Another botak hill – Whither Cleaner, Greener Penang?


Is the MPPP serious about curtailing hill-top and hill-slope development? Or is Cleaner, Greener Penang just a feel-good slogan?

Photograph: theSun
Photograph: theSun

The Penang Forum Steering Committee has issued a statement.

Check out the hill trails around Bukit Kukus.

The MPPP and the Penang state government owe us a clear explanation.

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Lawlessness in Penang. The government is sleeping or busy catching non-local cooks in hawkers stalls.


Penang should go and learn from Singapore how to plant appropriate trees and maintain them to provide greenery on the island.

Don Anamalai

Some snapshots taken while cycling or strolling thru Singapore, see the greenery effort in Singapore:

Surely Penang can emulate, right?


Penang authorities should learn what is effective enforcement & monitoring & punitive land laws.

Don Anamalai

The global effort for sustainability will be won, or lost, in the world’s cities, where urban design may influence over 70 percent of people’s Ecological Footprint. High-Footprint cities can reduce this demand on nature greatly with existing technology. Many of these savings also cut costs and make cities more livable. Since urban infrastructure is long-lasting and influences resource needs for decades to come, infrastructure decisions make or break a city’s future. Which cities are building future resource traps? Which ones are building opportunities for resource efficient and more competitive lifestyles?


I missed the lush greenery of the 70s. If you look at Greenlane today, most of the green lungs are gone.Really sad…

Aisay man

Well that’s the cost ought to pay for modernizations and developments. Just think of all the “modern comforts and lavishness” compare to the enjoyment of say, a sheer stick of ice-cream cube. (Ahh, comparing Haagen-Dazs !?)

Now, Penang people are starting to complain about (why) the high assessment rate of SOHO’s when it’s only meant for a bigger and more advance state like Selangor.


A contractor complained that the TOL rent at Weld Quay reclamation area he is renting from the MPPP has been increased more than 100% since last year


Guasipenangkia : You will also miss all the seaside of the 70s right from Tg Bungah to Gurney Drive and from Sg Pinang right up to Batu Maung


Greener Penang just a feel-good slogan?


Yes, rajraman666.
That slogan makes one feels good & pandai-pandai despite all the glaring botak-ed hills.
Anyway, Kopi-O kau kau makes me feel better after reading this article.


Without 4WD, it will be difficult to drive to the hill. So extra expenditure needed if you wish to own a hill top home.


You have a misconception of 4WD use (not the Perodua type).
It is for driving on muddy roads, hill terrain trails & river crossing.
If you want to experience driving up on a hilly tar road, try the Paya Terubong uphill road.
Even a Kenari can do the job.
Unless one buys a hill property without a proper tar road like the Botak Hill still botak-ed.
Save your money, donate to Tzu Chi & drink more Kopi-O kau kau.

G Dorai

The Star Property Fair now at Gurney – shall try my luck at lucky draw who knows I am lucky to get a free iPAD or a bicycle. A bike will be handy as i may cycle to work and park the bike at the future Bicycle Hub next to Gama to be ready end of 2016. Can ride fromm Q-Bay to Komtar along the coastal trail for bikers !
Having said that, the visitors to The Property Fair can ask Master Koh (Feng Sui fellow) if slopy development can be a risk or not …..


Housing built on hill slope has risks associated with landslide during heavy rain. Avoid at all cost!

There are plenty of options at the ongoing Star Property Fair now at Gurney Plaza. Choose one that fit your conscience, value system and above all your pocket, at least try out the lucky draw to win some goodies.


this hill was favourite home of burung kuku. Now, gone, gone, gone.
Existing double storey homes at the foothill are facing a red earth backyard and who knows what is flowing when it rains. The residents have complained to DAP rep in 2012, but what happens?
Missing in action? Or just blame, blame, blame on Gerakan.

Cleaner, Greener Penang? My foot!

Aisay man

I’ve just heard that particular patch of land is now selling part of it at RM200/sq ft ! For what and whom ? Don’t know yet !


For more than 2 years, they are still flattening the botak-ed patch?
What I heard from the residents below the hill, the developer is selling the sand dug + collected before any pilling begins (yet).
Commonsense tells us if one digs further, the gradient of the botak-ed hill gets more steeper.
And there are huge boulders lying in wait among the trees. Now, what is the authority doing about it?


Just like the Penang State govt, the PR Selangor has reneged on their promises to the people.


You could see it very crystal clear from the temple at 1200 steps. A condo 45 storey high was up for sale at the just about more than a year. When I check it out it was developed very near the edge. Luckily I did not book otherwise i would have a big fright. There is another before you come up. Its called the View and it was built not on the edge but on the slope itself. When I see these 2 development, I quickly butt off. How could it be built on slope more than 45 degree. Does… Read more »

Cik Sukiyaki

Concerned folks should gather peacefully (not like that crazy black coffin guy) to show facts & figures why the administrators are chopping away the trees in the name of development ? For every tree that being removed, another one or two should be planted otherwise Clean Green Penang is just a slogan.
People T&Y should now step forward rather than be on screen critics ?