Wee quits PKR: So predictable … yawn!


Wangsa Maju MP Wee Choo Keong’s decision to quit PKR on the eve of the Sibu by-election comes as no big surprise.

In doing so, he has betrayed the mandate of those who voted for change. This has been coming for a long time, but I suppose he was waiting for the ‘right moment’.  Aliran president P Ramakrishnan predicted only yesterday something like this would happen on the eve of polling:

Then there will also be the high drama of one or more elected representatives abandoning the mandate of the voters and betraying their trust shamelessly and declaring their new status as Independents!

See Rama’s full statement here.

Pardon me while I go back to sleep.

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I think all delegates that want to represent the people shall sign an agreement that if they decide to resign from their party, or being fire from the party, they will be automatically resigning from all post held in the party, seat held in state and parlimentary level. Then have an re-election. Just to make Najib a very busy man, and get more fund.


This man in Sibu said, “Satu keluar seratus masuk. Apa susah.” The timing by this Mr Wee was planned to tarnish Pakatan’s chance in Sibu. It did not work.Good. DAP won by over 3000 votes (minus the postal votes). A few other “spineless parasites” left PKR before the Hulu Selangor “buy”-election. They did not dent Pakatan Rakyat. PKR candidate lost not even by 1000 votes (minus the postal votes). The people now wants at least “2 kopitiam” in town so that they have a choice. The 2-party system in the country has now become a reality. Good for the people.


He went to US twice mah… Got treated like king there.

The irony is, this KL assembleymen said that he was disillusioned with Selangor MB. What? Does he even know which constituency he belongs to?

Itulah, just read from script. Notice all the frogs read from script when resign.


really regret voting for this guy..

Habib RAK

Like many, I am interested in fair and just government. Over the decades, with the unilateral dominance of UMNO/BN, it has screwed this country. That is why there is a ground swell with majority voting for the Pakatan coalition in peninsula malaysia. As such, the rakyat did not vote for YB Wee as an individual but for the party. Surely he knows this. Thus by him cowardly leaving the party, with filmsy reasons, is indeed an act of betrayal on his part to the rakyat who elected the party. What can he do as an independant? Surely he is going… Read more »


This wee fella is man without conviction. I wonder which of his skeletons in the closet was grabbed by you know what.


Never like this fellow the moment he left DAP… a big head actually… Besides Dr Chen Man Hin, Lim Kit Siang and Karpal Singh, i wonder how many are of integrity??? He thinks quitting in the eve of Sibu’s BUY Election will affect DAP/Pakatan’s votes??? Who he thinks he is but just a mere wee, a loser… The majority of the politicians are self-seekers… Why is this beautiful land turning so ugly now with each day passing??? Whatever, let him go … Actually, what is more sad is, many ordinary people walking on the street are still in their slumber,… Read more »

anwar tot tot

Hahahaha, funny la you guys. When that Nasa resign from UMNO and jumped to PKR, Anwar welcomed him with open arms. Heck, Nizar invited him to the MB’s office! Any calls for him to resign his seat then? Only jubilation and calls of democracy at work. A short quiz for Anil and friends: “One who plays a part; especially, one who, for the purpose of winning approbation of favor, puts on a fair outside seeming; one who feigns to be other and better than he is; a false pretender to virtue or piety; one who simulates virtue or piety.” Apakah… Read more »


How much is that doggie in the window, woof! woof!
The one that sniff pretty well……

Jed Yoong

No stamina-lah this guy. Big deal. What did he do for Bukit Bintang and Wangsa Maju? He is from Kelantan and holding KL seat. BYE2.

Ong Eu Soon

Tian Chua and Gobalakrishnan should force another 2 by-elections, by not appealing against their sentence. This is the only way out to let the people decide again. The end result of their appeals is a foregone conclusion. Fight now before it is too late even if it means Tian Chua and Gobalakrishnan need to sacrifice their political career for the moment. If Tian chua and Gobalakrishnan lost in their appeals there will be no by election when the tenure for the current Parliament is more than two years.


Malaysia shall soon be able to win some track & fields gold medals in Olympic. We have many strong frog legs that should be good in high jumps,long and triple jumps events.


WCK just proved that what we hv been thinking bout him as a politician. A piece of ….

Chauncey Gardener

These MPS who go “independant” are unscrupulous. They should resign their Parliamentary seats voluntarily as they were elected and given a mandate by the people in that constituency to represent them …. and not that MP’s agenda.


Wee should do the honorable by resigning. Period.

Let the folks in Wangsa Maju have an early Christmas just like Hulu Selangor and now Sibu. I am sure ‘Santa Najib’ will come with bags full of goodies.


oooooops….finally this … stirrer is out. Atleast from now onwards…..PKR can breath fresh air.


Many have expected Wee To leave PKR months ago The way he positioned himself Gunning the very party giving him a belonging The gratitude isn’t there The voters expect these representatives Do a good job for the people Put personal needs behind There are always motives … for short term Wee has his own personal setbacks Once it is in the open hawks come to bargain Anwar though good in his oratory skills He can command the masses to hear him speak Inwardly he forgets to get cracking on his party When elected persons resigned, he should wake up No… Read more »



Please wake up! Wee’s resignation brings good news to PR in Sibu! The Sibu folks are angry and they want to teach BN a lesson for indulging in such low tactics and will not allow politics to stoop so low!

Even our Thomas cuppers (seem to be) showing their disgust by losing badly (to shame 1Malaysia?)!

Wait for the Sibu results!

Ahmad Syafiq

So you’re in Sibu now eh O?


No, Syafiq, I am still in my kampung. PAS cannot do much in Sibu. There are already hundreds of PAS workers there, to give whatever support we can. Many had been there for a month!

Cheers bro!


THIS IS KARMA for the leadership. For he who does not lead the country ethically will meet his fate by Karma as seen last night at Thomas Cup. This is just one of Karmas to come. No use supporting our players to boost confidence. The Law of the Universe does not favour one good intention over a multitude of bad deeds been committed. One of which is in Perak. Karma does not forget…


something must be wrong, devoted people are leaving, people that are there from the very beginning
we must not be to complaisant. there must be something wrong and we need to fix it fast before the next election, we can say anything to but the problem will not go away

Dr. Pang HC

… he’s shown his big mouth, he’s stirred his …, just let him go in peace la.


Mike may follow suit tomorrow?

true malaysians

they quit but no guts to resign their parliament seat…

what principle is this joker talking about…

we the voters voted you in as PKR representative not as an independent…

anwar tot tot

rileks la anil. let’s have a drink at zaid’s.


Good riddance..never trusted him from day 1

lun unlerstand

new datuk on the line up(?)
… guess they don’t go to US for no reason…