ALERT: Incinerator to be built in Taman Beringin, Jinjang


This seems to have slipped past the radar: An incinerator capable of burning 1000 tonnes of rubbish daily is slated to be built in Taman Beringin in Kepong.

Taman Beringin waste transfer station. gif

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The 1.7ha site is to be located next to the Taman Beringin solid waste transfer station. An EIA is required. But how independent will the consultants be?

It may be on the “outskirts” of KL but the proposed site is surrounded by residential areas.

See the Bernama report here.

Thanks to blog reader Loke for the alert.

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billy joel
billy joel
19 Dec 2017 1.37pm

Hi, my I know the latest news about this project?

jcgoh01jc goh
13 Sep 2013 4.12pm

Common sense tells us that if incinerator is build, it needs to be at least 20 KM away from town! Now the plan is to build it at one of the most highly populated township in KL city, the capital of Malaysia!
This is total madness!
There will be a campaign at Metropolitan Part (the park where kits fly kites, next to the lake and the site planned for the monster) this Sunday at 5 pm! Be there!

kambing sup @ GK
kambing sup @ GK
21 Jun 2013 3.36pm

OMG !!! My shops are near there @ Jalan Besar Kepong !!! What are the cons of this incinerator ???