Abad Naluri to appeal MPPP’s rejection of PGCC


Equine Capital has informed Bursa Malaysia of the following:

On 22 August, Equine’s associate company, Abad Naluri, the developer of the Penang Global City Centre, received a letter from the Penang Municipal Council (MPPP) dated 18 August 2008 advising the company that its proposed development plans for the Penang Global City Centre Project had been rejected.

Abad Naluri is currently in the process of appealing the MPPP’s decision, addressing the various points and concerns raised by the MPPP.

Gosh, they don’t give up, do they? Hello, it’s supposed to be dead and buried, remember?

Antares has this timely reminder for us:

At this juncture of Malaysia’s evolution, we must revise all the nonsensical and deleterious unwisdom that was pumped into us by the school system, mass media, and government propaganda – and turn away from greed-driven “devilopment.” This is the return path to wholeness and harmony where we value LIFE ITSELF beyond the abstract notion of monetary “profit” (which usually benefits only a tiny elite of politically connected towkays).

This is a complex subject, but I just wanted to use this opportunity – now that we have sincere people at the helm in Penang, Selangor, Perak, Kelantan, KUala Lumpur, and Kedah (and within a matter of days, at most weeks, a brand new uncorrupt federal government) – to remind people that the problem lies with our putting the cart of economic expediency before the horse of ethical and aesthetic maturity, having been taught for generations to look down the wrong end of the telescope at reality.

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Without a Geological Impact Assessment Report on PGCC project, it is unthinkable how a project of such a monumental magnitude can be put on the map of Penang? Any intelligent person will see disaster coming on to Penang if the project has a “go ahead” stamp on it.


Cheah wrote ” I will agree to a balance development, Penang need it to progress. It irrational to pour cold water over it to said that the project is dead. How will the hundred of small contractors survive if we have this anti-development mentality.” I think Cheah is an idiot (sorry, but i think this is much better word to expressed my disappointment) On my opinion, PGCC will not help on Penang economy 1. This is a huge project, just like Twin tower, which caused over supply in KL and Selangor about 75%. Once she completed, we will facing over… Read more »


Conspiracy theory?…Dig deeper……

Is PGCC the vehicle to bring back funds stashed overseas in RM500 and RM1000 notes which is deemed non-legal tender when Mahathir and Bank Negara ban the usage of these denomination during the 98′ financial debacle?
The exchange of the notes to legal tender monies can only be achieved by the approval of Finance Minister and Bank Negara. But, with the event of Pakatan Rakyat wresting power in Penang and the massive loss of credibility of Abdullah Badawi coupled with the recent political debacles, the PGCC was shelved indefinitely and I believe permanently.

Sorry state

Imagine …. if March 8 didn’t happen, KTK and Rashid will still be around; BN will still be singing away …….

Messy Christian

I remember returning to Penang after a few years away and was shocked by the traffic jams and the ugly buildings marring my memories of Penang. The Penang of my childhood was a beautiful, idyllic place … it pains me to see what it has become. We have to stop the rot!


The lost souls have no recourse Repent and find solace under God’s care Enough damage to lie all the way through Now reap the reward of losing the gold mine Headaches flow Heartaches of lost love Trying to woo it back When it is gone; it is gone Nothing will bring it back again Sending appeals Asking for second chance When in the first place Dishonesty and lie reign Nothing will save the lost love It is gone; it is gone Don’t listen to advisors The people telling you why Don’t lend support when free advice light You forget; you… Read more »



michael toh

Anil, It is very fortunate that PR took over the state from BN. Otherwise the project PGCC will take off. The project is buried with personal greed,corruption. This new government is the work of divine God to save the country and innocent people.

Anak Pulau Pinang

A whole lot of chatter, some reasonable, others downright boorish. However as a Penangite who has had just about enough of the rape of the island (especially) by every bloody politician and politically linked high flying tycoons who have no interest or care for the island, I will be the first to supoort you when we sayENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Just look at the destruction of property caused by the floods the past week. Don’t be so bloody naive to say that all the floods, land slips and rockfalls aree an act of nature. Act of nature my a**, you mean!!!… Read more »


Is it some type of trade-off— If LGE approves Abad Naluri to develop the Penang Global City Centre, then KL would release federal funds for the Penang Hill funicular railway, PORR ect?


You have to appeal. Then hope that there is a change in govt and hey presto … every thing’s in place again. Semua OK.


Dear Anil,

I will agree to a balance development, Penang need it to progress. It irrational to pour cold water over it to said that the project is dead.

How will the hundred of small contractors survive if we have this anti-development mentality.


Can anyone please tell me, PGCC was sold to who?


With all the wealth they are amassing, the highest status these people can ever hope to achieve is being nouveau riche. This usually means surrounding yourself with labels and brands and hoping that the more you pay, the less your inadequacies will show up, like lack of general knowledge, of breeding, taste and social etiquette. Unfortunately, these qualities cannot be bought wholesale. Even if you pay to learn, it takes effort to acquire them. Some think that by dressing themselves up from head to toe in Gucci, they represent class. How about a walking billboard? Not only are you advertising… Read more »


Hahaha… no wonder Ahmad is upset. They (ahmad, dolah and others) seeing their money gone! Let them fight. That’s UMNO/BN.

KL Boy

Dear Anil,

Heard from the corporate grapevines that the shareholding of Abad has changed hands to a tycoon from KL who owned a big shopping complex in KL city.Thats why they are appealing again. Patrick is no longer in charge. The same tycoon is also rumoured to have taken over Equine.Few sources also confirmed such arrangement.


Dear Anil

I could as well ask you the same question?

“Gosh you don’t give up do you?”

Enough already on PGCC. Go find another cause.


Dear Anil,

The conundrum we malaysians we face is that we’re damned if we do and damned if we don’t in the face of expressing our views. And, we’re just talking about intellectual discourses, mind you.

But then; absolute morons who bask in the wealth “stolen” from the rakyat at large in the name of ketuanan melayu … what else can one expect from them. Just sheer rubbish, nary of any intellect.

And, what do we do….. laugh amidst severest woe or DO something about it?


Its sometime difficult to understand greed, Anil. This is one clear case. Every single living soul on this island is against this project and yet these people will not respect that. Its GREED alright, nothing else.

They forget when the boulder dropped on a passing BMW. They don’t get it why a helicopter blade hit the head of a colleague. These are all tell tale signs thats things are wrong – why do people fight against the power of nature?

mark c

this is a classic example of the old chinese maxim “see wealth turn to water” for Patrick Lim…..

so near yet so far…………….hehehe.


Anil how to hundreds of millions invovled and knowing patrick he will never let it go …