Student activist Safwan Anang refuses bail in protest


In an unexpected development, student activist Safwan Anang has refused bail, even though the Court granted bail to all five charged with sedition this morning.

Safwan Anang

Hishamuddin Rais, Haris Ibrahim, Tian Chua and Tamrin Ghafar were released pending their trial on 2 July.

Safwan is president of Solidariti Mahasiswa Malaysia (SMM) and his refusal of bail set at RM5000 is set to send ripples in student circles. According to a statement released by the SMM Secretariat, Safwan refused bail because he believed his arrest was politically motivated and he wanted to send a message that he was serious about the struggle to uphold rights. Safwan said his gesture was out of love for the nation and borne out of a desire to improve the state of democracy, which was now in dire straits, the statement added.

Safwan is now believed to have been sent to the Sungai Buloh Prison. As he has already been charged, he will no longer be in police custody but in the custody of the judicial system, according to lawyer Fadiah Nadwa.

He will have to remain there until the trial on 2 July.

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Street Justice

All these arrests and re-arrests will continue to anger the rakyat. Suffrage reflects the will of the people, and therefore is the foundation of a legitimate government. The recently concluded GE13 is being mocked angers the rakyat. It is the obligation of the rakyat to take on BN/UMNO for violating the poll law. Rakyat has no choice but to defend it against a government that has shown its capacity to destroy the rule of law. Arbitrary whims of tyrants by the BN/UMNO are no good measure for effective governance, and as Abraham Lincoln made clear, a truly legitimate government is… Read more »


Try going & staying in jail for fame & story. I believed you are too scare that you will never get out from there. Simply moronic statement.


I think Adam made the right decision about rejecting bail. His arrest is persecution, not prosecution. Perhaps all future politically inspired arrestees should follow the example of Adam and reject bail as well.Give that some serious thought.


Dumb ?.. N is going to run this country down further. Instead of addressing the grouses of the rakyat, they are dismissing them and creating hindrances through arrest and false charges.

Gerakan K

Not hard to understand. Just for “fame” and “story”.


Why dont you try going to prison just for the sake of fame and story?

Gerakan K

I have money, family, friends and the great place called Malaysia. What should I ask more ??? Furthermore, I believe BN/PM Najib is the best bet for the future.

Saya bersyukur. Tetapi orang muda sekarang mudah KENA tipu dan buat perkara BODOH sehingga dipenjara pun tidak sedar bahawa mereka sendiri telah dipergunakan.


Safwan is very spot on! Why should he kow-tow … with a GOM that won by cheating and fraud, of the highest order!
Listen to the testimonies of the ongoing RCI in Sabah! May these humbugs rot in Hell and curse upon them and their ancestors!

cucu Adam

There was Adam Adli. Here’s another “Adam”. And there’ll be more “Adams”.

What will it take BN govt to understand this? …

Andrew I

When you love money above all else, you will not be able to understand or love anything else.

God is fair.