87 units/acre density: Penang Forum responds


The Penang Forum Steering Committee has responded to the issue of high density development i.e. the tripling of density permitted from 30 acres to 87 units/acre.

It points out that high density development must be preceded by proper planning (for open spaces, supporting infrastructure, etc), a good public transport system and strict building guidelines and codes.

See the full statement on the Penang Forum website.

Penang Forum also wants the draft Local Plan, approved in 2008, to be put on public display for comments and feedback, as required under the law.

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29 Oct 2012 4.00pm

Fully support the statement released. It is important we stress that we are not completely against the 87 per acre rule, just that it has to be an appropriate location where there is adequate supporting infrastructure. People understand the current situation in Pg. But the high-density projects cannot be allowed everywhere and anywhere. Just like the rule of not allowing skyscrapers in the world heritage site. What we want is for public consultation to be done and a finalised plan for the Island before allowing high-density projects to crop up anywhere they like. Also it would be good if MPPP… Read more »