Chaos as tear gas, water cannon fired at ceramah in SP


2342: Just off the line with Selangor state exco member Xavier Jayakumar. He told me that the speakers on stage in Sungai Petani tonight did not hear any police warnings to disperse.

Police fired water cannon and tear gas into the crowd, including women and children, as they moved in.

Children coming out of a neaby tuition centre were also doused by the spray from the water cannon; so were patrons in a nearby Chinese restaurant, according to Xavier.

Even the usual small itinerant traders selling Pakatan memorabilia were not spared the action. Police could be heard warning of even more aggressive action as they chased the people away. “The police action was aggressive,” observed Xavier.

According to Xavier’s blog:

2330: Dr Xavier and team have regrouped and are making their way back to their lodgings for the night.

2250: Anwar has managed to leave the chaos in Taman Ria, Sg Petani. Many of us are trying to locate friends that have run in every direction possible. Many people were injured in the chaos that ensued after the FRU opened the water cannons on the crowd.

The crowd was fired upon from the back. They had to no idea that the attack was coming. Many people had brought their entire families along to hear Dato Seri speak…

2245: The police and FRU have secured the perimeter of the ceramah area. The police even dismantled the tents, confiscated the rostrum and the PA equipment.

2235: Six people are believed to be arrested.

2225: The FRU continue to fire the water cannon and tear gas on PR supporters.

2215: The crowd of about 5,000 people have dispersed with the FRU on their tails. Many ran into the nearby housing areas (Tamans). The FRU gave chase and continued to fire tear gas even into the housing estates.

2200: Police have fired water cannon/tear gas to disperse a crowd of several thousand (1,000-5,000), including women and children at a ceramah in Sungai Petani. The tear gas was fired, apparently without any warning, just as Anwar was about to speak after greeting the crowd in several languages.

The situation is described as chaotic and even the reporters are in a state of shock. Police are securing the perimeter.

Anwar was due to address the ceramah in Taman Ria in Sungai Petani tonight.

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If they had NO IDEA there was going to be water cannon and tear gas at an ILLEGAL GATHERING then they are just STUPID right? I’m sorry for the harsh words, but seriously, did they REALLY think there was not going to be tear gas and water cannon at an illegal gathering?


WHY INVOLVE THE CHILDREN? what kind of irresponsible parent brings his young children to a gathering where they are almost sure of being exposed to tear gas? what kind of a parent are you if you do that?


If they waste so much of water to douse the PR supporters, why should the rakyat be burdened with a higher water rate? Is the PDRM now a BN component party like the rest …?


All these issues are created by Anwar to discredit and derail Najib from becoming the PM. He knows under Najib PR will no longer will be operating like political thugs freely. Secondly anwar worried Najib will introduce reforms and kill PR’s momentum…

Did anyone asked why anwar having ceramahs even though the campaign period has yet to start ? Isn’t this a violation of EC rules ? Shouldn’t the PR candidates disqualified for this ?


Using force against peaceful and peaceable people who attend ceramahs.

Disgusting !!
Please stop it, Najib !

Angela Ooi

All this brute force will be translated into deep hatred for BN and more votes for Pakatan. Stupid morons didnt use their !@#$ brains… ooophs I forgot their dont have any!


There is no need to scare the people with FRU tactics, why shoot water and tear gas from behind innocent people? These horrible acts aimed supposedly, even at housing estates,where possibly babies, children and the old and infirm would have had a share of chemicals going down their systems.This is going a bit too far. Is this what a government for the people, by the people and of the people is doing to the very same people that elected them and gave them the mandate to govern with honesty, sincerity and kindness? Meanwhile…. DEMOCRACY TREE, wept,from a distance, to hear… Read more »


Hi Anil

Show photos if you can get hold of any. Or give us links to other sites. Best if got video clips on YouTube.


I fel the government is afraid of its own shadows. why resort to such harsh actions?

Ex Neutral

That’s why guys we all need to step out and be counted. The days of I will give my vote to PR will not be enough anymore. This is for our children and country sake.


Show of strength,intimidation and use of brute force against the people for what? Learn from history, when has brutalising the people ever work? The unpopular and corrupt regime however brutal, always fall in the end. Looks like BN is not keen on the by-election or winning it, they only want to piss off the general population. Stupid BN.


go on go on buly this kampong folk thank you thank you umno thank you bn

Cee Kay

Seems the bn is getting more desperate without caring for civil ens safety and life. The brutal action by them may be the beginning. Are we gonna tolerate this further? What other options do Malaysians have?Will we be experiencing what Myanmma is down the road? Everybodys guess. Omg sorry for our next generation n generations to come. Can the opposition just take over the government of today? I heard from some umno guys it is not that simple! If we are in support of the opposition (actually there is no other party apart from PR) what can we Malaysians do… Read more »


The incoming PM said “we must have massive change or the people will chnage us”. Wow,what a change he has made over the past weeks: 1. Banning Harakah and Suara Keadilan and not renewing permit for Rocket. 2. Teargasing the opposition ceramah in Bukit Gantang 3. Targeting all his political enemy even in his own party.No detail needed, right. 4. Charging Karpal with sedition act. 5. Suspending Gobind for a year from parliment wihtout perks. 6. (Luring) over the three opposition reps to bring the downfall of the Perak government. Does all this moves by our incoming PM sounds and… Read more »


The incoming has said that” desperate time needs desperate measure”. This is definately desperate time for our incoming PM.

He is under pressure from all fronts; the recession that is affecting the country,his own party members ,the opposition and most of all the rakyat of Malaysia.

A PM with a 41% popularity vote will not last long. Mr.Incoming PM , continue to do what you are doing to the rakyat and we will kick you out the sooner you thought.

Remember,the rakyat do not fear you,is you that should fear the rakyat.

lizzie wong

For the 3 by-elections, I wonder, which is more effective to help win the voters to the Pakatan’s side. Rousing speeches by DSAI, Kit, RPK or others? Or could it be that the FRU, PDRM and their supporting cast of tear gas and water canon would do a better job….. Tough questions that BN will have to answer for themselves come this April 7. However, I suspect the news splash of such aggression is going to drive people over to the Pakatan side. If they keep it up, the coming by-elections could make history as the only elections won by… Read more »


Tear gas, water cannon and brute force The people know; they will put in the ballot boxes The time of the Bee Anne is near…… The last breath by the uniformed agencies The alleged running …. Barking wildly chasing ghosts When they see it Tails wedge between legs Running in shock As the angels claim “You are no more It is the time to go” The Albino arrogantly pursues Cracking whip giving lame excuses For the ground has cracked wide open The day of recognition the demise of a name It will be recorded in history Forgetting root whence it… Read more »


The harder BeeEnd pushes the rakyat, the harder the retaliation will be. Every action will have equal reaction, law of universe/karma. Continue with this, 13th GE is the end of BeeEnd era in Malaysia.

Ong Eu Soon

…… fool! Najib. Thanks a lot anyhow!!!!


I think the Sultan of Kedah and for that matter Sultans of their respective state should warn the police not to attack their subjects. Let them express themselves in peace without intimidation and threat. This I think the Sultans have the right to do. Why must the rakyat be attacked with water cannon and intimidated like criminals when the rakyat are only attenting a live talk show to get more information which they cannot obtain through the main stream media.


Sometimes i wonder the PDRM do really have brains besides having brawns, you are pratically showing that you are a third world police force which favours brutality against peaceful civilians including women and children.



Is this the type of democracy these UMNO goons are trying to show the world? Patience has a limit….even for those who were most tolerant. This simply show the UMNO goons fear the truth. The truth of their repressive ways to rule the country are exposed. Or, are they waiting for the rakyat to retaliate, so that, they can blame the opposition and slap on the emergency rule? The PM in waiting is nothing but, a coward… like all distators, when cornered, they will behave like ….! What justisfication was there to take such barbaric actions? Are they not aware… Read more »

Andrew I

The return of the jedi……again. And now the empire jets back.

Phua Kai Lit

Use of brute force = a sign of weakness, not of strength.