30,000 gather to listen to PR top guns


A large crowd has gathered in Seberang Jaya on mainland Penang tonight for a ceramah by Pakatan Rakyat leaders, according to a source.

Anwar and Guan Eng have been speaking. Among the hot topics are Najib as well as the issue of selective prosecution.

The ceramah comes on the eve of a scheduled protest against oil price hikes in KL. The speakers have been telling people to show up in KL. They are saying it’s the “last opportunity to tell AAB it’s time to wrap up and go,” says my source at the scene.

Blog reader Frankie comments:

I passed thru the site on my way home, the traffic jam was worse than during Expo bout a month ago. Huge numbers easily over 20k crowd judging from the cars and motorbikes jamming the place. Cars parked more than 2km distance away from site. The atmosphere in the air is just hot, spicy hot.

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The Spirit of ONENESS! I can feel in the hearts of the rakyat their anger, frustration and determination, to rid these umno led govt to history!
I maybe living afar, my heart is with the rakyat and PKR. Let Permatang Puah victory be the beginning and the end of BN.



I was there personally, and it was a most amazing experience for me. Unfortunately, I didn’t bring my camera, but I did document my experience in my blog here.

Personally, 30,000 seems a bit too big, but it would be safer to say it’s close to 15,000 to 20,000.




Long live Wan Azizah!


These are exciting and tumultuous times indeed. Many speak of “khiamat” or “the last days” and everybody feels the upheavals at some level in their lives. Is it the end of the world? I see it as the end of the world – as we know it – and the beginning of a new universe, one aligned with core values of love, reconciliation and compassion, and undistorted truth. But before we pour in the new wine, the stale stuff must be rinsed away… so my advice is not to panic but to rejoice! All that is lacking in honor and… Read more »


RAKYAT ADALAH KERAJAAN, BUKAN BN. Personally don’t care too much how good-hearted is DSAI, the main issue here is this gomen has to take a break and let PR do it differently. BN can prove themselves again in the next PRU13. If this PM has carried out serious cleaning up the judiciary, PDRM and public services few years back. There’ll be no sodomy, price hike and suffering of the Rakyat Jelata. My conclusion is power crazy and money crazy. Who the hell are you, Rakyat ? Do you know how filthy rich are these BN cronies oversea ?


I want a leader who can change the present system I don’t expect it will be very clean like sheet of white If that is so, I am dreaming of a leader beyond my mind I don’t think I find one in this country………………….? As long as one isn’t committing capital punishments Tainted personality of heinous crimes though getting delayed This isn’t the leader I am looking for……….. The present leaders can’t feed the bill The young are too arrogant to lead the charge The old are engaging in all kind of conspiracy theories It leaves me what choice I… Read more »


It’s time to chase the band of theives and … out of our august house. They have brought nothing but shame and misery to the country.


As a malay, I find UMNO and their … desperate attempt to stay in power very alarming and could cause great chaos in the country. They should admit defeat and recollect/change their greedy ways in time for next election. Not turn the country upside down like Zimbabwe. For god sakes, they can start by geting rid of the obviously corrupted characters … Such idiotic puppets whom are power hungry and will surely be punished either here on in the after life I am sure.


For 50 years of S*** governing by the UMNOPUTRAS, Enough Is Enough. How are we supposed to endorsed or continue to except these UMNOPUTRAS, who are rotten to the core, to continue governing our country??? For all Malaysians living in Malaysia, everyone knows for a fact, so don’t lie to ourselves, that the whole bloody system …are all CORRUPTED TO THE CORE in one way or another. The question is: Should we continue to let this bunch of … rule over us? Should we continue to let these … continue to insult our integrity, and insult our intelligience? Should we… Read more »

raj raman666

I am going anil.
Its a first time in my life i am going to attend any public gathering.
Its nothing to do for petrol price but to see how the tak bolih people still ruling under bolih land of Malaysia.

Lets feel the water cannon,tear gas and the (guys) in uniform.
rajraman.Bring along some salt AND FRESH WATER FOR ME and chili powder for them.


Time to kick UMNO out of power.Enough of corrupted UMNO.Hidup Malaysia


wish to be there!


And for those who appreciate a little reality in their films, go watch Will Smith’s new movie, ‘Hancock’. There’s a scene where the bad guy threatens to blow up his hostages with C4 if our hero doesn’t do his bidding. The next camera shot shows people tied up with dynamite. Best of all, you won’t get into trouble for watching, unlike some people.


Newsflash: 80s British pop band Frankie Goes To Hollywood has re-released their smash hit War, accompanied by a new video with Najib and Anwar in the ring. Available at a pasar malam near you. Get it now.


john lennon’s “power to the people” comes to mind.


Fellow Malaysians stay united to defeat the ugly ,racist,corrupted,
umno …
Hidup Pakatan Rakyat!
Hidup Keadilan-Pas -Dap for a NEW MALAYSIA.!


Hidup rakyat!!! Down to UMNO..


UNITY is Strength! The time is riped the rakyats must now show their COLLECTIVE STRENGTH! Tell these rotten UMNO and cronies, you can never destroy our will and our spirit. It is now or never.

Concerned Citizen

Must be darn hot!


I passed thru the site on my way home, the traffic jam was worse than during Expo bout a month ago. Huge numberseasily over 20k crowd judging from the cars and motorbikes jamming the place. Cars parked more than 2km distance away from site. The atmosphere in the air is just hot, spicy hot.