Town hall meeting to de-congest Pulau Tikus


Here’s something interesting from the Penang Municipal Council, which hopefully will be the first step towards more sustainable transport and pedestrian-friendly streets in Penang. Pulau Tikus is supposed to the focus of a pilot project that could be extended throughout Penang. If you are in the area, why not check it out or better still, participate.

Decongest traffic in Pulau Tikus

You are all invited to a stakeholders’ meeting

Time: 4.00pm – 6.00pm
Date: 10 October 2009
Place: Balai Rakyat Pulau Tikus, Jalan Cantonment
Organised by MPPP

Daily traffic jams!! For so many years!!
HOW can this problem be solved??
CAN holistic win-win solutions be found??

YES – you the public and the government!!
Let’s ALL work together for our communities.

Objective: The Penang state and local governments are committed to improve our traffic and public transportation. Pulau Tikus area is to be the first for traffic decongestion for the benefit of all stake-holders — the local communities & traders, commercial & office commuters, school children and the public at large.

Your participation is crucial for success.

Process: To engage the public and stakeholders — in this process, create public awareness, seek their views, cooperation, feedback, and support for win-win solutions.

Plan: Ensure smooth traffic flows & safe pedestrian commuting along Burmah Road from Codrington Avenue to Brown Road; along Cantonment Road from Taman Berjaya to Kelawai Road; and along Bangkok Lane (see map).

Implementation in stages

1.public consultation

2.warning notices together with summons

3.enforcement (clamping of cars)

Alternative parking: Well over 300 parking bays along service roads & in private car parks (see map).
Hotline and Website: For information, suggestions, feedback – contact:
04-263-7637 MPPP Hotline; 04-229-1179 MPPP Enforcement
Email to : [email protected]

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kah seng

I also notice better retarring of roads. My guess is DAP and MPPP are under pressure to perform and tarring of road is under their control. This is how a government should serve.

But then I observe severe deterioration in traffic light maintenance in the past year.

Are traffic light contractors under JKR and federal control? Are the contractors being paid in time and monitored by whoever in charge? There are some seriously dangerous lights around these days.


Good for penang.

anyway.. I just skip all K’s comment.
if there is ignore button, it should be usefull.


Anil, Soohuay and K

The public discussion allow you all to voice. So what are your solutions at that meeting? Did you all make some contribution and suggestions? Or you just go there to listen, watch the crowd and then come back to the computer and complain and complain!!! That is not the democracy you have been expounding. What is point of complaining but when given the chance to speak, people remain silence?


oh… i was very vocal. thanks for jumping into conclusions.

i pinpointed loopholes in their “solution”. ended with highlighting what the actual problems are, tried to get the police’s view on how it can be remedied, and gave several cautionary statements to the State gov as they attempt to implement this.

i’m sure all who attended will agree i was constructively critical n very vocal.


anil, i’ll try to find time for a quick write up on the meeting, but currently swamped. gimme a few days. if someone else who attended can write something, i’ll comment on it instead.


King Kong

I m sure you would have noted the comments the participants gave during the forum as explained by some of the people here.

The key points in engaging the public is getting the information out to key stakeholders and also being receptive and not just give an illusion of being consultative as being acted out in this sandiwara by LGE the Great Leader.

What people like me want is not some silly and pointless piece-meal solutions but a macro-level planning. Conduct that and I will be there to give my 2 sen. Otherwise quit wasting my time.


The comments are all for the sake of opposing because you are a Gerakan Man and have a very deep hatred for the ruling party. See the comments are doubtful and this or that cannot. You never commented when you yourself say about malaysian driver mentality. So when MPPP decided to try to clamp cars, this is to change their mind set. People like you will never change.


Of course the better solution is to use bicycle lanes but for 50 years under Gerakan, they promote the use of cars especiallly Gerakan supported Dr M in building more roads and Protons. PR Government can reverse the decsions by acquiring more land and torn down any heritage building – more Kg Buah Pala There can be never any perfect solution. The only thing is to migitate the severity of the traffic impact and at least there is START of engaging the public. Under K’s Gerakan, is there such a public discussion in the first place for 50 years? K’s… Read more »


soohuey, Thanks for your update on the meeting. Actually, one of the trader from the market shows me the notice from MPPP. It was distributed to them 3 -4 days ago. I am not suprised if most of the resident there did not take part in this dialog as normally majority ppl wouuld not border to attend until the the implementation, the only they will start to make noise. Anyhow I think this is a good proposal we should support it 100%.


No worries, BC. Thanks for letting us know about the market trader. I’m sure some people got the flyers, but the publicity was nowhere near sufficient. I know what you mean about people complaining only afterwards… It’s sad, but hopefully with more stakeholders meetings that are better publicised n better run (so that ppl feel there is actually a discussion n not juz an announcement), then slowly ppl will realise they have the power to affect things before they are in place. I don’t support this proposal because it doesn’t reflect thorough background study. Instead it shows DAP likes to… Read more »


just attended the meeting this evening but was quite disappointed. i wasted some 45 min. for the yb to show up before the meeting started. luckily the yb rang up to inform that he’ll be late and the meeting started before he came. i was thinking in such a meet the people meeting why bother with this sort of protocal. is this not the sickening bn culture we have been witnessing – which is much ado about nothing. we want to see action and get things moving and not to idle around with our time. in the end this took… Read more »

khor s.l.

there were 30-40 i think. i thought it was academic and superficial. nothing concrete and practical. talking so much about clamping cars why don’t they just get the relevant authority to patrol and get the problem solve there and then. i thought that would save cost and manpower rather than having the gadgets and having somebody to blow the whistle before clamping. must be inspired by watching too much football matches!


Did you think that it drew home the message that we really do need elected local council members who are more connected to the local community and accountable for expenditure and measures taken? Also, that it would be easier to get the relevant authority up to scratch and the State to manage its well-being if it had more direct control of things like the police, education and transportation (JPJ), instead of the current system where they are controlled by an uncooperative federal government? Enabling local councils to managed themselves, and then the State to manage itself will make things so… Read more »


Actually the resident and show owners around the affected area did received a notice from MPPP about the meeting today. soohuey, I agreed with you that there are more roads that need repair compare to Cantonment Rd but do you that this is good proactive move by the PR government? Previously it was only re-tarred weeks before the election.


They sent notices out today? On the day of the meeting itself? Well, my house didn’t receive a notice. I’ll check with my neighbours and vendors in the market if they received anything… At the meeting they said they gave out 1000 flyers. I think the person who said that only knows it from merely someone telling him that, so its possible they only *printed* 1000 flyers, which is different from *giving out* 1000 flyers to the right people. Btw, there were people sitting behind me who got flyers, but they don’t live in Pulau Tikus. I asked who they… Read more »


Taking the initiatives to face the traffic problem in Pulau Tikus is better than those who has been sleeping for the past 20 years sleeping on the job. Just hope that some good suggestion will come out of this meeting as i need to go thru the traffic congestion every morning and evening even i dont live in pulau tikus area. maybe doing away with the traffic lights and making it a oneway street.


Actually Anil, one-way steet is not a solution as it would only create bottle-necks and worsen the traffic situation. The problem in Pulau Tikus is not really volume of traffic but the irresponsible motorists and non-existant enforcement.



Re-tarring the road to please all those Greenies – go ahead use the push bikes!!!

Greenies will complain pot holes and uneven road surfaces are too dangerous and the buttocks get poke by the seats.

With re-tarring, there is no excuse for not using the push bikes.


Kee, Right. I observed not only Cantonment Road is re-tarrd but a lot of road in Georgetown that has been re-tarred as well. I definetely see the differences between the two government, previoulsy inly when the general election is near, they only re-tarred the road. It is only those blind people like Gerakan K that purposely does not want to see these. Simply and stupidly just blasting LGE for nothing.


There was something wrong with Cantoment Rd a few months back. Noticed the feel of driving on the road and the sound of my wheels going along it was not quite right. I wonder if the re-tarring is actually just in response to that… because there are many more roads in more disrepair than Cantoment Rd. For example potholes along the road to General Hospital.


LimBC Where did you get the idea that re-tarring roads equates with good governance ? The road condition in Penang is among the worst in the country and it has gotten worse after the Condos, Apartment and Townhouses admin took over. Drive around Bayan Lepas, inner city area or the mainland then you will know what I mean. I am so sick of the parking that has gone out of control after the Development Above People govt took over. Every where you go, people just don’t give a damn about parking regulations and double and triple park. It was bad… Read more »


anil, It was reported at all and I was surprised when I found it out. Around the area where I work, the parking problem worsened recently. I am lucky since I have a parking spot provided by the company but that also meant I wasn’t aware of these changes. When I was talking some of my colleagues about the parking situation, they told me that the drastic increase in the parking fees had driven people to park illegally. I would be overjoyed if this was done to encourage the usage of public transport but my sources in MPPP told me… Read more »


Anil & K, It was reported in the Star newspaper before the hrs got extended. Unsure of other msm as I’ve only got Star subscription at home, but I’d assume yes too. I haven’t noticed a price hike. Still only 30 or 40 cents. For example, the very popular Gurney Drive is till 30sen/30minutes. This means when I park my car 9pm-12am, I only pay RM1.80 to MPPP, instead of RM5 to someone who doesn’t have any right to charge me for parking on public land. I’m surprised the extension to collection hrs are affecting K’s colleagues. They’d only be… Read more »


All I know is that before the move to extend MPPP collections to midnight, rouges would come illegitimately extort people for RM3 (or even RM5!) to park their cars. Police weren’t doing anything and civilians were helpless because if you don’t pay these people, they’d scratch your car or worse. I’m not sure what has happened in the background that we aren’t aware of, but the types of people who are now MPPP parking attendants have changed and its been a long time since an intimidating man ask me for RM3 to park my car in an MPPP slot at… Read more »


soohuey I disagree. Paying money to MPPP instead of some opportunist doesn’t seems like a solution to me. And I doubt the intention is so eliminate the touts either. The hours not only had been extended to midnight but now they also staring to collect eralier as well. I also hear that this will soon be extended to all other areas.BTW I heard that the compound for illegal parking has been reduced too. Also the rate for all areas covered by parking attendants (instead of meters) had been raised quite drastically too. I think the state should get of these… Read more »


Soohuay Mates Can’t you all can differentiate. PR is not like UMNO. MPPP organises the event and not ADUN. Therefore it is up to him to put up the notice in the blog as he is not MPPP just like Gerakan with UMNO has brainwashed the rakyat in the past. Why not you guys and sheilas also blast those NGOs as they are also seating in MPPP. The NGOs are not creating the CATs illusions… Glad to hear the plastic manufacturers come in buses and not individual cars. But Greenies did nothing at all. At least they should the the… Read more »


Anil, thks for the information. I was so pleased to see that Pulau Tikus has a new tarred road when i was in Pulau Tikus last week. I hope everywhere else in Penang will be just the same in the near future. Yes, i hope Penang will be like Singapore under Pakatan/DAP, ( not too long from now, hopefully). By the way, i think it is of no point or in fact it is a very stupid action of K just keep on criticising Lim Guan Eng…. Honestly,i can see the difference between the government under Dr Koh and the… Read more »


Anil, does your “well-placed source” live in Pulau Tikus? I live in Pulau Tikus, but haven’t received any notification of the meeting. It doesn’t appear to be on our ADUN Koay Teng Hai’s blog, MPPP website or LGE’s blog. Has it been in msm? How are “the public and stakeholders” supposed to know of the meeting? When they had their public forum to discuss whether to ban plastic bags, it was similarly poorly advertised and at least 75% of attendees came in buses organised by the plastic manufacturing industry. Needless to say, there wasn’t much of a discussion especially since… Read more »


soohuey…you took words outta my mouth…

LGE the Cheap Minister treats the media like they are his PR arms and cultivates personality cults (members of it can be found right here).

This “Development Above People” govt doesnt believe in public consultation but just to create an illusion of being receptive.

I hardlly think Penang is headed toward Singapore in terms of development but on the slippery slope toward Kelantan.


Gerakan K

Why this not not implemented when Gerakan has 50 years to do so? Why Gerakan did not give you a voice to speak out and engage its members? No speaking out means gerakan is commie.

Are you ride a bicyle and promoting it? As for motorbikes – Many cities in China has ban the noisy, dangerous and snatch thieves vehicles. Soohuay will agree it is global warming and polluting machines. Motorbikes should banned in Malaysia just like inShenzhen, canton etc.


I think the way MPPP and LGE approaching the issue guarantees this will be a failure. Solution to congestion shouldnt be a “piece-meal” solution or looking at particular areas but view the whole state in totality. The way to solve the problem would be preparing a comprehensive transportation masterplan. I am no town-planner but I can give some ideas. I would suggest the Cheap Minister be daring and visionary by banning motorised traffic into the inner city except for public transportation. The public transportation also should be consisting of eco-friendly mode like trams for the inner city. Penangites should also… Read more »


Participation is actually part and parcel of a meaningful democracy. Whenever a representative government wants to change something, listening to the stakeholders before making a decision is to be expected. Now that we have a government willing to engage, the people should respond by actively participating in these input sessions.

Of course, not everyone’s wish will be realised, but then that is part and parcel of the dynamics within society.


Hope this forum can give a good suggestion to MPPP an effective way to resolve the problem. I feel Penang will be second Singapore, whether you like it or not.

Singapore is the cleanest and development enthusiastic or orientated government. Penang State Government should learn from Singapore in this direction.


Dear Daniel…yes, Penang will be 2nd Singapore but not in efficient government, per capita GDP and sustainable development but in repressive governance and unchecked “development”.


Singapore succeed because of the strong political will of the government. Well, notice the beautification projects going on there. The cleaning up of the rivers. By anything now, an artifical dams constructed in Marina Bay
However, the government need to set its priorities. That means making tough choices where some people might not like it. Well, people can’t win all the time. Righto


Penang can’t be like Singapore because it is attached to Malaysia…

Morning Dew

Let’s get some perspective. I travelled through india about 2 years back. I had lived in singapore for 20 years before that and then in australia for a brief spell. These were my observations. a. India. As a habit after living 20 years in singapore I keep rubbish in my pocket until I could find a bin to through it in. In india you can’t find any rubbish bin. I was in madurai walking the streets and then I went into a book shop. I ask the shop keeper where I could deposit my rubbish which had been collecting in… Read more »


Anil, where did you get this notice from? Is there a link to the ‘map’ mentioned?


Syabas ! This is the right way to do things. I think an island-wide mini-bus service will be good. Will be able to traverse the narrow streets. However, the buses must be well-maintained, environmentally-friendly (perhaps LPG-powered) and affordable (weekly pass, monthly-pass, student-pass etc).


The residents there are so complacent and have no desire to change. Blatant disregards for the traffic rules by double parking or parking at the no waiting zone especially in front of the police station right up to the traffic lights.
My uneducated thoughts would be to turn that part of Burmah road into one way, no?
But wait a minute, they will threaten to vote in BN!


Rachel…right observation but then this is true for the whole of Penang and not just Pulau Tikus.


Anil, Thank you for the information. i think it is a good step as the traffic condition is getting from bad to worst everywhere. The current situation is due to the ‘Tidak Apa’ attitude of the enforcement team, namely, the police.