Zambry now says some bloggers can report on 7 May


Zambry has distanced himself from the Perak Information Department’s notice restricting the media coverage of the 7 May State Assembly proceedings to 13 pro-BN mainstream media organisations. Remarkably, he said the restriction was to ensure the comfort of journalists due to the limited space in the Dewan.

In a blog posting at 5.42pm, Zambry now says that “sesetengah media baru (new media) termasuk rakan-rakan blogger” would be allowed in. What does “sesetengah” mean? Who decides?

Walaupun arahan ini bukan datangnya daripada saya ataupun pejabat saya, adalah menjadi tugas saya untuk menjelaskan mengapa cadangan berkenaan dibuat oleh pegawai-pegawai kanan kerajaan negeri.

Sebab utama arahan itu dikeluarkan ialah kemampuan bilik media DUN untuk menampungi jumlah wartawan bagi memastikan keselesaan semasa membuat liputan. Ini adalah disebabkan jumlah yang akan menghadiri kali ini di luar jangkaan.

Bagaimanapun atas nama “kebebasan media” saya telah pun meminta Jabatan Penerangan untuk membenarkan semua media arus perdana termasuk akhbar-akhbar Cina dan Tamil untuk dibenarkan membuat liputan. Ini juga termasuk sesetengah media baru (new media) termasuk rakan-rakan bloggers.

This looks like face-saving backtracking by Zambry, after the Perak Speaker had indicated he would consider all media requests.

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let’s give everyone a fair chance be it BN or PR. Circulate a memo by a neutral party and let the perakians decide whether they want an election or otherwise. send the memo to the right powers that be and for god sakes put it online.


‘Setengah’ reminds me of ‘Suku” in Negeri Sembilan. When you marry an NS, you ‘masuk suku’. ‘Setengah’ rugi, ‘suku’ lagi rugi. Disuruh masuk ‘habis’ lagi best!!

So, its’ good that ‘semua dijemput masuk’ untuk melihat apa yang berlaku dalam Dewan. I can assume that it’s going to be a ‘circus’.


The Perak Information Dept would not dare issue such a directive without the instructions of BN. Don’t take us to be fools, Zambry.


What has the Perak Information Department got to do with the Perak State Assembly over which it has no control whatsoever. This is where power and absolute power corruptibly went into its bloated head without any due regards for the freedom of the press, rule of law and respect for the dignity of the Speaker. It is time that PID learns its lesson. The rakyat have a right to know what is actually going on in the counry and not be be merely fed with the censored and distorted news from the BN-controlled media. How could Zambry deny that he… Read more »

abu fahmi

All the best to the Perak Speaker. May the power be with you on May 7.


Zambry, u r a disgrace…


Am I the only one who cannot access Malaysia-today web this morning?


Zambry now has his own blog. In there you will see all his supporters praising him and congratulating him. Maybe he wants to allow them to cover the event.

check it out at


Assuming he is a legitmate MB, but does Zambry got anything to do with the assembly’s daily operation?


The twist and turn Saying sorry is so difficult Blaming others giving silly excuses Time the Pangkor p… sails home He has no business Sitting on the chair The people ignore him Yet he sings Like p… do Ignoring all laws and common courtesies Let him dig some more On the ground where he will sink Like the quick sand drowning quickly Help will not come though he can sing his best The twist and turn The people know it A leader must apologise When a wrong is done The Pangkor p… a long way down On the quick sand….he… Read more »


Clap! Clap! For the supporter of Freedom For Press Manipulator.

Wat a hErOooo….with low IQ.


Zambry realized he couldn’t stop the House Speaker from allowing the rest of the media in. So to try to keep from looking like a fool, he back-tracked. We all know he’s probably behind the words and actions of that state secretary. Love how the Star spins the move in it’s article today, making it look like it was all Zambry’s idea and that the Speaker is just following along. Disgusting. If it wasn’t for Section 2 and Metro which gives me info. on sales, talks and other happenings about town, I swear I’d cancel my subscription to these worthless… Read more »

Chauncey Gardener

Seems like the BN crowd have not thought things through, hence all this backtracking and blame game.

Bottom line is that someone made that decision to limit media access and no one wants to own up. How to trust these clowns when crisis management is so poor and not only that, they create the crisis themselves !!!


Zambry is an idiot. In his attempts to keep his wrested but yet to be legally verified MB position, he is behaving like a wild man. He is lashing at everything and everyone. In the process he is damaging the constitution, the judiciary, the State Secetariat, The State Information Dept, Ipoh City Council, Police and the people of Perak.

He is a one man machine. A Darth Vader… A Death Star.

He has drawn the line between evil and good.


Hello Anil !

You have done a great job covering live on previous occassion, so why not give another round of live coverage ? It will be great if you can cover live the proceedings that is going on today !


What you expect? When the head disregard law and order the tail do the same. You shall reap what you sow.


Don’t you guys see that he’s defiying PM Najib all the way…??? Najib says NO to May 7th untill the courts case is done..!!! All media must be hassle free…!!! And 1Malaysia…!!!! Let me ask you’ll this………………. What has he done so far ever since the Sultan of Perak “knighted” him…??????????????? Answer : Busy sueing the pants off “The Real MB Perak” & “Perak Speaker”…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You tell me…., what has he done for the Perak rakyat….? WHAT…..????????????????? Why is Najib letting this Zambry fella doing all the “Clowning”….???? Why is he NOT looking into the rakyat’s plight…??? Najib of course… Read more »

DAP man

Zambry thinks we are fools. If he claims to be unaware of the Information Dept ruling, how come he knows about the reason for the restriction?

In any case, should he not say that, the authority to make ruling pertaining to the media should come from the Speaker and that he himself has no business to interfere.

He is the most hated human being in Perak today!


after 50+ years of Fail policies, please WakeUP! Change for a Better Tomorrow!!!


Typical response. When they make a boo boo and get attacked for their stupid decision, they go into defensive and then blame it on somebody else. How convenient.

lee wee tak

p.s. maybe Sivakumar’s instruction that all media be allowed has put him in a comparatively unfavourable light

If that is the case, this 1 round goes to Siva!

lee wee tak

“sesetengah”, “rakan-rakan ” – sounds selective to me “… atas nama “kebebasan media” … membenarkan semua media arus perdana termasuk akhbar-akhbar Cina dan Tamil ….” -by signaling out Chinese and Tamil papers specifically, is he trying to say that Chinese and Tamil papers have been made an exception this time round? These papers have been the mouth piece of BN (although Chinese papers do tend to be comparatively more balanced); why the need to sounding them off like that? If he had not said anything or bar anyone in the first place, he would not attracted so much controversy. Now… Read more »


Zambry is worse than JWW Birch.Zambry should be in Pasir Salak with that stupid MP.


And to think this idiot is going to lead a state,it just show’s what morals are left in MALAYSIA.


Liar liar fire in the pants…ADUN Pangkor is a lying through his teeth.