Eng Kiat’s arrest at the Penang vigil


This was the peaceful candlelight vigil in Penang on 7 May.

The video, shot by a citizen journalist, shows how Suaram volunteer Ng Eng Kiat was arrested.

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Theresa L

There’s always a first time EngKiat.

Never falter!


Whoa, what an angry policeman. To Eng Kiat, good luck!


😐 Hmm. Are those 🙁 silly Keystone Cops, sneakily wearing the rakyat’s professional PDRM uniforms and shouting rudely at the nice peaceful rakyat with their prettily lit candlelights, to perchance show-off their rotten manners and bad silliness? Recommend the rakyat replace the Musa Hassan IGP post haste with the new 😀 RPK IGP head so that all the very, very 🙁 rude and falsely competent Keystone cop-out coppers can taken away to be 8) taught some good policing manners and better tactics on taking care of the nice rakyat with some tlc. And here are three salutary cheers for brave… Read more »


Hi anil,
The polis will tell you that they are just doing thier job but they forget from where do they get their salary.
Just remember all thier faces especially the one who shouted or keep the video.
Umno/Bn will surely, I repeat will surely be an opposition soon.


Good day to all,

We would like to invite you to our blog “Misi Membebaskan Tahanan ISA” to push the the PAS/PKR leaders to step forward and offered 2 ADUN/Parliamentary seats up for resignation as a way to threaten the govrnment into releasing more ISA detainees. Details of the strategy can be followed here:


We would appreciate it if you drop by and sign our petition as well.

Justice for all.


to get the latest analysis on najib administration,
join us tonight!

Time: 8pm
venue:Penang Caring Society complex
Speakers: Hishamuddin Rias,Yusmadi Yusoff and Baljit Singh.

And…wear black!


Damn Cowards. You think you talk loudly and thretening words can scared us. Just remember you police are employed by the raayat to protect us. What rubbish and he cant speak english properly. What a joke

Leong Yook Kong

I will hold prayers offering to thank God that the 3 Hindraf leaders are going to be released. God has answered our prayers.


“1 BLACK MALAYSIA. DEMOCRACY FIRST. ELECTIONS NOW.” is the new slogan under Najib.


All I can say is the police get huffy and abusive and start shouting because they know that they’re in the wrong.