Exploited workers want to know their rights


When Aliran put up an article on workers’ rights on its website, little did it expect a string of queries on some of the common problems that workers across the country face.

These queries reflect the lack of education they receive on their rights as employees. They also indicates the low level of unionisation among Malaysian workers (only a small minority are trade union members) and our relatively weak labour and union protection laws.

So if you readers have the answers and could share with us, I am sure many workers in similar difficult situations would be grateful. Or if you have an exploitative situation or a violation of workers’ rights at your own workplace, why not share with us as well?

Noor Aini – Dr |60.48.76.xxx |2008-12-30 12:41:45

Can an employer make it a regulation that all employees must pay their income tax thru’ PCB and manage tax calculation for the employees automatically every mth?

Isnt it the right of the employee to choose how to make their tax payments, either by PCB or lump sum payment or thru zakat?

Christyn – Work on Weekends |124.82.13.xxx |2009-01-06 05:20:41

Can employer forced us to attend training on weekends ? We married women have no babysitter to attend to our kids on weekends.

syna – protection for female worker |210.48.147.xxx |2009-02-15 16:41:10

i would like to got some knowledge abt the title above especialy in term of female worker in prohibition, exemption and maternity leave that the employer need to provides for their female..

jith – allowances |219.95.105.xxx |2009-03-02 06:36:35

haii..can you pls elobrate abt an employees’s right of getting allowances such as transport and housing allowances…and also abt increament for those working in private sector.. tq

Lim S S |202.188.170.xxx |2009-03-26 06:15:24

I would like to know if a employee who has VSS or retrench by company need to pay income tax?? i mean did the employee will pay the income tax for that money which got from VSS or retrenchment. Pls advice. Thks.

cks |60.48.49.xxx |2009-03-27 04:56:30

i would like to know if an employee of local worker wages are lower than the foriegner worker am i able to complain about it.. for example a local worker basic is 300 plus 2 service point, and a foriegner worker basic is 1000 plus 1 service point. if the service point is 400 which mean the local worker would get 1100 where else the foriegner worker would get 1300.am i able to complain about it. please advice… thanks….

chong – Regarding the EPF
|60.49.56.xxx |2009-04-07 17:11:13

Good evening, i want to know whether the company not SDN BHD or BHD is no need to pay the epf to staff?

Kamarulzaman – Working shift basis, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week |60.48.153.xxx |2009-04-21 16:05:39

hi, I am working in shift basis, 24 hour a day, 7 days a week in Network Operation Centre department. Interestingly, i have to work in public holiday such as Hari Raya eid-aladha without any payment. Our Management said it stated in labour law. What do you think about my case? do you have any suggestion? Please help me..

Christopher – Overtime payment
|60.52.114.xxx |2009-05-11 16:55:49

I would like who r the person eligle for overtime payment. The reason i askin is because my employer’s told me that if a person’s salary above 1,500 r not eligle for overtime. Therefore they asking us to do overtime all the time. My work finishes at 5.30 but always go back at 9pm. please tell me wat to do.

shireen |115.132.211.xxx |2009-05-29 12:34:30

I was wondering about annual leaves.My employer states that if an employee doesn’t complete 12mths working period.The person isn’t entitled to the 14days annual leave.If i have worked for 16mths does it mean i am not entitled for the 2nd year annual leave?

daisy – unpaid leave |203.153.84.xxx |2009-06-12 06:06:19

i just want to find out if a female worker would like to take a month off unpaid leave to go overseas coz the husband is overseas and would like to go and visit the husband, if the company do not approved the leave, is there any law to protect the worker? coz is unpaid and not paid.

sometimes we think back, we work for maybe 2k-3k a month is just like selling our freedom, will, mind, choice, our soul maybe sometimes even our family too.

do they have any rules to give at least the worker right to choose whether can actually the person take unpaid leave to sort family things? coz the company will definitly says cannot coz too long so much work not done. coz employer just wants advantage and do not want to loss anything..

do advice..

Chung T K – Save Our Soul |115.133.252.xxx |2009-07-07 18:58:26

Our employer has strike a deal with another company to take over the employment of us, but our number of years of service will be gone as the we have to start off as new recruit.

And if we doesn’t agree, it’s forseen pressure will be apply leading to cause of termation or resignation.

SOS! as to what to done as the company is going through a VSS, as in this way they can save on VSS payment.

jks – no increament.
|60.50.40.xxx |2009-09-14 06:52:34
I work for a publishing company for 2 years and still at the same pay rm1500. I request for a review recently but did not get any response. I approach my boss directly he said he was busy.

What are my rights?

Juliet – Constructive Dismissal
|203.82.91.xxx |2009-11-13 14:43:07

I seek the help of a lawyer whom after reading this to take legal action against my employer for two cases; one I was put into cold storage and now the employer is making my work difficult asking me to work with the factory workers at the production floor. My position was Confidential Secretary and then transferred to a subsidiary as Executive Assistant doing clerical work.

Visa – Medical Leave |60.48.169.xxx |2009-11-24 04:29:17

I have a staff who entitle for 18 days Medical leave, but all the leave was taken fully. What happen is he went to government clinic and get another 6 days medical leave. Since his medical leave is no more how we have treat this situation?

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Exploited worker

I am working in a well known music school company (yamaha), earning my wages through commission. My cut is 60%. I was told by my employer that there will be no EPF contribution as the company is paying out high in royalties etc etc. If apply for EPF, my employer states that my cut/share will further reduce to 53%, which means my contribution would be 18%! (11%+7%) and my employer merely contributes 5%!.. To add up my frustration, some part of the student fees is already gone to “admin” fees rendering my cut well below 50%!! ex:- Student pays rm120… Read more »

Kris Khaira

“Gerakan K”, it’s not easy for workers to start their own businesses. Where are they going to get the capital from? Some workers earn so little, they barely have enough money to save and have to end up borrowing from Ah Longs.

Gerakan K

Put political consideration aside, if you are less educated, then walk to any state assemblyman service center and ask for help to obtain micro-credit. They are willing to guide you the procedure. There is hope in our federal government agencies.


Oh my God, the level of awareness about workers rights is shocking. One thing for sure, FDI or not, there should be more protection and independence for unions and employees must be encouraged to join unions. However, the unions must be constructive and democratic and not monopolised by politics or people with ulterior motives.

But for a start unionisation must be encouraged just like it is in developed nations. We must move in this direction.

Gerakan K

It is difficult to fight against the bosses. So the better option is to start your own business. For an easy business, try hawker business. Experiment some snack/quick food at home and sell it. Then you are your own boss and you can do whatever you wanted to including granting a day off for your own birthday!


Gerakan/UMNO tried to be bosses with keris and ketuanan. How to start business when licences are difficult to get unless umnoputras

Gerakan K

So funny, isn’t it? Need license? Apply direct from city hall. The registrar is slow or insists for some lubricant? Forward your complaint to PEMUDAH. Within 24 hours, the problem solved. I had done this before. Trust me. It works!