Over 20000 cast ballots in mock vote on Lynas


Close to 26500 people gathered in 28 towns across the country, many of them participating in a mock referundum, to express their feelings on the Australian rare earth refinery in Gebeng, Kuantan. The result: 20194 against Lynas and 6 in favour.


Summary of results from Save Malaysia, Stop Lynas:

Nationwide anti Lynas Day in Malaysia :
Participating towns: 28
Attendance: 26,496 people
Number of towns where mock voting was held: 19
Result: 20,194 anti Lynas vs 6 pro Lynas


Photos from Pelindung, Kuantan by Jehan Bakar.


Photo by zaaagh

Meanwhile, over it Segamat:

Queuing up to vote – Photo by Pratamad

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I used to work as a civil servant. My boss who advocates the dark side of BTN will appraise your performance as ‘tidak sehala wawasan kerajaan’ if you do not subscribe and bring Utusan to office. Needless to say, I have to quit the job.


How come those who are for Lynas project to go ahead were somehow not informed to go and vote? It was informed to those who oppose Lynas

Super Senior

because you spent too much time reading utusan and the star, and missed the real news.

Phua Kai Lit

Yes, Super Senior

Or as Dato Sak Mongkol calls one of them,
“Utusex Malaysia”


jack chan,

you mean rest of the population is pro-lynas?

Gerakan K

People in general (without political affiliation) can’t find a reason why to ban Lynas operations.

Andrew I

So you speak for people in general without political affiliation. Please define that e.g. if you are not a member of a political party?


He is not a member of any political party but he sure is a bodek and wannabe of the main political party (AMMO) and Barang naik


People without brain and conscience won`t be able to find a reason why to ban Lynas

the mythbuster

Who organized this mock vote on Lynas? It can’t be UMNO/BN. If it is effort of the anti Lynas lobby, what happened to the ever ready PDRM? Those silly fellows see communists even in ordinary peace loving Malaysians. They (may not) think twice before unleashing their dobermans to maul unarmed Malaysians at peaceful gatherings such as BERSIH 3. The total number who turned up is 26500. Results: 20194 pro and 6 against. Why such a disparity? Almost 5000 plus unaccounted for. Anyway it is a good effort. It really shows people are against Lynas. They prefer a safe environment. Will… Read more »

Super Senior

Anil could initiate a poll on his website?


Wear Yellow tomorrow in remembrance of Teo Beng Hock’s 3rd anniversary of passing.

Jack Chan

Well lets say 27,000 turned up…

The population is what, 27,000,000… so these guys may be vocal but the represent 0.001% of the population.

There were also witnesses who said people were allowed to vote twice or more, as well as allowing animals (dogs) to vote.

Is this the new democracy that these guys want ?
0.001% rules the country with multiple rigged ballots ?


gerakan k,

build a house next to lynas for your family. its safe, very safe.

Gerakan K

Finally you talk sense. Lynas is safe according to experts. And the failure of pakatan to prove otherwise is the DOUBLE assurance for us, the rational people.

Those 26500 people (correct or not ???) are just aiming to topple BN at all opportunities. No need reason for them to protest. I can say they are mindless machais !!!

p/s: Professor Phua should reveal the so called unsafe report. Or Ah Phua is Anwar’s WE HAVE THE NUMBERS version 2.0 ???


Geelakan, A stupid guy like could not understand that you has been suan siao m


Geelakan. You think we are fools like you. Whose expert. Expert from Lynas advisors & Parliamentary Select Committee PSC). Maybe you should also include Ah Cheap, Rosma & the Mud No country in the world are willing to have a rare earth refinery build in their country with Malaysia as the second one willing to do so. Developed country such as US and Australia who have the rare earth deposit are not even willing to build a rare earth refinery and left the dirty work to others. They would rather sent it to any other country that are willing to… Read more »


Are Malaysian lives so cheap compared to the Australian

Andrew I

So that means you’ll be moving to live next to the plant?


deficient troll you are, gerakan k. you cant smell sarcasm even when landed right below your nose.

Andrew I

Not 100 percent? The other one per cent from BN?


A small ripple like this will become a tsunami come PRU13.

Gerakan K

99% are from pakatan ~

Ahmad Sobri

99% are youths, and you know very well where the votes of the youths will go come PRU 13! By the way, where is the, “I’ll be more assertive”, Penang BN chairman from GELAKAN? GELAKAN is so disappointing in all the latest developments in the country. The best is their Penang Teng, and what did he say? Well, he said, moving towards Islamisation? He should have kept his mouth shut! Not a whimper from GELAKAN on the proposed hudud proposal from UMNO/sycophants Johor and now agreeable by UMNO Puteri? GELAKAN such a poor political choice! Hudud, hudud, hudud for ALL… Read more »

Gerakan K

Jangan tipulah. 1Malaysia PM Najjib already said “hudud is not suitable for Malaysia environment”.

Respect the constitution and put a stop on pakatan CHANGE (to pas hudud).


Despite UMNO people calling for hudud, yet the PM Ah Cheap Kor is still so dumb on the issue. His comments was made long a ago when PAS called for it only for Muslim. Now UMNO called for it and for all Muslim and Non Muslim but the Nacheap Kor is still very very dumb dumb on it. When you don`t deny or speak or being dumb, it only means consent. But we have a gilakan liar here who keep using the old quotes.

Gerakan K

Do you want 1Malaysia PM Najib repeat his opinion of hudud every single day ??? Our 1Malaysia PM already said it loud and clear, i.e. hudud is not suitable for Malaysia environment. Our Malaysia constitution already clear on this issue.

There is no way you can cheat the readers here.

p/s: Do I need to remind you everyday that it is illegal to murder someone ???


99% not from Pakatan but these 99% will surely vote Pakatan.

Phua Kai Lit

Sorry GK

Your maths is wrong. It’s
99.97% against Lynas (and only 0.03% from BN) !

Phua Kai Lit

Sorry, I mean 0.03% from BN hardcore.

After all, anti-Lynas people include the
MCA Youth leader from Indera Mahkota, a suburb of Kuantan