Vigil for Ahmad Abd Jalil


A small group is holding a vigil at Dataran Merdeka to call for the release of Ahmad Abd Jalil, who has been remanded for three days until tomorrow on a fresh charge under the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Act.

He had earlier been arrested under the Sedition Act but was freed by a Johor Bharu magistrate – only to be promptly and controversially re-arrested by police.

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Actually, did anyone read the purported FB posting where he ridiculed and insulted the Johor Sultan? I saw it and it was pretty bad (at least I believed it was him posting those words, and not a spoof). The … language he used to describe the Sultan was not too kind, to say the least.

I truly hope it wasn’t him posting and he was maligned by someone else, for he is in line for huge trouble if it’s proven it really was him.

Amrit Sekhon

I call this episode as Police Harassment…

Aidil Yunus

Could this arrest is planned by BN as a warning to anti-BN bloggers as GE is looming?


I am Johorean, in the old days only God could save him….at least there is social pressure now but who knows…history shows otherwise….I will pray for him


The entire episode is so outrageously ridiculous and medieval in character, it’s as if Ahmad Abdul Jalil was abducted… Well, he is one of us, and the end is near for tyranny.

Gerakan K

Dear all, please refrain from commenting. This is something beyond our capability to handle. Gerakan K is kind and this is a friendly reminder to all readers. Also, anil should close commenting for this one.


Why shouldn`t we comment on the truth. The truth must be told. The feeling of the people must be let known.

Why so afraid for the truth just like the Dumb PM who dare not even dare to comment on the Scorpene and Mongolian Alta. By keeping quiet would only means one thing…


No matter what they will find something to charge you even though you have been freed by the court. Prosecution at all cost without any recourse for the law. This is not a govt that we want Change