15 arrested in Kuching over large dams memo


1547: 15 activists and indigenous people were arrested in Kuching at 2.30pm as they tried to submit a memorandum to Sarawak state government leaders at Wisma Bapa Malaysia.

The group included Penan, Iban, Kenyah and Kayan representatives of indigenous communities that will be displaced by the Murum and Baram dam projects.

Also among those arrested were Borneo Resources Institute activists Mark Bujang and Raymond Abin as well as the Adun for Padungan, Dominique Ng of PKR.

They are now at the Kg Gita Police Station in Kuching.

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6 Oct 2009 5.59pm

It seems to me that the penans issues never been solved not untill the day come when they against the rulers. They were maginalized in the society and yet most of them never had any IC and who cares they are not so importain for any election never registered for voting. With them or without them make no different to the rulers and of course they always eyeing on those etnic whom are registered for their politicals needs. The goverment needs to be transparent in many issues so that the society will put more trust and confident in them coz… Read more »

francis ngu
francis ngu
20 Sep 2009 10.49am

CONT. Penans not even people, thus not eligible to send plea memorandum; they are not Malaysians, but stateless, because they cannot get an IC issued !

It is said that the signatures may not be theirs ! It is also said however that they are all rich, only that their signatures are doubted, so the memos are not valid, and therefore the memos should not be read…

Kuching, on site with the Penans on Sept. 16th.

francis ngu
francis ngu
20 Sep 2009 10.42am


Ong Eu Soon
Ong Eu Soon
16 Sep 2009 11.08pm

No protest also arested, handed memo also a crime! Malaysia really boleh! What a stupid 1Najib’sMalaysia

16 Sep 2009 10.49pm

Penan land destroyed by logging! No action!
Penan land stolen! No action!
Penan headman Kelesau Naan likely murdered. No action!
Penans have no ICs! No action!
Penans starving! No action!
Penans sexually assaulted and raped! No action!
Penans try to submit memo to Sarawak CM! Arrested!

Clearly this BN government does not give a damn about Penans, right?

But if some bigtime Chinese timber towkay’s wife or some politician’s daughter got raped, ACTION!

What was that about Malaysia being a civilised member of the international UN community that respects human rights?


16 Sep 2009 9.20pm

The problem with the natives is that their native leaders are useless….

As long as these native leaders are … carriers, the plight of these natives will be as such.
Too bad for them.

Jabu ,Masing, and many others continues to get many supports as evident form the functions they have.

16 Sep 2009 6.31pm

Why ae they so eager to arrest when the people merely wanted to submit a memorandum? They are the BUMUPUTRA of MALAYSIA! So, is this how 1Malaysia supposed to be? 1Malaysia for WHO?

What a shame this has to happen on Hari Malaysia! Why suddenly all NGOs become so quiet?