Zahrain quits PKR: No sad loss


So Bayan Baru MP Zahrain has quit PKR. All I can say it’s no sad loss for the party – and instead it’s a blessing in disguise for Pakatan.

Quite a few Penangites are familiar with Zahrain and his Penang Port background, apart from the current controversy surrounding the golf club tender.

How did he get selected as an election candidate in the first place? Pity the voters of Bayan Baru who opted for change.

According to a well-placed PKR source, Zahrain, who is (was?) an old friend of Anwar’s, was likely to face punishment – probably suspension or the sack – by the PKR disciplinary committee, which was due to deliver its decision next week. And he would have seen the writing on the wall. “We are not afraid of losing people who do not share our vision or principles,” said the source.

Indeed, more MPs should quit the Pakatan if they are not committed to the reform agenda: the struggle for human rights, socio-economic and environmental justice, and a more inclusive, participatory, people-centred government that promotes democracy at all levels.

The last thing Pakatan should be doing is co-opting BN-types who are not committed to a more just and inclusive vision of Malaysia.

And it’s not just the BN types. I dare say there are others within Pakatan ranks who are just as uncommitted to this sustainable, alternative vision of Malaysia. Instead, they could be more beholden to other interests – personal, corporate or communal, for instance – rather than the people’s. It is only when they are elected or in power that we discover whose interests they are really upholding. But by then it would too late for the voters. These folks should do Pakatan supporters a favour and quit now.

That may not leave many left behind in Pakatan! But wouldn’t that be preferable to having to constantly worry about who is going to defect next and betray the voters’ choice of party?

The last thing Pakatan needs is for more BN-types to defect to its fold or to stand as Pakatan candidates in elections. Instead, Pakatan should encourage more of its members – including elected reps and leaders – who do not share its vision to leave the fold. Voters can then show them what they think of them at the next elections.

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Hi Anil, I think the feelings on the ground is almost unanimous – Good Riddance ! There is also an increasing feeling of defiance. The feeling that the more BN intimidates,… harass the PR, the more people want to vote PR. This is good. But my opinion is – the best part is not that Zahrain resigned. The best part is the circumstances behind his resignation. As reported, he fell out with the state govt owing to the fact that the state govt refuses to award the golf course contract to (a RM2 company). Now, this steadfast attitude of the… Read more »

k c low

Zahrain, by quitting PKR, you made my day. What a wonderful year of the Tiger. Cheers.


As I have said earlier a few weeks back in Anil’s blog when this fat “frog” took on LGE, he is good for nothing. What has he done for Bayan Baru all this while. I had said even if PKR put a (dummy) for the election, it will win in BAYAN BARU! Zahrain, I know you are MAN enough to say quit but have consulted the people of Bayan Baru before you decide? As we have voted for you, YOU OWE US AN EXPLAINATION, you don’t decide on your own. If you are with the PKR all this while and… Read more »


Its the season for the Auction of the Frogs…. Typical Low class malaysian politicians.


Good riddance to bad rubbish. A Chinese New Year Gidt to Pakatan. A man with self interest should not be in politics. A good for nothing MP should give up his post. If this man is responsible, he should quit instead of becoming independen. Why become independent? … The people just hate this kind of character. Anyway, we should congrat Lim Guan Eng for not entertaining a RM2 company. Pakatan is not UMNO. Lim is an honest leader. Lim is doing his job great. He is a genius. Don’t worry. The people of Penang will not abandon Pakatan. Pakatan has… Read more »


I am so happy i cant wait for those bad apples to quit PR…

Zulkifly Noordin, Tan Tee Beng and Wee Choo Keong, please quit…

Zahrain, thanks again for the great angpau.

Happy Chinese New Year and God bless all of you and Anil !!!


Its good that he leave. Someone who just like UMNO cronies (allegedly) wanted a 2 dollar company to be awarded the tender to run a million dollar business. Good work LGE.

For better future

He (Zahrain) knew he will out of PKR one day or (next week) when facing the disciplinary. Instead of sack by disciplinary, he rather made a move first. My friends are Bayan Baru voters were very disappointed with him, they are hoping that he will out of party and stand alone (Bebas) and come next GE will see he dares to be a candidate as independent party in Bayan Baru, will see how many voters will vote him. We hope Zulkifli Nordin will be the next person as independent candidate. What we had heard he said during the “Soal &… Read more »


What a relief!! Yes let the rubbish clean themself. It is difficult for PKR to sack such (people) because the MSM will spin the issue as PKR kow-tow to the racist DAP.

Dr. Amrit Sekhon

Well finally PKR is Reforming. These are the (guys) who wanted to compete with UMNO,,,by playing UMNO games… after being voted in under PKR Banner.
Thank you for going and if there are anymore who want to follow suite, please do so.
In GE13 we will have a polished PKR.


Did you say ‘a blessing in disguise’? NOPE. It is a blessing. Period.


he should have gone long ago,anyhow not too late!
old habits die hard,he should go back umno,can make/get lots of money/contracts.BAYAN BARU voters,give this BN faithful the boot.


Celebration time. Have another beer. Next move to become BN friendly. To serve the voters you need $$$$


Have quite a few friends who voted in Bayan Baru.
Boy, are they hopping mad!


Perhaps, PKR should put Zaid Ibrahim instead or let DAP put its first malay member. I think of one Wan Hamidi

PR Supporter

Good move by zahrain….lets the rubbish clean themself..long live PR

True Leaders

Your turn next, Zulkifli Nordin.


The only lifeline for him is to do such. He knows the end for him in PKR long ago. So many MPs (elected representative) from PR are expected to be sidelined in the next general election.

In my opinion, all “frogs” will be excluded in next GE whether in PR or BN. Voters will definitely vote them out. Those who publicly attack their own alliance will be excluded too.


What a relief.

To other Pakatan MPs who do not subscribe to Pakatan cause – leave NOW.


Zahrain, I am a Bayan Baru Voter. AM really waiting for you to stand in Bayan Baru again, Will defnitely vote you… OUT, I mean.
We did not vote for you but for PKR. So if you are a TRUE man then resign as a MP and stand as an Independent! See if you can even get your deposit back!

Dalbinder Singh Gill

SamG, it is very important to vote for the person instead of the party, the party cant do much if there is a major problem in the constituency, but your wakil rakyat will be there for you. Voting a party lameduck yesman is of no use. Of course Zahrain should have used other channels to amplify his griviences but look at Kampung Buah Pala, why did Anwar make such a promise if they could not deliver. PR condems the court decision on the Nizar case, but was there any statement issued during the Buah Pala trial? Is the people first… Read more »

Truth Seeker

Hey Boy,we know you are a rejected creature!! You will accept all the wrong doing of BN-and its friendly People, because you have no other choice!! You using this KBP issue for too long, till it irrittate ppl; You know those 15 who signed the deal will be relocated in the same land wt 600k worth of house, and they signed the deal today 12th Feb 2010) BN PPL Like you spoiled the other 9s chances to get the same compensation as the 15! No PR parties wants 2 accept u, because you are troublemaker but nothing; thats y u… Read more »


Dalbinder, Totally disagree with you. Surely … at least 95% of “squabbles” in Pakatan are initiated by BN and “misreported” in Utusan, Star, TV3, NTV7, Bernama, etc. It is SO obvious.

Dr. Pang HC

PKR itself needs a reform before talking about reformasi.

PKR is still very much a stable for BN has-beens and failed UMNO warlords.


Good riddance…