Speakers’ Square to be launched in Penang


Penang is getting a Speakers’ Square – though it remains to be seen how it will actually work in practice.

The launch has been set for 9.00am on 3 May. The Square will be located at the Millennium Square at the Esplanade.

Hopefully, this example will be emulated in other states to promote freedom of speech.

One wish: That the public space in front of Dewan Sri Pinang (opposite the High Court complex), which was fenced up, will be re-opened.

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21 Apr 2010 5.55pm

The Speakers Square will be located at the Millennium Square at the Esplanade. My Great Concerns for Speakers: No guarantee of non-interference by the PDRM. No immunity guidelines for speakers of anything under the sky. No non-prosecution by political excuses. My suggestion: 1) build a getaway quay in front of the Square with a standby speed boat. 2) A No Polis Zoning of at least 5000 metres around the Speakers Square. 3) Free access to Square by anyone interested without polis blocking. 4) Speaker’s immunity after the speech-giving at all times. 5) Legal representation in case of political hand twisting… Read more »

21 Apr 2010 2.02pm

Ya, that’s the way to go. A new start. Hopefully there won’t be any abuses and baseless accusation.

21 Apr 2010 12.56pm

“Hopefully, this example will be emulated in other states to”
provide target practice for the PDRM?

I don’t get it. Will Penang also be declaring the road outside the central police station an autobahn with no speed limit? Consent-free sex on Friday evenings between 10pm and 2am?

I suppose at very least it will save the PDRM some time because they won’t have to wonder where to look to find people to arrest for ‘hurting sensitive issues’ or ‘questioning stability’.

21 Apr 2010 3.21pm
Reply to  Sean

Unless CM & State Govt can clearly get the cooperation of PDRM to set the groud rules, this is doomed for failure.
So CM, have you worked out something POSITIVE with PDRM yet?

21 Apr 2010 10.55am

What is the use of having a Speakers Corner when:
a) There is no agreeement as to what can be spoken and said
b) Anything said or spoken about is monitored by the police and Federal Government.
c) there is no guarantee from the police that they will be arrest people for illegal assembly?

Hence it is back to square One unless the guidelines are established and there is no police harassment to the speakers and the “listeners”.

21 Apr 2010 10.37am

Yes the space in front of Dewan Pinang would have been a better speakers corner with a good amount of space for parking plus the benefit of taking an evening walk