As recession bites, workers demand retrenchment fund


The scorching sun did not deter some 500 people and activists who turned up for the Workers’ Day gathering in Seremban yesterday.

They carried banners and placards, wore headbands and chanted slogans such as “Implement minimum wage now”, We want retrenchment fund” and “Jobs for all”.

They also displayed art work and performed skits depicting the exploitation of workers, their low wages and the humiliation they sometimes suffer.

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Well, they voted BN all these years so why they want to complaint now. Who is the one who gave them the opportunity to screw us up? Stop blaming others when you are the one who should take the responsible for what is going on. Think again next time when you put your cross on the voting paper. UMNO berjuang untuk orang Melayu?? Still want believe this moto?? Bangun la orang Melayu, jangan sampai anak-anak kita merempat di tepi jalan baru nak menyesal!!


It all started way, way back with the “CORRUPTION & GRAFT” word. The rot set in thereafter & with our Malaysian “Skilled” Locals venturing to greener pastures like Singapore, UAE, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand, etc. With the Global Financial meltdown we now find our Local Retrenched workers plus our “Returned Overseas” workers on a higher skilled/salary level compounding the scenario…. The initial Gomen’s proposal on the3 “Double Levy” gave some hope to our Retrenched workers…. But alas, the Gomen chickened out with the “Business Community’s Blackmail Ploy” plus the “Loss of Double Levy INCOME” to “Top Up” the Gomen’s EMPTY… Read more »


Malaysia is turning into an exploitative democracy. The rich is getting richer. The working class is slipping into poverty. This is time workers unite to fight for their rights. The govt has splintered the labour unions into useless segments, which cannot do anything except watch helplessly.