Turmoil in PKR over Selangor


The way I look at it, the tussle in PKR over the leadership of the Selangor state government is essentially between a party which was elected to power to serve the people’s interest and a faction within that party that appears more interested in personal ambition.

Some politicians – and they can be found in all political parties – are in the game for self interest. This type is always on the prowl, on the look out for contracts, positions of power, largesse. Serving the rakyat takes second place. They have gone into politics not primarily to serve the public but to serve their own interests and personal ambitions. These are the types who think political party workers and leaders must be rewarded for their efforts through the award of contracts and appointments to positions of influence or power.

Within PKR, there are obviously some who have not discarded the old Umno or BN mentality. Just by looking at their demeanour and body language and reading their statements and comments, you can almost sense whose interest they are out to serve.

How many of the gang of 15 (if there are really 15) are actually from Selangor in the first place?

This is not to say that MB Khalid’s leadership is not without its shortcomings or pressing issues of contention. There are some who say he is a one-man-show – he doesn’t consult enough – and is soft on the civil servants. Others say the Selangor government’s delivery doesn’t quite match the rhetoric e.g. the cleaning up of the Klang River. Khalid will have to address these issues squarely.

But are those who are offering themselves as an alternative to Khalid likely to be better overall and more effective in the leadership of the state? I somehow doubt it.

If they are more interested in serving their own personal ambitions it is best for them to quit the party rather than betray the voters’ aspirations for real change and meaningful people-centred reforms.

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I wrote this to the Keadilan epowergoups on the first day of their recent retreat; Dear David, Please do something to stop the rot in PKR. MB TSK is under siege!. Please use your keadilan epowergroup to get this message across. The PUBLIC is getting tired of PKR Wakil Rakyat’s antics! TSKhalid is no angel. He has many shortcomings as a Politician. But we need him as an Effective Governing Official, and at the moment he is the best we have. Its too much to expect him to please the many demands of the politicians in PKR, many who don’t… Read more »


Bring D.Salleh back after all the … that he has done to PKR??? That’s a joke!!!
Khalid has his flaws but he’s popular among the rakyat as he represents the new politics that we have been yearning for.
If we wanted the old practice, we would have maintained Umno.
Wake up Anwar!!! The people surrounding you are giving you the wrong messages. You may not see their true colours but the rakyat does. Kick Khalid out and its the end of PKR in Selangor.


I try not to comment too much on Penang local issues but I am a 3rd generation Selangorian. MB Khalid is doing a better job than the previous MB. Contracts are usually awarded on meritocracy…which usually means the more established and, also, UMNO friendly companies will likely qualify and succeed in securing the works. Isn’t this the exact same fairness and meritocracy I heard preached about by PR. If MB Khalid is allowed to practice this form of governance and PR retains Selangor for another term, crony capitalism will begin to wane. In this respect, methinks some PKR politicians are… Read more »


Since this is a topic on Selangor, this tip given to me by a reliable source is for MB Khalid and exco R. Liu, and who ever at the state government who can get things moving. Make sure the councillors you guys pick in the forthcoming term in July, are professionals instead of those from political parties. Or you will have some from the current batch of MBPJ councillors who pretend to be listening to the rate payers and sincere, but at the end of their term – they are nothing but a bunch of “bias, vindictive,lackadasical and ignorant” lot.… Read more »



Yes, it’s unfortunate those greedy … in PKR(ex-umno) fell victim to instigation, typical of UMNO’s traits – backstabbing, truimphed up accusation and betrayl, what else!

PKR urgently needs major clean-up to rid of remaining umno trojan horses still hiding in the folds within the party.



I concur with you that PENANG Government is doing well inspite BN is withholding all the funds and support and trying to sabotage with intent to bring it down. BN Government is putting all energy on destruction os PR Statement rather then creating more jobs and increase the living standards.


Dear Nkkhoo,

Leaving aside Kedah and Selangor, please tell Penang govt how to improve, ok?

As far as i am concrned and to be fair, i think PR govt in Penang did a better job than Gerakan overall.



I wish to urge certain unscrupulous MPS who have entered the hallowed halls of legislation to do some soul searching.Should the general public be manipulated in the name of elections to satisfy their personal agenda. I suggest they read at least some of the great epics.Epic characters embody exaggerated and exemplary qualities of character.In the Mahabharatam I read that a mother would be ashamed if her slain son had taken the arrows from the back. The point is he would have been retreating instead of fighting for his leader.She would be singing the praises of her slain son if he… Read more »


End of the day the rakyat suffers politicians enjoy life, that is Malaysia….


It is a crying shame. I really wish that more honourable people enter politics.I am tired of the insincere antics of some people. My prayers are with the MB. I wish a long blessed life for people like the Tok Guru and Mr.Lim Kit Siang.


ayo,pkr is used by dap to make malaysian vote them.this is due to dsai tak jaga his mps…now next petronas president and khazanah nasional will be
non malay….errr…so is chief of defence!


Here was an SOS I sent to Aneel David K (formerly of CANews) Dear David, Please do something to stop the rot in PKR. MB TSKhalid is under siege!. Please use your keadilan epowergroup to get this message across. The PUBLIC is getting tired of PKR Wakil Rakyat’s antics! TSKhalid is no angel. He has many shortcomings as a Politician. But we need him as an Effective Governing Official, and at the moment he is the best we have. Its too much to expect him to please the many demands of the politicians in PKR, many who don’t know how… Read more »

Gerakan K

Based on comments above, it is clear that PKR is a wrong choice for people. Instead of managing Selangor properly, they quarrel for positions.

Instead of thoroughly investigate the sand scandal as exposed by the Kapar MP, they are fighting for themselves.

I urge all Selangorians to reject any PKR candidate in Selangor in next GE. This is an example of failed leadership.


Azmin Ali has support of five divisions in contrast with TSKI having seventeen divisions voicing and showing support in person !!!!


sorry, typo error….Selangor State govt and not State Opposition…


All these dissatisfied young …###es from PKR went into politics for one reason …greed! The UMNO blood is still running thickly in their veins…they could’nt even wait for the State Opposition govt to complete their first term in office and judge their performances fairly. So, these inflated, egoistic greedy heads are so inpatient, having their toxic venom oozing out from their ears!!!


No turmoil but greedy PKR … falling prey to umno devils out to create mischief for Khalid Ibrahim and destroy PKR!

PKR needs major cleanup!


Actually there is no turmoil at all. As we all know, PR with its 3 coalition partners (PAS, DAP & PKR) is getting stronger by the day. Najib and UMNO is perpetuating all sort of lies, half truth and deceit to destroy it credibility before the next GE which will be soon. Their deceit did bring down Perak but then it was blessing in disguise. They tried to do it in Selangor by using the dirtiest of all tactic against Elizabeth Wong and one other female adun. But it failed miserably. Instead the rakyat support to these 2 aduns and… Read more »

Paul for Democracy

I want VERY MUCH to appeal to the Pakatan Rakyat to sit down together at P.R. meetings to REALLY WORK HARD to form a MEANINGFUL “PAKATAN BERSEPADU”. The trouble as I see it is that those members who have left the P.R. have forgotten how they became “wakil rakyat” (perhaps) in favour of some pecuniary incentive to betray the trust that the people have entrusted upon them to represent them in the state or national assembly(ies) that they had been voted to. I, as a resident of Perak, was very happy to have the State assembly in the hands of… Read more »


Azmin Ali must know that no one is indispensable. This man feels threatened with every new entry into PKR. He feels uneasy with Zaid, CJM, he feels that he is the pioneer in PKR and that he should lead, be given all the largesse, but against the national stature and popularity of these new leaders, where does he stand? He is just another warlord in PKR though a powerful one. They should change their outlook, that is to serve or to be voted out of power totally and never to revive, like Gerakan in Penang. That was what their ex… Read more »


maypbe it is time for another purging in PKR, there are just too many scums in there which will destroy the party eventually. RPK said it right even before they win in the general election, they already quarrel about positions… indeed, we have too few politicians who are sincere in nation building… majority are self seekers like those bunch in BN… they are used to “easy” money… please emulate Tok Guru Nik Aziz, Mr Karpal Singh and Mr Lim Kit Siang and son, Mr Lim Guan Eng, Dr Syed Husin Ali, Wan Azizah, Teresa Kok, etc. may Allah have mercy… Read more »


Parti Kian Runtuh to disappear from Malaysian politics in six months? So sad, too much politickings, weak leadership in PKR! Always want to fight each other and then fight partners in PR. This is what PKR is for you, Parti Kian Runtuh!


PKR basically is another UMNO as Chinese proverb says, “An old wine filling in the new bottle.”

Do not put high hope on PR can capture Putrajaya judging from their so so performance in Penang, Kedah and Selangor.

I only praise PR Perak with their no-nonsense policies.

Gerakan K

On PR Perak, you mean the Perak ex-government team that had organized numerous illegal assembly ???

You also mean PR * FAILED * to manage Penang, Kedah and Selangor ???


call d saleh back and get yb azmin to be mb.get d saleh to work out how to run selangor.d saleh will
have evidence on khali9d screw up…hint i bhd


if khalid stays,pkr will bow to dap,dsai will bow to
dap,malay bows to dsai,….

Ahmad Syafiq

You and your cavemen thinking. Don’t you see the Malays being robbed in broad daylight by their own Malay leaders? Especially of the UMNO kind?


what do you think we should do with khalid?should we let him be…or shall we not have mb at all? why you
think it is personal ambition?