Amazing wonder – extraordinary high-rise waterfall in Komtar!


If waterfalls can swamp the higher floors of Komtar, right in front of their noses …

… you have to wonder how they are going to manage an elevated light rail system and precarious highways and tunnels up on steep hill slopes – for which they have even less experience. What will happen when they start digging and building the six-lane Pan Island Link highway a few hundred metres from the Air Itam Dam? This episode hardly inspires confidence in their mega projects.

The waterfall was unleashed at 12.25pm during work to replace the components of the Komtar fire system. A worker in the plant room at level 61 “opened a strainer without shutting off the water supply first” and water gushed out of the pipe and flowed to the floors below. During the “waterfall”, the lifts at the higher floors were shut down for safety reasons.

People evacuated the upper floors. Ironically, the Drainage and Irrigation Department is at Level 55 of Komtar.

By 2pm most of the problem was sorted out, and normal service resumed.

Remember, this is the second “waterfall” – after an earlier waterfall appeared at a super high-rise “affordable housing” project in George Town recently.

As someone quipped, “Komtar in Chinese is guangda, big light. Now it has turned to shuida, big water.”

Another said, “Maybe they can have an indoor fish farm” at Komtar after finishing off the fishing waters along the southern of Penang Island with land reclamation.

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Wei expected, the twisted mind jump into every opportunity to have fun bashing the state government just because the government refuse to kow tow to their demand…if you do not know what is making a mountain out of a molehill…this is it..hehe


Sad to see has degenerated into below the belt sarcasm to discredit the local government. Perhaps all the arguments repeatedly put forward by Anil in this blog have not been effective? Need some self examination or else the credibility is lost forever.

Xiao Xiong Kou

Need to remove sarcasm else your river of justice is muddled, polluted, and saddled with unnecessary debris impede the smooth flow.


Komtar is a reminder of the bad legacy from BN era. Not sure how many penangites are still proud of the erection!


The staff on the affected floors will appreciate the time off from work, over-time for clean-up, etc. In the case of other departments elsewhere, fires have been useful in making critical records disappear. Here too, records can disappear in the confusion. Selamat maju jaya, or whatever.

Milk Tea

Anything is possible under DAP/PH governance. They built reclaimed lands and use climate change as an excuse. They will go ahead with the project and find an excuse if anything happens.


You never heard of murphy ‘s law? You better read, study and understand it. Most people know and hear about Murphy law


Very good idea to have a high water fall. New tourist attraction ad Penang is running out of creations to draw in tourists. If go to shanghai or London we see manmade items.