When the Deputy Speaker ruled over the Speaker


What is Hee doing here? Speaker Sivakumar alleges that Deputy Speaker Hee Yit Foong used pepper spray to attack Aulong assembly member Yew Tian Hoe. But Hee maintains the device she was holding in her hand was a key chain from her hotel and a pen drive. “I would not give him (Yew) free publicity by pepper spraying him in the House,” she was quoted in theSun as saying.

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Capt Lee Yap Seng

Wow………this website is full of morons, idiots & b******.

Especially ‘Born2Reign’ – she is everyhere with her comments from her ….


Chow HB

That is why… next time, people, make sure you vote in a properly educated person as MP. Pakatan also another one… this …also can become MP. For goodness sake, next time, look at their education level lah!


My, my, my. Now she admits its pepper spray. Any bylaws or regulations prohibiting the carry/use of weapons in a DUN?


She doesn’t actually have to use the pepper spray. The mere threat of having pepper spray pointed at another person (let alone an ADUN) within the sanctity of a DUN should be just cause to condemn her irresponsible act.


They are saying, bye-bye BN, bye-bye UMNO. What does this imply?


Perfume Spray on May 9th, 2009 at 1.58pm Enough of this circus show , clowns ! If you are voted out as the speaker step down with dignity , don’t act like god , that you can order those BN assemblymen suspended out . What if the Parliament Speaker were to do same ? Never ending story of circus acts ! === Do you know many PR MPs were ordered to leave parlimanent house ny BN appointed speaker? How you voted out a speaker when the assembly was ran by a deputy speaker illegally? Perfume Spray on May 9th, 2009… Read more »


It is a pepper spray (if you guys care to look at the zoom up picture available on the net). The reason why nobody got hurt is because (she) didn’t used it. She only threaten the other ADUN with it. But come to think of it, isn’t pepper spay should be illegal to be brought into DUN, considering that it is some kind of assault weapon?

I can imagine how the BN media going to have a field day if it is PR ADUN who was in the picture threatening other ADUN with pepper spray.

perak girl

Perak Speaker being treated like a criminal. Perak people will be treated like what?

Shamsul Iskandar

The real creator of the mess is the opposition but their followers like most of you here are just plain blind and stupid that listen to every lies.Sivakumar is not fit to be a speaker as he has been biased in view of his party.Majority wants him out and he refuses to leave.Never in Malaysian history we had this mess until we have PKR,the gangserism and rowdy party came into place.If majority wants the Perak government to be changed, you will see the whole Perak on teh streets.But what we see,PKR gangsters from all over the country in Ipon on… Read more »


She has been using the spray so often lately that it ran out of pepper …?


hee hee hee,

the clown hee (appears to be) lying!

Candima Yu

How can Hee-Haw legally convene the state assembly when she had already been suspended?


Bodoh punya perempuan


She is a disgrace!!!!…


That super size pendrive must be made-in-Bolehland product with multifunction features.

Perfume Spray

Enough of this circus show , clowns ! If you are voted out as the speaker step down with dignity , don’t act like god , that you can order those BN assemblymen suspended out . What if the Parliament Speaker were to do same ? Never ending story of circus acts !

Perfume Spray

Pepper spray , you must be joking ! Look the other guy Aulong assembly member Yew Tian Hoe didn’t even showed any signs of being affected by pepper if indeed he’s sprayed with pepper like when TDM was indeed sprayed , had to be taken away !What gullible story is this ? Can bluff small boys lah .


why perakian so quiet …do something to show ur disagreement…otherwise come GE13 u guys vote in PKR pun no use cause bn will repeat the same take over….think about it!


I think those of you who accused Hee of using pepper spray have never used or been sprayed by it before.
If that was really pepper spray , not only would Yew Tian hoe be running away frantically in pain , those all around him would be jumping as well.

I hope the Anwar – RPK drama king mentality does not spread to the rest of Pakatan rakyat, lest it be doomed by next GE


Quite simple: just check which hotel she stay. Does that hotel use key or card? 2. Zoom and blowup of the picture will show it’s key or spray….


A new improved hotel keys that sprays pepper mist?…

Freedom fghter

If BN can table the motion while the speaker is still at his chair, PR can do the same when 3 or more BN ADUN not in the sitting. Disregard the speaker & table a motion to remove the speaker & desolve the assembly. They can’t blame PR for not following the law. We are applying the same tactic…


There are three things that we can do folks…
#1. Do nothing (keep silent patiently now)
#2. Do everything now (and we all will get ISAed)
#3. Do something valuable during the GE13… (fight for our rights!)

Gajah sama gajah (Politicians) berjuang, semut (Rakyat) mati kena pijak…
Think again…


How come the Aulong assemblyman’s eyeballs still can open and blink normally after being “pepper sprayed” by Hee?

Oi, people, no pepper there la. If got, then the assemblyman must share his recipe with us so that we can use it to protect everybody else. But come to think of it, better not. The molesters will gain from this.

Hee was hilariously deadpan. She’s got talent in that department.

Change the title of the youtube, please. Very misleading.

Leong Yook Kong

The photo of the Speaker, YB Sivakumar being dragged like a bag of potatoes has been installed in my handphone as wallpaper.

I will show this photo to the people whenever I have the opportunity to meet and remind them of this “ugly and unbecoming” incident for the next 3 to 4 years. I will also encourage them to install in their handphones as wallpaper.

Hopefully, the Government will not ban this photo of the Speaker.