Two more by-elections in Perak?


Just when you thought it was safe to breathe again…

Two by-elections could now be held after Jamaluddin Mat Radzi and Mohd Osman Jailu reportedly resigned their posts as assembly members of Behrang and Changkat Jering respectively.

And now the Perak deputy speaker is reportedly missing – so we could be in for some interesting times.

What do you make of all this subterfuge?

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NO by election.ANNOUNCE by SPR. Fisrt move.

Next move, the duo will announce they will join UMNO in few days time.

PR government in Perak finished. The end. Believed it.


This issue may go to the Courts as it appears that there are past legal precedents stating that pre signed letters of resignation are not valid. It could be used as an instrument to frustrate the PR Government. That is politica anyway. However the antics of the DAP politicians in Perak seem to support my view all my life that you CANNOT trust a politician because he or she enters politics for his or her benefit in the first place and to enhance their already visible arrogance in most cases. Very few poiticians in the history of the world have… Read more »

Justin Choo

UMNO, “One for you, two for me.”

Pakatan, “Game over. Now the Third Wave.”


Very obviously, the declaration of the vacancies by the speaker forced the 2 out into the open.

All doubts about their intention are now removed.
Let’s have those by elections.
Or even better, let Perak go to the polls again.
Let the will of the rakyat prevail !

After that UMNO, with all their cunning schemes, can’t cry foul that they are not given another shot to form the Perak state government.


The one thing a lot of us don’t see in pkr is the fact half of these guys are out of umno’s mould.Like the say you can take the man out of umno but not umno out of him.


Understood Najip/BN so despradoo…….. leh.



i hope the by-elections would not be held simultaneously. hope to bump into you during the by-elections :))) since perak is my home state.. and it would be very short drive for you this time 😉


The seats should now be given to PAS, or even DAP as these PKR (assembly members) have failed to do their job.


Aya Ya…..All these things happened in Sabah more than 40 years ago in 1967 when UPKO assemblymen jumped over to USNO….You think they will resign on their own…no way..


Interesting to see UMNO thrashed in late-Feb early-March just before the UMNO party general assembly… oh boy, its gonna be one hot assembly!


It might just be that BN had to act fast in order to thwart (3+?) further defections by BN ADUNS to PR in Perak and elsewhere – which, if true, would have super-glued their coffin shut.

It is hard to believe that BN would want any more by-elections (let alone 2 or 3) at this time so expect the legality of the resignation letters to be strenuously challenged.

Failing this, the Liew Option might be the only one to play. Either way, it’s gonna be goooooooooood …

bota kanan

dear anil, The 2 PKR assemblymen, like all others, signed undated letters of resignation which are kept by the party supreme council. They are to be used in situations like this, to protect the party. What PKR simply did was to date the letters of the 2 assemblymen concerned and faxed them to the speaker today at 5.45 pm. And on receipt of the letters, they were deemed to have resigned immediately. This is a good contingency measure on the part of PKR. Now Najib is caught flat footed and will have to get UMNO and MIC to contest the… Read more »

telur dua

Jamaluddin Mat Radzi said he didn’t answer any calls because he wasn’t feeling well.

LOL. Unless he is on life support or in the ICU he could just send an SMS to reassure his Party.

Michael Sun

Aiyo! They did not resign on their own accord.

They have earlier signed their undated resignation letter to PKR.

I suppose their party bosses just sent in their letters to the Dewan Undangan Speaker and it is valid.

To dissolve the whole Assembly, it requires the Sultan’s approval which is the Sultan’s right.

Good move, PKR

telur dua

Behrang assemblyman Jamaluddin Mat Radzi suddenly re-appear to deny that he has resigned.

But only after his unsigned resignation letter was effected by the Party. Why didn’t he re-appear earlier? He should know the whole world and his family is looking for him. It smells fishy. Was there an intention to defect as alleged?…

Ex Neutral

I was wrong. I tought the 2 ADUNs will be forced or pressured into joining UMNO. Kudos to them.
Now, trash BN again in these 2 coming by-election and see whan Najib is gonna say. I think I’m gonna help out as well.


Good move, Guess BN managed to recruit EX Asssembly men. Hahahahaha….

Michael Sun

Brilliant move by PR government.

Now DAP should submit the resignation letter of the running ….

Let’s have more bye elections and more Federal funds are then pumped into these constituencies.


Pak Lah and Najib got fooled. They thought they would strengthen Perak BN. Now they’ve got to fight for the seats.


Hi Anil;

I’m glad that they have resigned and did not hop to that barisan party. Najib desperately wants to win … after his shameful performance in KT. Looking at the people’s mood, PR shall prevail.


I really admire the two PKR men. They have abducted, pressured and threatened yet they couldn’t bring themselves with betraying PR at this time. In fact, both men are very decent and harcore PKR people who stayed with the party since its formation contesting both in 1999 and 2004. They lost and they made it in 2008 and now they became Excos. When they were enjoying their hardwork, BN sets a trap for them. They fall easily but resist to the end and in order to humiliate Umno which has no chance in Perak in particular the two state seats,… Read more »


Time for a State election. Just as well include Negeri Sembilan, too. That is the best way to distribute the stimulus package to the citizens.


Perak State Assembly should dissolve Call for a snap election to decide once and all The majority mandate to administer the state Currently it is ruling on a thin majority Now 2 PKR assemblymen had resigned After missing for 5 days they faxed their letters of resignation So said the State Assembly Speaker acknowledging receiving it It is the best time for the voters to decide Which party will rule the state? The opponents trying so many tricks Chief amongst the list is money It is banding about $15 million each So if it isn’t corruption, what else is? The… Read more »

Jeffrey Ng

With the BN I am not surprise, they do not go for the cream but the ****

telur dua

Coming attractions: Two more whippings for BN.