11,000 Malaysians to go meatless tomorrow


A record number of Malaysians – 10,755 – have pledged to go meatless tomorrow (25 November) to mark International Meatless Day – Animal Rights Day. There is still time for more pledges to reach the organisers; so let’s give it a last-minute push.

This is the highest figure achieved by Malaysians so far, surpassing last year’s 8,563 pledges, since the campaign began in the country in 1996. Last year 84.2 million people all over the world pledged to go meatless.

With the deteriorating environment, this campaign is all the more important as livestock farming is a major contributor (18 per cent) of global emissions.

The campaign thus far has created new awareness about the need for us to change their dietary habits and to do our bit to protect the global ecology.

The International Meatless – Animal Rights Day campaign was conceived in India in 1986 by the Sadhu Vaswani Mission – a social service organisation dedicated to serving humanity, especially the poor and downtrodden.

The mission has declared 25 November as an international meatless day in memory of its founder, Sadhu T L Vaswani – philosopher, spiritual leader and educationist who practised and preached the message of non-violence for all beings.

There’s still time if you wish to pledge to go meatless:

For further details contact:
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1 Dec 2009 6.45pm

Hi, Wira Meat eating is not as simple as swallowing a piece of meat. It’s proven that livestock farming has become one of the main causes of global warming which resulting in the melting of ice caps, sea level rises, weather changes which then lead to eco-disasters such as land slides, mud slides, storms, floods, tsunami, typhoon, hurricane, earthquake etc. These are happening more frequently than ever. Though the movie 2012 is a bit dramatic and the information is a bit outdated, but it’s not all fiction. There are some truths in it. The consequence of livestock farming:- 1) Clearing… Read more »

27 Nov 2009 10.21am

Liow T L is the most shameful from the meatless eating flock. He is a self proclaimed vegetarian. His obnoxious behavior is a disgrace to you.

26 Nov 2009 8.51am

Dear Penang Bolih, Simply put it. It means for the Christians and the Jews (and those who believe in the old testament Bible), God gave Noah and his descendants the right to have all animals food. So God fearing Christians should be free of guilt if they consume meat. I believe that should include Brother Anil. No? 🙂 It is only during the time of Moses that God specifically made a covenant with the descendants of the house of Jacob (ie. the early day Israelites or broadly, the present day Jews) which later included the prohibition to consume unclean food.… Read more »

Penang Bolih
Penang Bolih
25 Nov 2009 11.57pm

Hi Wira

How are you? Er… what do you mean? What does God mean in Genesis 9:3? Not understand la.

25 Nov 2009 3.42pm

A good move, indeed. Hope more would join in.

25 Nov 2009 12.11pm

Good reason to go meatless. I’ve been trying to do the same, apart from the fact that meat is not one of my favourite foods. I prefer beans and green leafy veg. There are many alternatives to meat and even more Westerners are going vegetarian or vegan. I still eat eggs, fish and drink milk for protien. Only thing vegetarians should keep in mind is to eat iron rich vegetables and fruits like red beans, kidney beans, spinach, beetroot and black beans. Would be glad to share some western vegetarian recipes with anyone who is interested. Food is a great… Read more »

25 Nov 2009 11.24am

I hope everyone will go meatless so that meat prices can come down and we can have more meat on the table for our growing children.

Genesis 9:3
(God told Noah after the flood)
“Everything that lives and moves will be food for you. Just as I gave you the green plants, I now give you everything.”

25 Nov 2009 10.26am

Im meatless today as well, even in Adelaide. Good job, everyone who participates!

25 Nov 2009 10.16am

I have been going meatless or minimum meat for months already! Meat is so expensive these days!

24 Nov 2009 9.04pm

Thanks for this.

There’s a plea in The Sun for a meatless society: ‘FOOD ANIMALS: THE NEGLECTED HOLOCAUST’.


Also in The Star: MEATY ISSUES