Another day, another mega project in Penang

Sensitive forests and ecosystem in Penang - Photo: Penang Hills Watch

With the rejuvenation of Nature during the coronavirus lockdown clearly visible, many had hope that governments would be more sensitive to the ecosystems.

But not in Penang, where we saw:

  • a renewed determination to pursue massive land reclamation
  • an announcement of new 150-acre reclamation project along the southeastern coastline of Penang Island
  • a new proposal for a cable car project (over RM300m) from Penang Hill to Teluk Bahang along sensitive hill terrain, despite the federal government refusing to allocate RM100m for an earlier cable car project

Welcome to Penang, Darul Tambak dan Kebel Kar. All this is happening at a time when ordinary people are struggling with job layoffs and reduced incomes.

Penang Hills Watch has eloquently responded to the latest plan:

Penang Hills Watch (PHW) refers to a news report which highlighted the proposal for an over RM300m cable car route from Penang Hill to Teluk Bahang.

We are gravely concerned by the announcement of this proposal for the following reasons:

1. The route passes through a well-preserved hill dipterocarp forest

The alignment of the cable car would pass through two forest reserves, namely the Teluk Bahang permanent forest reserve and the Bukit Kerajaan permanent forest reserve.

Parts of this proposed line, especially between Bukit Laksamana and Western Hill are steep hill slopes (photo above), posing a substantial natural geo hazard.

Building 20 pylons over 6km and constructing a 10km maintenance road through this well-preserved forested area will fragment the forest, through the removal of trees and the necessary excavation and terracing to stabilise cut-and-fill slopes alongside the road. Full statement on Aliran website

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No need cable car, waste of money.
But need more public libraries with free wifi access.

YB Sim now no longer a minister is back to launch “Wajah Bayan Baru”, hoping for recency effect in case of snap election? He has yet to reinstate a public library at Bayan Baru, lest he forgets.


Public library or just a centre with free internet? If free internet, who controls the the user using the internet to say anything? See MP uses twitter orso makan soup pedas and laksa. Want to play play with this and that gomen? China has std – Great wall to stop barbaric attacks. Those wanted free internet will to be volunteers to man the firewall?


using the current road, burns more petrol and sitting on the road jams. No wonder the sea around peng land rises. Why build roads in Peng land. Better if people walk or cycle. During Tun lang’s days, bicycle is king of the road. wasting money to build roads, buying cars and petrol stations along the way.


You are evoking the fond memories of tunglang. Hope it would summon the spirits back to

Cheers kopi kau kau!

Kim Poh Poh

ART to replace LRT on island worth consideration. Kuching must have learnt from Penang Forum etc.

Also may be reclaimed shores along Bayan Lepas can be designated for basic apartments with daily amenities n facilities specifically to cater for FTZ employers and employees; so that less traffic during rush hours going or back from work?


The narrative that the political GLC appointments was to safeguard Malay interest could work in the PN’s favour by boosting its standing among constituents that form its powerbase, as lower income Malays became unintended dependents of the resources at GLCs and GLICs that were appropriated for projects and initiatives that benefited them, which ultimately created a favourable view of such moves despite the perceived abuse.


Meritocracy is the way to go.
Otherwise we suffer brain drain.
No good for country. Other countries like Singapore will profit from our talents.


Facebook users must be careful with writings, any satirical remark could be deemed insulting subjected to court punishment. Another case after the Patrick Teoh’s incident:


“We have to ensure that there is a law for social media users and media organisations like us who provide a platform for readers to make comments – that they (the media organisations) shouldn’t be liable for the comments,” said Malaysiakini’s Steven Gan.

The court verdict will have repercussions to social media bloggers like Anil, to be accountable to his readers’ comments?


Blogger OutsydTheBox got multiple legal notices (even recentl), and was charged at least once (a few years ago). Recently, he emphasised that contrary to the hoopla on ISA etc., the worst laws against expression and dissent crippling the country are (a) defamation, libel, blah-blah… (b) “sedition”. We copied both from our last colonial masters.


Now Al Jazeera also kena questioning because report not favouring the authority. Are we back to old days of BN where press freedom is controlled?


Penang State to issue Bond to make 3 reclaimed islands a reality.

Gamuda, Ideal and Loh to jumpstart the program.


Not sure if Penang Undersea tunnel is part of PTMP.

One thing for sure PN is now investigating.

Next to resurface could be exCM banglo transaction???


MACC deals with makan suap. Not makan telor or makan angin or kapala angin. innocent until proven guilty.


What about makan angin in Europe and owes travel agency the travel cost?

Makan telor penyu okay?

Kapala angin is no excuse for making stupid statements that threaten muhibbah?


penyu is an endanger species. many were killed by fishing nets. they get entangled in fishing nets from fishermen. that is why they prefer farm fishing.