S’pore, M’sia fare poorly in ‘quality of life index’


Many Malaysians look up to Singapore for its quality of life.

But have a look at the ‘quality of life index’ compiled by International Living based in Ireland. Singapore has an overall score of only 61, just above Malaysia’s 58. Both are way down the list.

Of course, this ranking isn’t entirely objective as it is based on a combination of data obtained from official sources and editors’ and readers’ perceptions. Moreover, the compilers of the index admit they have a Western bias when it comes to matters such as climate preference.

Cost of Living 70
Leisure & Culture 71
Economy 48
Environment 62
Freedom 50
Health 68
Infrastructure 44
Risk & Safety 86
Climate 24
Final Score 58

All the same, it is interesting to note that the quality of life in Singapore – which scores 100 per cent for ‘risk and safety’ but is pulled down by its low level of freedom and ‘environment’ – just doesn’t cut it for the compilers of the ranking.

Cost of Living 51
Leisure & Culture 71
Economy 68
Environment 39
Freedom 42
Health 74
Infrastructure 69
Risk & Safety 100
Climate 39
Final Score 61

Funny how Singapore scores better in ‘climate’ compared with Malaysia, when we are just next door to each other. Perhaps it’s the tree-lined shady streets and pavements in Singapore that keep the direct heat away from people outdoors.

France, Australia and Switzerland top the list.

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If Singapore the city state were compared with London or Athens say it would come top easily?


Gerakan K You are “hyperpolishia” again. cost of living 0 (got money also cannot get sugar what a shame!) Leisure and culture 0( Rakyat can only afford to go to Genting but some people went to Disneyland spend millions of dollar) Economy 0( refer to Auditor general report abuse of funds will make the country goes bankrupt) Environment 0(Trees have been cutting down like nobody business. land slide here and there….) Freedom 0(Mahasiswa got AUKU to shut them up, rakyat worst still got ISA, OSA…. etc to shut everybody up) Health 0( where is the H1N1 vaccine for pregnant women?…)… Read more »



Yes Sime Darby and Guthrie has planted 5 miilion palm oil trees by clear all the jungles. Even the original people – orang asli and orang utan are displaced. They even do not have the land titles.

By the way our sugar king Robert Kwok and nit Gerakan?UMNO government subsides suagr. BN lives up to its name – Barang Naik when Robert Kwok give them back to Gerakan and immediately BARANG NAIK.

Gerakan K

Talking of freedom in US makes me laugh. In US you cannot plant blackcurrants[1]. They have banned it. Only recent time (about year 2003/2004) a handful of states gradually release this ban.

Look how western group presented their case. Safety and Risk in US = 100 !!!

They have forgotten Osama or recent gun shooting incidents in school/workplace/public. They still battling in Iraq and Afghanistan.

In conclusion, this report is just like Obama/Anwar sweet talk of reform. It never happens/true at all.


Gerakan K

Another “syiok sendiri” report by western group. Here is my evaluation points: Cost of Living 100 (nearly every daily essentials eg sugar, petrol, flour, etc have been subsidized by BN government–thankyou. Nasi lemak with chicken part costs RM2.50. Can you find it in England?) Leisure & Culture 100 (Hari Raya, CNY , Deepavali, Wesak, etc. Also plenty of shopping places. The most important point is that, I LOVE GENTING HIGHLAND) Economy 100 (last year got BMW, this year got Semi-D. If anything less than the full point, then my wife will get angry. Don’t talk about the unemployed if their… Read more »