Alerts on Baram, Murum Dams


This just came in from SAVE Rivers: “Lots of machinery are seen sent by Sarawak Energy’s contractor to locations near the site for the proposed Baram Dam. Suspect that construction team have started mobilising.”

Meanwhile, other reports say Sarawak Energy has started the impoundment of the 944MW Murum Dam in Sarawak without prior notice given to the six Penan villages of Long Wat, Long Luar, Long Tangau, Long Menapa, Long Singu and Long Malim. The outlet river diversion tunnel was apparently closed on Saturday night.

More than 100 Penans have been protesting at the dam site.

Penans protesting at the Murum Dam site
Penans protesting at the Murum Dam site – Photograph: Sarawak Report

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Don Anamalai
Don Anamalai
26 Sep 2013 1.26pm

About time for Sarawakians to opt for Impian Sarawak’, as outlined by these 2 videos:

28 Sep 2013 11.29am
Reply to  Don Anamalai

The 2nd video is this one: Impian Sarawak: Return Water Rights Remember the water shortage we had recently in the Klang Valley? Just a few days without running water caused havoc for many of us and made our lives difficult. By comparison, in many rural areas in Sarawak, running water is a luxury. Villagers will have to get their water supply from a nearby river, as well as bathe and wash their clothes in it. Watch this video to see for yourself the predicament the people in rural Sarawak are facing just to get access to clean running water.… Read more »

Donat Anthony Theseira
25 Sep 2013 9.51pm

There has not been any news for quite sometime now on the Bakun Dam and how its doing.
Don’t tell me that something has seriously gone wrong with it and that is why they find it necessary to build another one in a hurry. It wont surprise me one little bit if that is the truth.

Don Anamalai
Don Anamalai
25 Sep 2013 12.11pm

What has happened to Bakun Dam?
Has it been completed?