Controversial amendments to Employment Act passed


While all attention was focused on Budget Day “goodies” yesterday, few noticed the BN government dealing a devastating blow to workers with the passing of damaging amendments to the Employment Act.

The Bill, which was passed on Thursday (Budget Day eve) after a five-hour debate, will fundamentally alter the employer-employee relationship and undermine workers’ rights. Initially, unionists were under the impression that the Bill would only be tabled at the end of October. (See FMT report here.) So why was it rushed through?

Job security, retrenchment benefits and other rights taken for granted now will now be up in the air. Labour will increasingly be outsourced with little protection while the real employers, the factory owners, wash their hands off their responsibility as employers.

These regressive amendments reflect the pro-corporate, pro-employer, pro-investor orientation of the government. Crumbs (so-called “goodies”) are thrown to the people in the Budget. But when it comes to the crunch – the employer-employee relationship – we know whose side the government takes.

What does Najib have to say about these amendments? And what is the stand of the top Pakatan leaders on this issue?

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Super Senior


Any details on the implementation of the ‘exit’ option to purge poor performing civil servants?

What role can MTUC play if its member is subjected to the ‘exit’ option?

By the way, rakyat can exercise this ‘exit’ option on BN via our votes in the next GE.

Richie Hee

Vote for Pakatan because BN is bloating civil service with unnecessary headcount as a source of easy votes.
Then we can exercise Exit Option to purge those poor performers in civil service.
Reduce the headcount in civil service, then reward good performers with higher wages.
Then only we can see improvement in productivity and service standards.

Jalil Din

The government must first explain why is it that we need 1.3 million civil servants for a country with a population of only 28 million? Countries like the UK, Germany and France have a much smaller civil service. Even in Australia which is comparable to us in terms of population has fewer civil servants. I doubt that with all of these perks and privileges including the bonus and salary increments, the civil service is going to become more efficient, productive, innovative and corruption free. Frankly, the civil service has become the first place of choice for those who simply cannot… Read more »

Gerakan K

My firefox browser always complain that the following script caused unresponsive problem:


This was inevitable. The have-nots being squeezed by the have-all in the name of profits. The capitalist have been dictating terms in the developed countries and now they have reached our shores.
Achieving a developed status for the country doesn’t sound appeasing anymore, doesn’t it? Look at the developed countries and their struggle to survive the imploding economy.
Anyone has any ideas how to stop a runaway train (malaysia running out of control) that can crash anytime?

Super Senior

BN thought such amendment should be ok as our workforce has been augmented by 1.3 million of pendatang asing fresh from 6P program, and felt that these people can withstand poorer working conditions and longer working hours to suit the requirements of foreign MNCs looking for low-cost labor.


1.3 million is registered one, 3.1 million is closed to true number.


What were the amendments in the Employment Act? Do any or all of you what the changes are?
We have everyone shouting, but please put up all the amendments before we start shooting


You are sleeping do not mean others are like you.


It’s all about money. Take that away from the corporate-vote in the balance-politico equation and you will see them corporations toothless to bite the ba…… of the gomen of the day. In western democracies where people are well-off and in the know of every bit of rights to exist & breathe as in Germany, Australia and Finland, the gomens kow tow (to ground level) to their denizens. They pay high taxes which determine the behaviour of their gomen elects. Here we have Datuks, YBs & whatever titles to trot away … from problems indifferent to the men, women and children… Read more »


Our members of Parliament They just want to get badges People will address them…. Some may just want to curry favours The Employment Act amendments It is Bee Anne way to support the corporate world This is how the party could allegedly get its funding “You help me I help you” culture in its handling Even the budget takes away The workers income to finance its goodies The nearly 2 million workers get nothing They still have to pay high taxes It’s the pied piper’s songs Many had fallen into his traps Laying out with insincere smile Shouting “I hear… Read more »

semuanya OK kot

The collusion of government – including enforcement – with capitalists is called fascism.

Ong Eu Soon

Both BN and PR Representative have betrayed the voters. The PR seem to be sleeping other interested in some other issues. One may even wonder whether they have the wisdom to understand what is going on or not. These politicians are the by products of 308 GE, they won because of the dissatisfaction of the people towards the government of the day. By their own right, majorities of them are hardly qualify to be a people representative.


BN still can pass the law with a simple majority.

PR will do the same if they were BN.


Najib in front give you the carrot and then he (takes away) at the back.
After the GE he will (hit) you even harder with the GST
Vote him at next GE and you will … suffer

Richie Hee


MTUC will hold a nationwide picket on November 3 to protest proposed amendments to the Employment Act passed last week that could affect job security and workers’ rights.

This may derail BN’s plan for Nov election?

Gerakan K

What is the stand of the top Pakatan leaders on this issue?

They don’t know. One thing for sure they want Anwar as their PM. Pas want hudud and Dap want Penang CM post.


That is a true statement for both BN and PR.

Rakyat are their toys for power.