In glitzy Penang, men have bath by main road


Last night, as I passed along Jalan Kelawai/Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah heading towards George Town, I noticed a group of foreigners in shorts and rolled up sarongs crouching along the main road.

A closer look revealed a about three or four men taking water from some small piping at the side of the main road. What were they doing I wondered. They were squatting and pouring water over themselves about five feet from the edge of the road – in semi-darkness, but still clearly visible to passing motorists.

Further away from the road, a glitzy and glittering multi-storey office or residential complex had just been completed – still not yet occupied.

Another multi-million ringgit project no doubt, and next to it, foreigners having a bath along the roadside?

Who were they? Were they construction workers without bathroom facilities? If so, why aren’t their employers, who are probably reaping mega bucks, providing them with such basic amenities?

This is not the only instance. Some months earlier, a couple of residents of Tanjung Bunga told me of construction workers similarly having their bath at the roadside.

Is this how some of our local employers, who are making fat profits off property development projects, treat their foreign workers? Disgraceful.

Have you seen anything like this in your area?

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27 Apr 2013 7.05pm

Anil, I think that’s the same spot. I have seen them too in the late evenings. SAD, the rich taking advantage of those foreign labourers, treat them like rats and rodents! This is HR and compassion ala-Malaise?

27 Apr 2013 7.49pm
Reply to  Jong

That is one inhuman way to maximise dizzy profits on the way to a slot in the Forbes Magazine of the richest. Corporate responsibility of the lowest level on display by the roadside of glitzy Cosmopolitan Penang!
Most developers are of these type.

Haji Idris
Haji Idris
27 Apr 2013 4.36pm

when more are aware and not willing to trade the sacredness of IC for T-shirts; the 505 leftovers 1T-shirts shall be grabbed by illegal foreigners (when IC cannot be issued freely anymore) ????

tan tanjong bungah
tan tanjong bungah
27 Apr 2013 11.37am

Hi everyone,

Perkasa BN Chairman Teng C Yeow, like his political Masters, still doesn’t know what the people wants – is it all about providing more of Psy, Justin Biebiier, etc, and to be funded by BN cronies with obvious personal ulterior motives?! What the people want is good and transparent governance, and this can be put in place with a 2-party system!!

27 Apr 2013 11.33am

Blame the employer if they are not providing proper facilities for their workers. Plus Malaysian’s should appreciate the foreign workers doing jobs they do not and would not want to do themselves.

27 Apr 2013 11.04am

These foreign workers must be thankful that they can get free 1Malaysia food and t-shirts in Penang from the BN cronied welfare organizations.

27 Apr 2013 10.24am

Those are foreign workers tarnishing the beauty and image of Penang and our country. This is what our country now, going backward with the BN UMNO goon that are now running the country. They are more interested in making the people rely on crutches and making them more like beggars with free foods instead of how to make our country move forward. This is what we have of a leader such as Gerakan Teng Chang Yeow when during trhe Chinese Year time he said. If you vote us in I will give you not only the Psy but also Justin… Read more »