Times have changed; the old racist rhetoric won’t sell


In recent days, we have seen how certain politicians and leaders have attempted to drive a wedge between Malaysians with their tired old racist and religious rhetoric.

But what is remarkable is that most Malaysians are not buying this nonsense despite the best efforts of those trying to stir up trouble. They can see clearly what is going on. Give them credit and don’t insult their intelligence. The people know there are rifts inside Umno. Many are unhappy about the ISA arrests but they are reacting calmly because they know there are certain people out there trying to capitalise on this.

More and more Malaysians are now more aware; their social consciousness is rapidly evolving.

Many of them are simply not buying the attempts to drive a racist and religious wedge in their midst. Instead, they yearn for justice and change – although of course there is a die-hard, rapidly dwindling minority of Malaysians hankering for a return to the bad old communal days, for they have a lot to lose.

Yes, the times, they are a-changing, and this legendary Bob Dylan song is so appropriate.

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In case Haris Ibrahim is not aware of the significance of the song — it’s one of classics sung by a legendary singer, Bob Dylan. The atmosphere was the 60s. Young people were protesting against the Vietnam War and fiercely trying to topple the old order under Nixon. It was really about change because times have changed. For all of us who hold the 60s as a special era and Bob Dylan as the special symbol of art, resistance and politics “the singer and his guitar” whom you said “sound like an old man who is ready to die. Bad,… Read more »


Recent development prove that the sociaty in general is matured. The inmatured is BN politician, UMNO, MCA, Gerakan, MIC and others. Enough of unity build upon ISA threat, no-ask and no-talk. We are ready to progress more than that, we are ready to be malaysian. MCA and MIC continue with your support to UMNO, racial politic and ISA, we have choice now! We don’t you to repreent us a race, we only need to be presented as malaysian…

Ex Neutral

There’s no justification to all their doings. It’s totally outragoues. Their actions and reasonings does not equate at all. I pick a line from Barack Obama’s recent speech “… IF YOU DON’T HAVE ANY FRESH IDEAS, THEN YOU USE STALE TACTICS TO SCARE THE PUBLIC.”
Yes, and that’s what they are bankrupt with ideas.
Again I say, the more they do the quicker they will fall.

artic turban

I am totally disgusted with the bn govt and especially the antics of some umno members. The utter irresponsible behaviour and actions which have culimnated with the ISA ARRESTS, leads me to believe Malaysia is bring governed by a bunch of … who have taken over the asylum. This includes the flip-flop decisions and bersumpah saiful, pusrawi DR’S notes, Police selective prosecuting and threats leads one to be astonished at what lengths some people will go to stay relevant and in power. With utter disgust, as my up bringing will not allow me to utter 4 letter words I have… Read more »


oh ya this old trick wont work any more..sudah lapok..say no to isa..no to isa…

Kenny Gan

Malaysians have become politically matured and are less prone to racial baiting by politicians out to rouse and exploit racial tension. It’s amazing why some politicians usually from Umno, still cling to the old racial tricks, notably a certain ex-PM who should know better. Every time this person plays the race card, he demeans himself while failing to achieve the effect intended. Malaysians have certainly become wiser and and more matured. Our racial harmony is still strong despite the efforts of certain leaders to divide us. Malaysia in 2008 is not like 1969. Socio-economic conditions and mindset are totally different.… Read more »


Unfortunately there are politicians who think that playing the race card will bring them power.People have changed these days. People are smart to see the number of opportunists in politics. They will not vote for them anymore. The recent by-election in Permatang Pauh saw a multi-racial support for the Opposition despite all the race issues played by some politicians. If there is a general election today we are bound to see people voting for the Opposition, as the Opposition has successfully put aside race politics to please all people in the country. BN is torn apart now when some members… Read more »


A young friend of mine suggested to me last night that one way to handle racial issues is to appoint leaders of one race to handle the problems facing a different race. It might sound idealistic but that straight away makes any racial undertones redundant. It will seperate the men from the boys. Instead of being seen as propogating the interests of one race, leaders will have to put themselves in the shoes of other races and come up with amicable solutions. True leaders will be those who will be able to solve problems. Like good teachers, they cannot put… Read more »

Harris Ibrahim

No hard feelings, Anil, but that song in the videoclip is quite stupid. The lyrics are a bit preachy, too dry, obscure and doesn’t relate to ordinary Malaysians. To make it worse, the singer and his guitar sound like an old man who is ready to die. Bad, bad voice. Lousy choice of song. I’m sure you could have selected more inspiring songs! There are heaps out there. If you just want to talk about “change”, there is the Scorpion’s “Wind of Change” which the Malays as well as the non-Malays can relate strongly too. Enough of this American folk… Read more »


Let’s do HARTAL.

cinta Malaysia

I hope one day that political parties based on racial and religious identities be banned in Malaysia.The fact that we have all these racial and religious parties existing for the last 45 years since the formation of Malaysia has perpetuated the sinister racial slurs and religious tensions in the country which is going against the grain of patriotism.The political parties of today are more concern about ones race than the development of a true Malaysian Nation of one race and one nation,where Malaysians are their brothers keeper and sisters keeper.

Eagle has landed

Whatever changes- just let the ISA detainees out-RELEASE THEM. Ministers!!! all along you have been given the wrong reports by whom you had trusted most. They make you look stupid now, having to answer giving reason beyond comprehension and unbelievable and ridiculous too. So sorry, you were blinded because of being arrogant and taken for disastrous ride that will end the power that you have. Over to you Pakatan Rakyat. Free them and abolish ISA.


Yes, time for change.

The tidal waves of change will wipe out all those recalcitrant racists,… and his ardent followers who sing along with him.

There will a change for sure.

The MPs who want want to stay together with the cruel and evil power brokers will be swept away by the tidal waves…

The Guomen should be afraid of the people, not the opposite.



I applaud this development and your contribution to it. However, from my reading of some of the UMNO websites (e.g. bigdog’s blog) I wonder how much their mindset reflects the man on the street? This is something that I have no handle on given that I am based in the UK.