A different sort of CSI?


Could this be classified as CSI – Corporate Social Irresponsibility?

You be the judge.

Efforts to send food aid to Penan natives in Central Sarawak are now stalled after a timber giant dismantled an iron bridge that provided critical access to 3,000 people living deep in remote areas. Full report here.

In early August, Land Development Minister James Masing said the Penan starvation claim was attributed to logging activities, which rendered sago and wild games scarce, according to the Borneo Post.

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Angela Ooi

This situation is OUTRAGEOUS and MUST BE RATIFIED IMMEDIATELY. Where is the Govt of the people?? Najib, you have failed the very people you need to help the most. Our people in the outback are starving cos of IRRESPONSIBLE, CORRUPT, UNJUST COMPANIES and HORRID GOVENANCE. The rakyat must remember this when the next elections come!


Armed Forces allowed Nuri helicopters to be misused by HIGH ranking government officials for non-gov duties BUT never think of utilise these heli for prompt action in ferrying foods to our fellow malaysian living deep in the jungle.


Sarawak election is near…. its time to show who is the boss. You go against me…this will be the penalty….dig it!!!! ….style ala BN


I just don’t understand, why must the timber company dismantle the bridge after (grabbing) the natural resources for so long? What do they gain or lose from dismantling the bridge?

What has the White Rajah got to say about this?