And so the PGCC PR battle begins…


PGCC roadshow Queensbay Mall

The PGCC developer has taken its road-show to Queensbay Mall

Looks like the PR battle has begun. The Penang Global City Centre developer is on a road show promoting its project in Queensbay Mall and Gurney Plaza in Penang.

Just received in the email the following hypothetical conversation between the pro-PGCC lobby and a member of the public.

Would have been hilarious if there wasn’t a ring (more like alarm bells) of truth about the details of the project. Though the conversation below is probably hypothetical, I am told that those promoting the project do not have all the answers when questioned by people who are more in touch with what the plan actually entails. Makes you wonder if they really believe what they are being paid to promote.

Visitor: Carbon 0? What is this carbon 0, huh?

PGCC promoter (PP): Ayuh you dont know huh, no pollution lah.

V: How can no pollution, I hear got 27,000 or something car parks eh? You all giving people free electric car, huh? Or giving that transporter- scooter thing to everyone huh?

PP: No lah, how can, must win contest. Really got so many car parks ah? I dont know lah about these things, I’m not technical person…..’

V: Where the 37 or 40 tower blocks we hear about huh?

PP: Not yet lah, not designed yet….but sure got lots jobs for everyone…

V: But we got jobs already and have to find foreign workers and all kinds to do the jobs.

PP: Oi, but contractors will make lots of money building this one, building that one.

V: But we already have lots of office space still empty in Penang – that EPF, TNB, UMNO all in town, all empty one, why we need so much more?”

PP: ….always got room for more, one…

V: Wah, this fancy twisties towers only for rich people huh?, Where all the cheaper places for poorer people like me – go shopping, buy flat?

PP: That one we move to other places – like Rifle Range where poor people are, more proper, not?

V: Wah, already now so much jam here, jam there, then how? Lagi more jam, Scotland Road, Green Lane, Ayer Itam. And then Rifle Range some more jam, how? – cannot go to school, work, cannot come shopping at Queensbay, Sunshine Farlim and all also?

PP: Ayoh, never mind, you worry too much, we guarantee will solve all Green Lane jam. We tell Government to quickly do that PORR thing, so long talk talk only. We tell Government can build more flyover, then cut more roads into empty fields… Why they need such big field anyway? Then we will build new tunnel, bigger roads all at Batu Gantung, sure no jam one.

V: But so many big, beautiful old trees at Scotland Road and at Green Lane, what will happen huh?

PP: Ayuh. so many times, already told you all, we will not cut any trees. Lagi always ask about trees, trees, trees. Can eat trees huh? Buildings jobs not more important huh? Anyway, already our very famous French one woman architect tell you all, we are going to plant 700,000 trees wah. Like forest you know, so why worry so much for?

V: But how can so many? You count and see, no building, no roads also cannot do. I know already, I go evening walk Gardens and Youth Park, there also not 700,000, how can here?

PP: Ayoh, you ask so many problem questions one. You take brochure, tell you all about it already lah.

And so the battle begins for the hearts and minds of Penangites. The developer has access to media, money, machinery – and a PR firm. Those against the PGCC campaign group have their ideals and convictions – and the cause of holistic development and environmental protection on their side. Who will triumph? Only you can decide – and do something about it.

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anak pulau pinang

After nearly 8 months of PR in Penang, I am UTTERLY SHOCKED that the PGCC projetc is again revived 0R am I misunderstanding your report Anil???? I had thought that the Chief Minister had been reported as saying that the project is a non starter and I did really heave a sigh of relief that at last, the RAPISTS of Penang have been vanquished. Penang needs this so-called Mega Project like a bloody sore thumb… What the hell is the PR doing – are they keeping their mouths shut because they have decided to kow-tow to Putra Jaya. Mr CM… Read more »


Hi mosgas, the 40 towers thingy is in the permission plan – and the developer hasn’t denied it…
Anyway, if I am wasting my time, mana sakit?


How can the public decide whether to support or oppose it when they don’t even know what the project is all about.<——— why you oppose it when you yourself don’t even know what’s the project looks like cept for uncomfirmed 40 towers thingy.

your wasting your time!


Constructive engagement? Before we have any dialogue or whatever, the developer should publicise the actual model in all the media – to show all 40 towers of around 40 storeys each. How can the public decide whether to support or oppose it when they don’t even know what the project is all about. I don’t think the public is even aware of the fat profit the developer will make just from the rezoning of the land.


I think it is high time for those NGOs to play gentleman, demonstrate the type of Democracy that you advoate for, and don’t play pretend not listening to voices of people who actually support the PGCC. NGO serves people. When there are people support of PGCC, NGOs must act in some way reflecting these. Don’t shift the goal post. I dare you, those NGOs, to launch a referendum in Penang island and let’s see how many are actually opposing to PGCC! I do repeat again, let’s start Constructive Engagement with Abad Naluri and Patrick Lim! As for the Zero Carbon… Read more »


The PGCC developer must have thought that all the 40 buildings, cars, sewage, lights, lifts, and air con (which will need electricity generated elsewhere in Malaysia, by burning gas, oil, and coal) will output less CO2 and methane than horse dungs and screaming betters.


hmm, I wonder if the new PR strategy is to post positive comments about the PGCC on blogs like this one to make it look as if many Penangites support the PGCC.


aiyo… why u guys keep protesting the wrong things laa.. no wonder the oppositions always kalah.

we need pgcc!

I’m totally agree with those who support PGCC. In my humble opinion, i really think that we need development in Penang. Dont get me wrong, i love heritage buildings and greens but we still need a better city center for a better commercial purposes near existing downtown.To keep and preserve the heritage buildings in town they choose to build PGCC at existing turf club.The proposed sites is suitable, indeed. yet it’s understandable that the residents nearby are against this mega project but majority of penangites are supporting it and i am sure. If compared with some other developing states in… Read more »

you are wasting your time?

i dont understand what is the fuss in here… You people…u wan Malaysia maju… developers built PGCC, u guys complain… u guys want wawasan 2020.. or watever nonsense about malaysia trying to be 2nd world or first world country (cause afterall we r still alittle bit of 3rd owrld country)… government suggest PORR, u all make noise… FIne… i would understand about the environment and the polution and s***… but really.. WHO ACTUALLY CARES??? I bet you protesters out there, while protesting about PGCC, u guys litter here n there… throw ur rubbish into the sea.. throw rubbish on the… Read more »

Stop PGCC!

The protestors are losing the battle against professional PR and media spin.

See all the “good news” yourself

We are reaching a stage where if we don’t do something drastic very quickly then it will be too late. To all those people reading this blog, please help spread awareness of the true story!

Eye on Penang

Make yourselves heard dear Penangites.
This monstrous PGCC will tarnish and pollute your beautiful island.
Protest, march, petition and fearlessly do everything you have to do, to ensure that this project does not go ahead.
It will not benefit the residents of Penang Island, it will instead make you suffer.
The only beneficiaries are the well connected hypocrites, the greedy cronies, the utterly corrupt, and the terminally thirsty blood suckers.
Stand up and fight this devil with all your might.
Power to the People!!!!!!


if i were you, i would forget about this whole pgcc hing…let penang rot and let the whole country go to rot… this is a country where your arguments regardless how strong and valid will fall only to deaf ears… it is like trying to make a jackass understand … this is a country where lies are being repeatedly told and very often people begin to believe in these lies and can’t tell the truth from falsehood… this is a country where truths and criticisms are not encouraged and are shunned lest they create embarassment … many expect the outcome… Read more »


i hate penang and am glad to see opposition to this because if it did go through penang would be a world class city and that would be a problem for us here in KL, keep up the small mindedness and provincialism my friends.


What is most depressing is the standard comment from many Penangites. “PGCC is terrible, I sympathise. But whatever you do, we know nothing is going to change!” Where has all our spunk for which Penangites used to be known for gone? We shall have retool this Penang mindset by moving the campaign up another gear!

anwar fazal

‘Money,media and machinery’ lost to ‘ideals and convictions’ in the Penang Hill mega development project. It led to a local plan for the area.



anil, i’m a typical penangite. i just have 2 simple points that i hope the NGOs can take up:

1. green lung: isn’t the present (undisturbed) place the BEST green lung there is UNMOLESTED – how can the PGCC better that?

2. zero carbon footprint: isn’t doing nothing at all have a MUCH lesser carbon footprint vs doing a PGCC?

i think these 2 simple points knock down key arguments for a PGCC. as an old english saying goes “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.