Accessiblity awareness still lacking


Why is it that our developers don’t pay enough attention to accessibility issues? Is this a reflection of a similar lack of concern in society at large?

Masalah ini juga dilihat dalam projek yang baru pun: memang terdapat kesedaran yang rendah mengenai isu akses (accessibility issues) yang dihadapi oleh orang ramai, terutama sekali mereka yang kurang upaya atau berkerusi roda.

Inilah tandas awam di tingkat bawah kompleks Straits Quay. The grab bar should not be attached to the floor.

Toilet grab bar in wrong position

The same problem occurs at the new Tesco in Tanjung Tokong:

And the grab rails on the wall are also incorrectly positioned.

‘Grab bar’ sepatutnya dilekat di dinding. Inilah cara yang betul:

Toilet grab bar correctly positioned

Why can’t they get these things right? Is it indicative of a lack of concern for people with disabilities? With the prevailing lack of accessibility all over the place, we still have a long way to go before we can consider ourselves a really caring society.

Some progress has been made in making pavements in the heritage zone of George Town more accessible, but there’s a long way to go to cover the whole state. More needs to be done to make all public facilities accessible to everyone.

Is it any wonder that most people with disabilities here are confined at home, whereas in Europe you can find them out and about on the streets?

Perhaps it might be a good idea for developers, planners and those who approve projects/OCs to actually ride in a wheelchair around town and to walk blindfolded with a wooden cane to get some idea of the difficulties and the myriad of obstacles around.

It is also time to make approvals for new projects and OCs subject to compliance with the highest standards of accessibility.

Thanks to K A Tan for the information, photos and diagrams. Visit his blog here.

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Ha ha ha, reminds me of how our government see it – deem fit!


Apparently, Malaysia authority lack of accessibility expert to do the inspection, missing proper guidelines to follow and the builders also lack of common sense.

It is never difficult to adapt European accessibility guidelines. FYI, those guidelines also extend requirement for Internet web pages, and most Malaysia government webpages definitely failed on accessibility check. Since they can failed on website, I am not surprise that they are careless to apply accessibility in physical life.


may be Penang State Governement can do the first (after no plastic day campaign) by implementing some sort like ISO guidelines in enforcing proper building and maintaining of public infrastructure like drainage syatem (covered ones to facilitate less priviledges “OKU”), pedestrian walks, roadside hawkers etc….

Asam Garam

typical malaysian mentality : do n care excellently brilliant within own house compound, and what’s outside is the responsibilities of the authorities.
If you care to walk along the roads outside the tourist belt of Batu Feringghi hotel chain, you will notice the deplorable state of the drains, pedestrians walks etc !!!!


Wrong positioning of grab bar – the architect is not trained or the installer cannot read instructions?


That’s the problem here. Things are done just for the sake of doing it but not done heartfully. Just wait and see as to how much will the pavements be maintained.


Semua nya boleh, semua nya OK!