Epic (power) failure: Why is University of Malaya so afraid of Anwar Ibrahim?


Aliran’s P Ramakrishnan has released a press statement on University of Malaya’s reaction to a talk by Anwar Ibrahim organised by UM’s Student Council.

Actually, the worst thing a government can do, from the BN’s perspective, is to rile up the academics and university students …

Epic (power) failure!

Excerpt from the statement:

Is UM wilfully denying a free discussion and debate and exchange of ideas in UM?

Any university must live up to its reputation as a seat of learning. It must live up to the peoples’ expectation that it is a powerhouse of knowledge where future leaders are groomed and exposed to various contending issues so that they will come out as thinking and reasoning individuals who can uphold justice and freedom of expression.

But UM is deliberately stifling the growth of mature students who can decide for themselves and organise activities that are deemed necessary and suitable. Can’t the students act as thinking adults who are capable of organising themselves without any interference from the authorities?

Read the full statement on the Aliran website.

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Uncle Jock
Uncle Jock
28 Oct 2014 12.15pm

BN is using the same old “blackout” trick?

27 Oct 2014 7.51pm

The question is why Anwar keep insisting on speaking at UM despite not getting when he can chose other venue.???

The answer is he tried to make use of the student and to politicize at all cost on the eve of his sodomy case.

28 Oct 2014 10.06am

What Ambiga said made more sense to me:

“What we see now is change happening, now we are seeing our youth rising up against oppression. I truly admire Fahmi (PMUM President) who was willing to face up to the autocratic attitude of the UM administration and I praise them (the students)”

Seng Tak
Seng Tak
27 Oct 2014 6.21pm

UM is becoming Universiti Menurut?
Students are taught to just follow orders? I think it cannot be ranked with other foreign universities simply because it is one of a kind to serve the political agenda of BN government.