A serious blow for democracy


So four MPs – Anwar, Azmin, Karpal and Sivarasa – have been suspended from Parliament for six months.

That leaves them with plenty of free time for campaigning! Obviously, the Apco issue has struck a raw nerve somewhere. Apco was supposed to help the government’s public relations but instead the firm itself has become the object of scrutiny and hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

Thanks to these highly undemocratic suspensions, a large number of Malaysians will not be looking kindly at the firm – or the government. What a public relations disaster and a serious blow for democracy!

Confused about the present state of the 222-seat Parliament?

BN parties

  • Umno – 78
  • MCA – 15
  • PBB – 14
  • Others – 30

BN total – 137

BN-friendly Independents

  • Ex-PKR – 5
  • Ex-Pas – 1

Total BN and BN-friendly independents – 143

Pakatan parties

  • PKR – 24*
  • DAP – 29*
  • Pas – 23

Total Pakatan – 76*

Other opposition parties

  • PSM – 1
  • Sapp – 2

Total opposition – 79*

A total of 148 votes is needed for a two-thirds vote.

* before suspensions

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Elli D.

The most important thing now is to ensure that Malaysians do not lose all their faith in democracy whatsoever. I hope the NGOs and civil society in the country will manage to keep the spirit and continue hoping for more stable government. We definitely should not reach the line when people become so frustrated that they turn passive…


Just read Malaysia Today new appearance

Ostrich K

BN will anything to cling to the very Power to bend anything they like! And I believe this is only the begining, PR members must realize now that they should NOT STOOP to engage them; let them shoot themselvesin their feet. Remember, after all these years, the so-called apolitical Malaysians are no longer naive, they hate to have leaders taking them for fools! I only hope PR members actually bring dignity to the august house to tell the voters, they are different!!! Many of us have already concluded how they would behave! sign of desperadoes doing their last circuit!

tan, tanjong bungah

Hi everyone,

Even the de facto Justice Minister implicitly mentioned about 2/3 majority for amendments to constituency delineation to be approved! Would some authority confirm this?

Anyway, what a KANGAROO court that the Parliament’s Rights and Privileges Committee arrived at their findings by relying only on a letter from APCO’s CEO (a vested-interest party!), not even allowing the accused to testify and/or cross-examine such evidence? A blatant travesty of natural justice!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!


Go read a book “Malaysians know your rights” authored by Gurmit Singh KS, published by Penerbit Fajar Bakti and its preface written (or endorsed) by late Tun Mohamed Suffian.

I bought this book in 1986 and still remembered clearly that constituency delineation only need a simple majority.

I re-read Malaysia Constitution’s thirteen schedule yesterday and I’m 100% sure a simple majority only is needed for constituency delineation exercise.

Nowadays so many lowyar buruk in the parliament and government is a reflection our legal profession is kaput.


Democracy UMNO style… masuk belakan pintu!!
Gerakan K, you feel very proud?…!

Anil greetings from China. Merry X’mas and a Happy New Year.


Masuk pintu belakang WandererAUS ? A momentary lapse of reason from you ? I would say that this particular term is certainly apt to be used in this context when it involves (a certain politician)…LOL.




I think PR misinformed Malaysians on 2/3 majority matter. Even the Kangaroo parliament suspends all opposition MPs, 2/3 threshold is still unchanged that is 148.

As long as no more turncoat PR MPs, BN will not get 2/3 majority.

Constituency delineation does not need 2/3, a simple majority will do as what I understood.


Just re-check the Malaysia constitution, it’s confirm that constituency delineation only need a simple majority.

This is a shocking fact after we are told by such qualified lawyers like Lim Kit Siang, Karpal Singh, etc. that 2/3 majority is needed for constituency delineation.



It is not a case of misinformation but spinning and conning. There are tons of PR lawyers and loyar buruks in the parliamment and it is impossible that they don’t know this simple matter ?

All a sandiwara after their Ketua Umum being exposed as (an alleged) liar by LKY and Wikileaks.


The election commission did say 2/3 majority is needed for constitution delineation. That is another tragic news on how low is low the knowledge on our constitution.

I personally do not believe Anwar (is guilty) because the alleged apartment unit used in the sodomy 1 simply NEVER exist. My brother was a renovation contractor and he did do some works in the apartment, he was 100% sure no such unit number in that apartment.

Second, the semen sample was destroyed before trial is another proof Anwar is not guilty.


well nkkhoo

That’s one of looking at it. In my case certainly I would rather trust LKY and Singapore’s intelligence services.

Ong Eu Soon

When we allow Parliament to suspend the MP, BN will always has more than 2/3 majority. What Pakatan should do is to allow Parliament to suspend all of it’s MPs so that BN can has the whole house by itself. Since it is so easy to get suspended, all the MP need to do is repeat what Anwar said about 1 Malaysia and isisted that they must debate about the incompetent leaders of this Bolehland.


Corrupted leaders give corrupted administration This is the way it will be working in our lives We vote for a government to help us manage the country Instead these corrupted leaders carry up their own agendas The rule of the game of the corrupted regimes Feed the electorates with crumbs poison fear into their minds Tell them the disasters of untested party to run the governments Between the devil you know and the devil you don’t choose one you know With all the political speeches telling the subtle messages These leaders make the gestures and promises to give a better… Read more »



What’s happening ? All my comments are missing ?? Am I being censored or banned ?

What serious blow to democracy ?

Most of the time Anwar’s out of the Parliament and out of the country. As such, I hardly think it is a loss.

Secondly, I can’t recall you or other defenders of democracy when the Penang and Selangor Opposition leaders were suspended using the same tactics of “brute majority”.

Why the double standards ?


hi gelak k…

surely BN will win because we have too many dumb heads and brain dead voters, so tell me, how Pakatan can win?

Gerakan K

No matter what or how, the point is BN will win.

So sorry for purists like you and others. Because in practical world only result matters.

Hu la la, so what as long as it is BN victory !!!


Hello, everybody. Read this line carefully: No matter what or how.
Which means dirty, evil tactics – devious, malevolent to the core of hell.

As long as Evil continues, that is what you evil loves in the ‘last days’.
The ‘last days’ means before the next GE, K dear! And may most probably be shortened so as to lessen the Rakyats’ suffering. So be prepared to face the music.

Anyway you admit that you are not purist which means you are insincere, corrupt to the soul!


This time the wind of change is coming. They can buy a buy election but they cannot buy the whole GE. Najis & UMNO will soon be doomed with their greed, corruption and arrogance.


Most probably give each Chinese voter a thousand ringgit to top up their gambling fund in Singapore(?) More for the village or association chiefs(?)…


News: Najib insists Malaysia is run by ‘very competent’ leaders

Time and time again, Malaysia has shown the world it got what it takes to be a (outcast) nation. This Parliament fiasco is one latest stage drama better than Yangoon’s opera house.

Why must our top leader be putting his foot in his mouth time and time again?


While Nazri … claims that according to the constitution, two thirds majority means two thirds of the total MP’s. We all know how BN twisted the Perak Constitution to meet their requirements, what is there to stop them doing the same for the national constitution. They (might) say two thirds of Parliaments majority on a particular day which of course the federal court will endorse by saying that the framers of the constitution would have meant it to mean this way. Now you get it, the very smart fellow Nazri???? After re-alignment of the constituencies, a quick election and a… Read more »


Dirty Tactics, Dirty Intention, Dirty Evils. For all the world to see. Never in the history of Malaysian Parliament has anything of this magnitude of devious intention been manifested by the ruling barbaric mobs. The die is casted in the people’s minds for CHANGE. The strong perception of this disgusting fiasco is Very Evil to the core without regards to decencies and civilities of the August House of law. The Rakyat may never understand Parliament proceedings, rules or ethical behavior, but one thing of common sense understanding is clear: we elect our representatives to safeguard our interest in the interest… Read more »


A despicable act by BN to get two-third majority to redraw electorial boundaries to their advantage for the next General Election.

It gives us rakyat every reason to vote for Pakatan.

Gerakan K

K.O. for Pakatan.

Interesting times ahead. BN is ready to do a lot of right things.

For Pakatan machais here, forget GE 13 lah !!!

Andrew I

Why else open up the men’s club? To avoid your scrutiny and claws, darlings!

Gerakan K

To obtain a balance input/views from men and women.

If that bothers you then that is your problem.

My advice to you is that to reduce your daily adult entertainment intake. You know, your comment sounded very perverted and bad taste in nature.

Stop your sexism comments in this blog !!!

Andrew I

It’s funny how you advise people not to be sexist and racist when you yourself ranted on about Ketuanan Cina.

It’s not so much my problem as it is for a very competent politician.

Stop opening your mouth.


Haha so a KO but still up and the people now shall see through the deceit and despicable act of this Najib (administration) that will eventually spell doom and the Waterloo for Najib and UMNO

Gerakan K

That was Speaker power and action.

If you watch the defiant behavior against the Speaker orders in the news, you could agree with that suspension.


Speaker power and action of the Dark Ages.

It stinks the country sky high beyond stratosphere that the rule of law is hijacked to serve the purpose of unbridled evils in the very respected August House of Law! Where the civility of 53 years in Parliament decorum is turned mob-gangsterism unheard of in gangland of Chow Kit Road.

Even Al Capone’s mafiarism will have a hard time to match this forced castration of democracy in 21st century civil liberty.
Has not Malaysia’s democracy thrown back to the Dark Ages?