Yen Yen, who’s scaring away tourists?


In a Free Malaysia Today report on Ng Yen Yen’s remark that Bersih 2.0 will cost the tourism industry RM1bn in lost gross revenue, there is the following:

“[She told] reporters that the Chinese Tourism Board had sent officials to gauge the stability of Malaysia to ensure it was safe to visit.”

Now, could that be related to Ibrahim Ali’s warning to the Chinese? Else, why specifically the Chinese Tourism Board?

Has Ng Yen Yen made any statements on Ibrahim Ali’s warning? Or Ali Rustam’s ominous remarks? Does Yen Yen have a blind spot there?

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Hello … the only thing that causes Malaysia to lose in tourism are the police road blocks and not the rally.Ask anyone and see whether they agree?

Alphard Liow

yen yen shold get PDRM to compensate the traders for the blockade thaty created for more than 24 hours to deprive visitors entry to KL.


Yen Yen (bulat bulat) ‘s journey shall come full circle circle when the truth prevails and rakyat get to know the exploitation$ come next GE.


It is not ‘bulat bulat’ but ‘swallow swallow’ i.e. swallowing all the commisions!


Ng Yen Yen is as irrelevant as the rest of her mca couterparts, who are living on extended time pending the next GE.


I am so frustrated that I just want to scream out loud at those morons who are our ministers!


Yen yen, get yr facts right, many Malaysian, myself included understand the mainland Chinese better than you. Come clean on your statement or loose my vote for you


Yen Yen, the old scarecrow. She really is one. Trying to scare the crows and hantu.

bumi non malay

From today we need to follow Belarus and clap hands in public at Authorities of Ruling Elite like Police, Army, MACC, Judiciary, EC/SPR, rempit, perkasa, SB, … UMNO-BN cronies, … any ruling elite!! Let their EVIL be heard in public + ILLUSION that they are supported!…..ha ha ha ha ha!!! This is a beautiful manner to voice defiance as one against the ruling elite. What next arrest people who clap their hands? I have directed my team to spread this HANDS CLAPPING message Today All over Malaysia. If you are caught in an UMNO Police/FRU/Army created traffic jam, walk out… Read more »

Karisma Daud

Tourists are more afraid of (the) 3rd force of men in black that my be up to no good.


Wonder how much Yenie will chalk up in travel expenses if she & her partner went to China for lawatan sambil belajar ? Quote from wikipedia : In October 2010 her it was revealed that the Tourism Ministry travel expenses ballooned by 40 per cent since 2008. This included RM1.6 million in 2009 and RM1.7 million in 2010 to date. This drew heavy critism with accusations of her being more of a tourist than the Minister of Tourism. Some examples include a RM793,000 three day trip to Moscow, RM90000 three day trip to Singapore and a seven day RM431000… Read more »

Phua Kai Lit

Foreign tourists also need to be informed that
they should not wear anything yellow. (Last time,
it was anything black)

(We need to avoid any international incidents
or diplomatic misunderstandings).

Richard S


please inform all Malaysia immigration departments to put notice at all entrry points to advise all tourist NOT TO WEAR YELLOW to eleviate polis arrest without trial.
Good Luck to Malaysia Tourism Bolih


More than three quarter of the annual tourists number that Dr. Ng Yen Yen are claiming are not real tourists at all. But are Malaysians or ex-Malaysians and Singaporeans who are visiting either their parents or relatives living in Malaysia several times yearly.It will be a total disaster in years to come when these visitors have no more such reasons to do so. Just like millions of Singaporeans who are going to foreign countries other than Malaysia for their holidays. They are not going to Malaysia because of the charms and beauties of Malaysia but it is because of their… Read more »


This Ah Po really is too much to bear. After the Facebook fiasco, she now want to give some number plucked out of the air to make her argument?? We really need to pass a law housewifes are not allowed to be minister..

Charlie Oscar

Would you (Plan to) go with Your FAMILY to Visit PLACES which you know Will be holding (STREET) DEMONTRATIONS???
You Already Know The ANSWER!!!

Andrew I

Because it’s a loaded question.


As a foreigner would I like to do business where I have to bribe all the top officials? That is a BIGGER CANCER. I have a problem when I bring in foreign investors, Big time

telur dua

That question is too difficult for her. Try a simpler one.


Bersih 2.0 is a protest to demand a clean and fair election process, it has nothing to do with violent street struggle or intention to cause harm to foreign tourists including Chinese visitors. It is just part of our political democratic system at work where Malaysians are exercising their rights on freedom of expression and assembly, it is plain stupid to think that it will be unsafe to come to Malaysia just because the people are exercising their rights, obviously Yen Yen is too dumb to understand that and fail to correct the wrong perception of those Chinese officials in… Read more »


This Yenie has ringing in the ears (Tinnitus) so much so she could not discern the threatening tones of a Katak in the dead of night.
Who can blame her when the Chinese TB could actually, clearly hear it in the hot summer night from as far as Heilongjiang!
FYI, the last time an unwary croaking frog was smashed by the engineering-miscalculated falling tilting arch in the dead of night at Botanic Garden.


Who is talking?…a blooming … politician. This woman is more suited in the wet market retailing vegies…
Yen Yen, why do tourists want to come to Malaysia for?…to see UMNO mad … and Perkasa racist … running wild in the streets?

hang tuah

nien nien is singing the same tune … now nien nien blame it on mainland board gauging stability….

cant believe such an idiot representing malaysia on tourism.


Ng Yen Yen still has conscience?

Andrew I

She has facebook account…I think.


She has facebook account…I think.
Must be very expensive. On whose $,$$$,$$$account?


A disgrace for Malaysian…I believe many of us feel shameful when they are representing Malaysia to the outside world.