When brute force ruled the day – but at what cost to BN?


A phyrric victory for the BN – but at what cost to its credibility?

This is a piece I wrote for Asia Times:

The battle of Malaysia’s ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition to regain control of the second-largest state on the Malaysian Peninsula may have come at a heavy price to its long-term credibility and raises questions about new Prime Minister Razak Najib’s emerging brand of leadership.

Any semblance of democratic norms rapidly vanished this week when police entered the Perak state assembly hall and physically dragged away the opposition People’s Alliance House speaker, in full ceremonial regalia, so that a candidate from the BN could take over the position. Full article

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10 May 2009 6.47pm

I’d say, Penanti by-elections. Bring it on. Give us the opportunity to show you just exactly how digustedly angry we are at BN.

10 May 2009 6.13pm

BN has lost the war. This is the end of BN. The next government will be PR’s. BN chose it and the people have decided. Blame not others but BN.

10 May 2009 11.00am

This is a total contempt to the state assembly, MALU!

10 May 2009 3.51am

Hmm, 🙁 this smells very, very fishily iffyesque to all here who were watching all terribly agog! Can see clearly from here that the very naughty escapades of the like kidergarten kids’ UMNO/BN ADUNs there have turned the silvery calmess of the Perakite-land into a peskily 🙁 silly Keystone Cops movie for the poor, hard-working rakyat there. Some even fell off our comfy chairs here when witnessing the poor Speaker Sah V Sivakumar being attacked and shoved and dragged and pulled off from his sah Speakerchairship and ejected so unceremoniously like that by the very 🙁 naughty capers of the… Read more »

Sam Yap
Sam Yap
10 May 2009 1.44am

A phyrric victory for BN-UMNO indeed! But the true victors were Pakatan. The strategy was simple, just let it happen, let the rkayat witness how low the BN-UMNO goons would stoop.

10 May 2009 1.18am

They are saying goodbye to BN and UMNO. Why? We find it quite difficult to understand. It’s all over the country… so sad!

Richard Yap
9 May 2009 9.05pm

When people heart switch to PKR, PAS & DAP, it will be an hill battle for BN in any future election. BN should learn the lesson from the collapse of the Roman Empire.

9 May 2009 5.54pm

absolutely shameful. I think its obvious now what kind of “leaders” we have. Where is our constitutional right? Where is the independence of the people’s protectors, the police? Where is the impartiality of our judiciary? Where is the people’s hopes in our Monarchy? Whats very interesting is how short sighted BN leaders seem to be. Let’s not kid ourselves that they are acting in our interest or in the interest of Malaysia, but even in the narrowest of self serving interests, do they truly believe think this “victory” has made things better for the BN, for themselves? Why the silence… Read more »

9 May 2009 5.53pm

Utterly disgusted with this!!!!!!

9 May 2009 5.51pm

well, at least UMNO goons live up to their image. and as expected, the moronic civil servants and the thugs… perform their roles well to … savage the assembly.

thank you UMNO for reaffirming what you are. and the supporting cast from Gerakan, MIC, thank you for confirming your role as ….

9 May 2009 4.53pm

Firstly, who the “HELL” is Hee who decided to use her brains to step in..???
She could have just sat down quietly right…? Why join in the “fun”…????

I think its all a set-up to potray she’s an innocent victim & ought to be pity….?????
Yeah…! Kiss my… !!!

And…….. she said she was doing her duty ! What duty..???????
Now only she wants to do her duty…!!!…

Will continue later……
Cannot tahan lah…………………….!!!

9 May 2009 4.40pm

IF BN claims they are in majority, they can always vote out MB and assembly speaker through the democratic voting process.

IF V. Sivakuamr is behaving like our parliament speaker with impartial stand, then Perak BN shall swallow this bitter pill as PR in the parliament.

A speaker was dragged out from the assembly hall is a symbol of rule of thug by BN.

9 May 2009 4.08pm

We know what to do in the next general election!!!!!

9 May 2009 2.54pm

how can Hee as deputy take control and over ruled Siva the legitimate speaker who still sitting on the speaker chair?

Malaysia trully Asia!!

Samuel Goh Kim Eng
Samuel Goh Kim Eng
9 May 2009 2.10pm


Can anyone actually calculate the cost
When it’s finally known that all is lost
With what’s being held on to illegally the most
Can anyone then still continue to openly boast?

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 090509
Sat. 9th May 2009.

9 May 2009 12.23pm

We love yesteryear and entering the time tunnel back to the

The lawless and have gun will travel and plunder ADT (Any Damn Thing ) along the way.

But time will tell as it gradually approaching the 13th GE judgement door….

Andrew I
Andrew I
9 May 2009 11.37am

The best publicity stunt pulled off by the Opposition thus far without incurring the psychological and monetary cost of another by-election.

It gives some credence to the conspiracy theory of misdirection. It wasn’t Anwar who had his head in the clouds about crossovers. If it happened, well and good. What was required was a repeat of the Sabah crossovers to happen here.

Even his nemesis opined that the takeover was too hasty and had not been thought out properly.

It’s like an itch. The more you scratch it, the deeper the lesion.

9 May 2009 11.32am

I guess the BN fellas were planning to use foul means to remove the speaker all along. Thus the original plan to allow only BN media in. Thanks to you and Malaysiakini TV, the world can sample the injustice of the BN govt. The police and the BN govt. are surely damned after this. A really sad day for Malaysia.

9 May 2009 10.50am

The market selling Shouting matches The highest bidder on the chair The tussel and the bids Marching in the police The House in chaos The host got ruffled and taken away Leaving the bids became illegal As the brute forces came The way of children The way of indiscipline The sanctity of the House It becomes “Jail House Rock” “Careless whisper” Who’s listening? When there is “I got the power” Ruling in usurping the host Democracy dies that day The Black Thursday in Perak history Today the little demons win Tomorrow God award the Putrajaya The peoples’ wishes will be… Read more »

The Penquin
The Penquin
9 May 2009 6.38am

They should have conducted this assembly in the deep jungles !Disgrace!