BREAKING NEWS: All 14 in Ipoh released


1635: All 14 of those arrested have now been released on personal bail.

1436: Those arrested in Ipoh this morning could be released anytime now in IPK, Ipoh.

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Dear PKR

Brace yourself to be our next people elected government bcos BN under Najib has already delivered to you. Keep doing what you been doing, come next GE, not tsunami but landslide victory to PKR

bota kanan

Pak Haji Eussoff,

If there’s anyone who is behaving like an idiot thru his dreams, it is definitely an UMNO member, sympathiser, whatever like YOU. You condone the despicable acts of the police in arresting citizens who are only expressing their basic freedom right of assembly! You are obviously burying your head in the sand thinking that BN will be in power. It’s only a matter of time before BN is kicked out of power and that is the time you will wake up from your dream. UMNO idiots like you continue to live under your tempurung


Why is the PM so scared of facing PERAK rakyat. Loose…. so what.PM’s speeches contradict his actions.People on the ground are fed up with BN.The more BN delays in making a noble thought on PERAK crisis, come next GE, sorry lah. Each time PM talks about COURTS, rakyat has lost faith on our Judiciary. LINGAM case, what happened?????????

Ex Neutral

To Pak Haji Eussoff, the purpose of this is to highlight and put the message thru.And it was done in a peaceful manner. If you say to accept the court’s decision, shouldn’t zambry have done so at the High court level.(The thing is he did announced that he will respect the High court’s decision, but the next day he filed his appeal and didn’t you remember it was allowed at “express” speed.) You people also like to put forward the Sultan’s name,that it’s the Sultan’s wishes as if you all don’t want it. The people who are dreaming are you.… Read more »

…Top and senior PDRM personnels now (seem) very afraid of PR taking over government. It is so obvious now.


Why would UMNO/BN require hundreds of personnel or FRU to arrest small numbers of CIVILIANs. They are certainly no threat to rakyat but probably threat to now fearful Zamry & his goons.

Thus evidenced of UMNO been protected…


First in Malaysia under NAJIB’s admin, first no black shirt now no more hunger strike in Malaysia or else risk police arrest. we are certainly govern by a bunch of idiots!


Tunku Aziz is right.

The pillar which is supposed to protect the people have their image gone down to the drain.

Pity the thousands of good and sincere cops, they must be really angered, ashamed frustrated, and demoralised with these kinds of paranoid superiors.

I urge all the police and army personnel to stand up with courage,pride and conscience, pour all your postal votes to the PR in the next GE and then let’s work hand in hand to nail all those immoral and corrupted…

These… together with their political masters must pay for the damage they have done…


….BN will fall soon…

Pak Haji Eussoff

Bunch of IDIOTS!!!

Nothing better to do. Can’t they just accept the Court’s decision & The Sultan’s wishes???

These … must be hallucinating … thinking miracle might happen. Keep on dreaming, while BN remains in power.


Under Musa Hassan the PDRM has sunk into a deep dark pit…

(Many) senior police officers will (probably) be booted out when Pakatan takes over. And under Najib, UMNO has become the UM-NO-CLASS party… it can only go from bad to worse now. Call it the Mongolian Curse!