‘Yellow fever’ reaches London


Prime Minister Najib received an unexpected ‘welcome’ from a group of Malaysians in London.

Foreign Minister Anifah attempted to “engage” with the “reception committee” but I don’t think he made much headway.

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All the Rakyat of Malaysia want is a Government that will not lie to them or steal the wealth of the Nation.( nor insult their intelligence ! ) How can we stay silent when … defenseless detainees die in police custody… when Altantuya cruesome death (allegedly) linked to corruption is covered up when there are evidence of massive corrruption but MACC reluctant to act or investigate when dirty politics are used to frame innocent men when Polis ,Macc,Judiciary & Media (appear to be) used for political purpose when postal votes ,phantom votes (appear to be) used to keep the corrupt… Read more »

Willia Eethiah

“CLEAN up the MESS” Prisoners of Conscience must be released immediately (the 6 ISA detainees). No one in this country is waging war against neither the Rules nor the Government. By now the Rulers may wonder why they have been in the midst of critics and using their names in vain. Please don’t find faults, release the 6 ISA detainees immediately and respect the “DEMOCRATIC RIGHTS” of everyone. Everyone who participated and supported the BERSIH 2.0 are not waging war against the Rules or the Government but only longing for better LIFE and CHANGES and for equal opportunities so that… Read more »


Let’s hope the Christians in Malaysia will not be hoodwinked by Najib to win their votes after the Vatican visit. If Najib is sincere, then, he will check Utusan to stop the tirade against Christians; he will allow ‘Allah’ to be used, and he will establish the interfaith dialogue.

Let’s be reminded of this verse from the Bible :
“No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon” – Matthew 6:24


This Anifah behaved like a thug. If this is how a Malaysian minister behaves, then we will better off without them.

cold iron

. CANLAND PRISON BLUE. I hear (him) coming He is coming around the corner And I ain’t seen the sunshine, Since I dont know when, I am stuck in Canland prison, And times keeps draggin on, But the nazi keeps selling his colors, from dust till dawn.. When I was just a baby, My mama told me , “son, Always be a good boy , dont ever don in Yellow style , But I put it on 9th of July , Just to watch tear gas and canon fly, When I hear that whistle blowing , Oh God ,I thought… Read more »


Probably Paul McCartney would have sung “Yellow Submarine” at concert there with another surviving Beatles Ringo on drums.

FYI today’s first day issue of Msian Palaces stamps have Yellow colour in the background. A rubber stamp of “Bersih 2.0” on the first day covers are highly sought and can fetch RM55 a piece (vs original RM5.50 value).
Profits earned to make more T-Shirts ???

Andrew I

His finger seems to be the only thing that is making any sense.


Anifah asked the guy when is the last time he was back to Malaysia. And he indicated that the guy don’t know much since he is not there when bersih happens. I wonder if Anifah was in the Bersih gathering when it happened then for him to use as a credibility. PM and DPM was in KT, Liow TL went back to Pahang and I guess most of the ministers chabut out of KL to avoid police blocks.

Phua Kai Lit

Umm,no logic here.

He is implying that you need to be physically present in Malaysia in order to know what’s happening at home.
Still living in the pre-Internet age?


They rally and they were not arrested.


The day the Queen of England loves Yellow, is a big slap in the face for Barang Naik. See for yourself the truly shameful Najib being greeted sarcastically by her attired in full bloom Yellow, including the giggling Yellow flowers at the side table! He had no choice but to bow (obediently like a beggar) to a Yellow attired HRH. Not a grudging noise of hate for Yellow could be heard in the quiet room of glaring Yellows but a forced smile of diplomatic politeness. If there were men in Red or Blue in the vicinity, they would have behaved… Read more »

Andrew I

If you want to see what goes on behind British diplomacy, you just have to watch British comedy. Remember the Yes, Prime Minister episode when the PM had to take urgent phone calls from Walker and co. whilst entertaining Arab diplomats?

You say it best when you say nothing at all, Your Majesty.


Somebody from the foreign ministry or malaysian high commission in London forgot to advise the queen not to wear yellow


Dare not!
Must behave like chickens in the land of the Brits. Knorr, knorr, knorr.