Zul sacked as PKR removes major pain in neck


So PKR finally bit the bullet and sacked Zulkifli Noordin in a move that will go a long way in restoring the party’s credibility.

PKR is now set to reap the rewards after cleansing itself of some of those who seek to betray the rakyat’s mandate. Its journey to restore the people’s faith in the party can now begin with earnest.

In a way, Zul appeared to be doing his level best to invite this sacking, perhaps because he didn’t want to be seen as betraying the rakyat’s mandate by quitting. But the people know better.

Maybe he will eventually find his real home in Umno (or Perkasa?) after a stint as a “BN-friendly independent”. Who knows. And who really cares.

For many democracy-loving Malaysians, this must be a great day, what with the Penang government calling for local government elections. At least there is something to celebrate on the second anniversary of March 8.

Onwards to the Penang Forum tomorrow!

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Zul is a dreamer if he thinks he will accepted in Umno and do umno a service. Where does he stand for there is already KJ and Ibra. Ali? Umno needs Zul to stay in PKR to fight PKR from within. His sacking from PKR is umno’s big lost. Bn and he are losers for he would have been more effective in driving voters away from PKR if he stayed.

telur dua

Don’t think of him as anything other than a fake.

He wager his last chip on religion and lost. It was never about religion, but his delinquent behaviour towards his Party and Component members.

He is a zero from beginning to end. Poor soul.


Doesn’t “he” feel shame or regret at all? Btw….., damn good riddance!

They have never performed their services to the rakyat as they’ve swored…! Only out for their own interest.

And they say it’s nothing to do with $$$$$$$…

I need $$$$ for my daily life lah! How those “Independant” do it…… I don’t know.


SEDEKAH UNTUK ZULKIFLI NORDIN. Tahniah kepada PKR.Bila Zul dipecat,Melenting bukan main hampeh itu. Di sini saya turunkan beberapa fakta kepada pembaca umum dan Zul sendiri untuk berfikir. Fikirlah Zul, adakah anda hanya menang dengan undi ISLAM?Dibawah ini, saya sertakan analisa dan pola pengundian pada PRU12 di Kulim Bandar Baharu. PARLIMEN P18 BANDAR BAHARU KULIM Jumlah Pengundi Berdaftar : 52127 orang Melayu Cina India Dll % Pengundi layak/kaum 69.47 18.6 11.76 0.18 Jumlah pengundi yg layak 36210 9695 6129 93 % keluar mengundi/kaum 72 91 81.5 62.1 Jumlah Undi 39949 Undi Diperolehi /Parti PKR 22255 BN 16672 Majoriti 5583 Undi Rosak… Read more »


In the last election, Pakatan’s wins were accidental. like this pain … Zul….
What the last election had demonstrated was that Pakatan had the possibility and credibility of winning the govt.
Pakatan have to be more serious the next election. … It must excrete the waste accumulated. … waste elements from all the parties must be removed.

Steven ong

It good news that Taliban have left but now it up to Pas to sack The Frog king from Kelantan.Pas please take action now.


A little too late I should say. I am sure the hard core PKR’s supporters might be rejoicing but the damage is done. This episode has shown PKR to be weak and pussy-footed even when faced with people who commit extremely provocative actions.

People talk about Ahmad Ismail but compared to Zul, AI is just a school boy.

To me this episode proved that Anwar is weaker than the pathetic, sleepy faced Badawi.More reasons on why DSAI is unfit to be the next PM.


Zul’s sacking has made many people happy. We have all been waiting for this day to happen. Bring out the champagne and forget about this so called fanatic defender of Islam. Let’s move on. PR get all the trash out before GE13.



A Great Day indeed. Good moves, PKR starts its clean up in preparation of 13GE and a very clear message to all PKR MP’s and ADUNS….tow the line or get out!

Then there is the master stroke from DAP, local elections…what say you SPRM!!!!


the perkasa katak was laughing, hai zul sampah please join me as one of the kind

harimau malaya

zul if really sincere with people and religion and man with principal,resign from post stand in by election if he sincere god will be with him he can win or if bn with him also he can win.Let see how sincere he is


This ultra-Islamist Zulkifli does not want non-muslims to hear his case. This clearly shows he has no respect for non-muslims. Does he realise that his seat was won with the help of non-muslim votes? Since he wants nothing to do with non-muslims, he must give up his seat.
Kudos to the disciplinary board and the supreme council for taking their stand against Zul. Let the remaining elected members of PKR know that if anyone does not play by the party’s rules, they can be sacked too.


At last!!! I hate this piece of … the most. Because he is the most thick-skinned, most hypocritical and most egoistic.

He cheated the multi-racial electorate who voted for him by turning talibanistic. He pretended to be Allah’s defender … This … really should have been thrown out to rubbish dumps a long time ago.

He is the only Pakatan leader who whenever he utters anything make me want to vomit.

Hope he just disappear fromt he scene altogether one day.

ong poh eng

zul, pls go back to where u are from and start lay egg….


Another one to get rid is Wee Choo Keong a reject from DAP and founder of MDP a mosquito party. He contest in 2004 and could not keep his deposit. Won Wangsa Maju with a slim majority of 150 only. He won on the votes of PKR. So if he goes alone, I bet he will not be able to keep his deposit. Anyway if he try to be funny again, let him enjoy his honey moon until the next GE when he will be (defeated) completely.



Wee cannot leave now, he will not leave till the BN needs his one seat, for the 2/3 majority. Then the price will be high, reportedly, he has some outstanding (personal) matters…

Anyway, doubt the BN can get the 2/3, as you got to take into account, Razaleigh, Ong Tee Keat and a few of their die hard supporters. The real show as to whether they can regain the 2/3 majority has just begun! Razaleigh can always play his cards close to his chest. He can quit when BN needs his vote for a 2/3 majority.


“Major pain in the neck”? I don’t know about you, but to me, this Zulkifli has always been a major pain in anything BUT my neck. Major pain in my head, yes – from all his super-narrow ultra-Islamist speil. Indeed, he may be guilty of abusing the name of Allah and Islam for his own personal peliefs or even political agenda. Even his Press Statement about his being sacked from PKR is filed under “Kalimah Allah” on his blog. Is he so deaf to what he has been accused of – police reports against his fellow Pakatan brothers-in-arms, arguments and… Read more »


Anil, don’t know about you guys,but I am popping a bottle of champagne now.

Cheers everyone, especially to PKR for getting rid of this piece of trash though I am remorseful for having donated RM 300 to (his campaign) during 12th GE .

Gerakan K

“Kacang melupakan kulit”

PKR supporters must do something for this betrayal, if not now then the next GE. No point for your effort.


From all Blogs (new media) and the thousands of comments I’ve read, my conclusion is Barang Naik (BN) is a sure goner….that is going into the ‘Tong Sampah’.


It is about time!
What sort of principle this … bragged he has. If he considered himself to be a man of principle, he should gracefully vacate the MP seat which he won on a PKR thicket.
Loud mouth and no substance…a blooming fake…!!!


PKR is not beCz of these frogs….PKR is becz of democracy loving people. PKR , DAP & PAS….together as PR …they will grow stronger and stronger as more and more ppl are realising the realities of this cunning world. LONG LIVE DEMOCRACY….


Good riddance ….


Bravo !!!

Indeed it comes as a sigh of relief… good riddance!!!

PKR has finally done the right thing by sacking Zulkifly. He really has been too much of late. He thinks he is untouchable…

Just wonder any more sampah? O yes, that Wee Chee Keong is also another trouble maker. Remember he was from DAP???

Hidup Keadilan/PR !!!


I wont be surprised if umno comes out and say that pkr did this under dap’s pressure or accuses pkr for being a puppet and being made use of by dap.


Gerakan K,

Syiok nya! Do you think that the blog owner is anti-PR for always reporting on the defections of PKR Parliamentarians?

Your views please, Gerakan K.

Jom Sertai PAS!

Cheers bro!

Fire Melts Iron

The best place for such PKR reps who quits the party or being sacked in Zulkifli’s part is none other than the tong sampah, UMNO Baru! Good riddance to old rubbish. At least he can now criticize PKR from the outside and not be the mole he is and creating all sorts of trouble within! Good at least there will be some peace without this trouble maker! Again, have you heard him actively debating in the Parliament on the issues of economy, good governance etc? Please check the Hansard! He is only good at creating mischiefs and earning cheap publicity… Read more »

satu rakyat

At last, people can now differentiate between UMNO Asal and UMNO Baru. Most people are lazy and use only one name to lump them together when in essence they are 2 different parties altogether. If given another chance, UMNO Asal may even want to team up with Pakatan today.