Pinang
Nombor Rujukan
MPPP.T.NO.10/2015 (K)
Klasifikasi Perolehan
Jenis Perolehan
Tarikh Iklan
5 – Mar – 2015
Tarikh Jual
16 – Mar – 2015
Tarikh Tutup
22 – Jun – 2015

Blog visitor Khoo Soo Hay sends us this poem, saying he does not want a concrete jungle:

I need a mountain spring

I need to find a mountain spring
That man has never seen or touch,
That only deer come to drink
And birds and squirrels can vouch.

To have it bordered by plants
And small pools for peacock fish
To swim and play stunts
Reflecting its scaly rainbow flash.

And by its side monkey cups abound
Collecting dewy drops of rain
The agile monkeys life line bond
That is part of the mountain terrain.

I need a mountain spring
Unspoiled by human hands,
Its pure water, unwashed, unringed,
Left to wash only its bottom sands.

I need a mountain refreshed
By the sweet songs of birds calling
For their mates to build their nest
Amidst butterflies fleeting.

I do not need artificial springs
That sound un-operatic
(To) infiltrate our private space, bring
To our ear, music chaotic.

I do not need a concrete jungle
Where hills and mountains have vanished
No trees and branches jangle,
But cement, plastic and steel finish.

Give me a mountain spring
Pure and unsullied to dream
Before the rising of the sun
And lay down before the moon beam.

That is my last wish for myself,
And for others who love this earth,
That come what may, the shelf
Of life will continue to have hope and rebirth.

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s.c. bose
s.c. bose
13 Mar 2015 5.34pm

The trend of swallowing up the dwindling precious green lungs by the avaricious developers and corporates in their mad drive to piling up thier profits is most distressful is and heartwrenching. And there seems to be cynical and sarcastic comments and responses when sane and sound objections to such a trend are mooted by people like Anil. Even more arrogant are comments like asking those who object, to shift to the Mainland. Come on Kim and Fanny Penang Island was one time a parallel to Hawaii- a real tourist rendevouz, but the scenario now is overwhelmingly commercial in outlook with… Read more »

14 Mar 2015 12.29am
Reply to  s.c. bose

Is there life in a slab of concrete or marble (the same material used in cemetery tombstones)? One reader has no idea of intangible heritage assets of Penang. Let me enlighten him on this intangible. There is one lady client of mine who wanted to run a X-perience Authentic Penang tour agency service for foreign tourists to X-perience (first hand) the living heritage of Pulo Pinang. She wanted to her clients to X-perience how the local Indian Muslims of Little India precinct start their morning routines with morning prayers, preparing breakfast, open their roadside stalls and maybe have their usual… Read more »

Don Anamalai
Don Anamalai
13 Mar 2015 10.18am

Gurney Drive is now like Bukit Bintang (KL) or Orchard Road (Singapore) to draw tourist dollars.
It is a shopping belt, not for home living anymore.
We should not complain so long as there is a proper public transportation system to deter more vehicles into that area.

Ed G
Ed G
13 Mar 2015 11.06am
Reply to  Anil Netto

Land public transportation is under the purview of SPAD, right?

12 Mar 2015 10.41am

It is natural for big cities to have high rise and high rise development.
Gurney Drive is outside Unesco heritage zone, so it is natural for such development to take place. So it is no different f on those development in KL.

12 Mar 2015 10.36am

Gurney is out of Heritage zoning.
Anil may activate causes of concerns for impending Sia Boay developments of inner heritage zone.
there was a public feedback session outside Popular Komtar. I asked the counter and the person in charge there told me Anil-like activists unfortunately did not fill up suggestions. 🙁

12 Mar 2015 10.32am

Could it be we need influx of foreign investment for metropolis Penang to reduce the country’s external debt now at RM740 billion?

Gurney Drive Mud Skipper
Gurney Drive Mud Skipper
12 Mar 2015 12.40pm
Reply to  Kim

Your point of argument is no different from sin-pointing finger at:
Ah Khoon Kor (previous CM) brought about Gurney Drive muddied development, so let’s start covering up Gurney mudflat with profiteering landfilled development!!! This kinda kill 2 birds with one stone, a crime no different from the 1st.
You smell opportunistic greed sky-high at the expense of someone’s sin. But Penangites are not stupid.

12 Mar 2015 5.47pm

Mud Skipper strives on the swampy coast of Gurney which used to be habitat for Kuih Kow fish…….
When development kicks in, Mud Skipper has to migrate elsewhwre to make room for rodents ?

12 Mar 2015 10.12am

Stay at Bagan Ajam now still affordable landed homes, shuttle to work via tunnel to serve Richie commercial tourist focused employers at Straits Quay and Gurney areas.
don’t complaint act now. RINGGIT depreciating buy inland affordable homes now for capital appreciation now. Penang island no more sweet spot for most locals a fact.

Awang Selamat Ori
Awang Selamat Ori
11 Mar 2015 11.04pm

Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely!

12 Mar 2015 8.50am

There is a saying, “Dare to Fail”

Now (are we) seeing “Dare to Corrupt Absolutely Unabashed”(?)
Time to kick that … team out of Pinang Su.
(Use your vote without blind emotion)

11 Mar 2015 3.20pm

Another good reason to relocate to SP as readers have mentioned previously.

gk ong
gk ong
11 Mar 2015 6.16pm
Reply to  wiz

Cannot agree more.
Leave Gurney Drive for the rich to enjoy high density living.

12 Mar 2015 10.43am
Reply to  wiz

Kee must be enjoying the tranquility of serene SP away from concrete blocks?

11 Mar 2015 3.09pm

We have had enough. I believed the wind of change is moving back to BN Gerakan, MIC MCA.

12 Mar 2015 10.41am
Reply to  iSupercally

Ex Gerakan orimastro … retired now focusing on returns from his new stretch of refurbished schoolhouse opposite Kuan Yin temple. So do not expect him to be active engaging heritage matter as violations summons are not his passions now.

11 Mar 2015 3.04pm

Is this the Chungking Mansions I told you would pop up in Penang one day? Trying very hard to be another Hong Kong indeed!

Penang is a developers dream!