Soi Lek, PPC and centralisation


I just wrote something for Aliran on Chua Soi Lek’s appointment as Penang Port Commission chairman. I used that as a peg to show just how centralised our federal government has become – and the process continues.

Already there has been much debate online about the appointment of Chua Soi Lek as the Penang Port Commission chairperson.

Penang Port Commission (PPC) was established on 1 January 1956 under the Penang Port Commission Act, 1955. PPC is a statutory body under the Transport Ministry tasked with providing, maintaining and upgrading port and ferry services in Penang Port.

Much of the online debate about Soi Lek’s appointment centres on the personalities and the political parties involved.

The larger issue that is missing from the debate is that almost all areas of importance are being controlled or overseen by the federal government in our highly centralised federal system.

Full article here.

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Dear Anil, Regarding the issue of centralisation of control at the Federal Level which you highlighted, I wish to draw your attention to Pakatan Rakyat’s Common Policy Framework – ARTICLE C – which states : “DECENTRALISATION and the EMPOWERMENT of state economic management. In keeping with the spirit of federalism to improve the government’s delivery system, effectiveness and efficient expenditure, the implementation of extensive development and economic policies will be needed to be devolved to the state governments according to respective priorities. Decentralisation can motivate structural change in the economic framework to boost efficiency and productivity due to greater effectiveness… Read more »


No need to go to HatYai lah, that needs passport. Just take the boat out to sea, Najib may want to visit him more often!


Quote Gerakan K; “He (Sex Leg) is a clean and strong leader. Clean? I am not too sure…if measured below belt. Strong? …absolutely, at his twilight age, convincingly, did it both ways!!!


One rent-seeker replacing another. The previous was a non-performer.

Gerakan K is estatic. More birds of his flock are finding their way to Penang.

The state rent-seeking nests were burnt post 308. The federal operated ones in Penang are obviously still thriving.


Aiyah! what is this nation coming to…Sex Leg porn star to be PPC chief?! Obviously BN is scrapping at the bottom of the BN barrel. Ooooi! my infamous cherry picker Gerakan K, reset your nostril direction, make sure is placed close to SL…!

Why are you wasting your time here where your presence is not appreciated!


Women, wine and songs, will be the order of the day, once this DOM comes to Penang… Penangnites must unite and tell this DOM in no uncertain term that such tainted leaders cannot lead them. Penangnites being one of the most informed will know what to do! Ganyang UMNO/BN in PRU 13! PAS for all, and All for PAS! Salam Reformasi! Perhaps those that had argued that only Penangnites can lead Penang have something to say about this? A Penangnite ditched so that someone from far away can come to lead the PPC? And a porn star and tainted DOM… Read more »

Gerakan K

No, this is what I call specialization.

@kingkong, Soi Lek is a true admin and no free lunch from him anytime. He is a clean and strong leader.

LGE may have a hard time now.


A clean strong leader my foot, Gerakn K, More correctly a tainted adulterer and a porn star who committed one of the most depicable immoral act…


Ya he is a good porn actor, period.


Don’t me laugh till I die


Continue laughing, this is a fact that no one can change. I don’t understand why on earth MCA members can accept a person of such to become their leaders, pathetic.

Tak ada orang lain kah???


Soi Lek is a true admin and no free lunch from him anytime. He is a clean and strong leader.
MY FOOT! Go buy him a Deep Throat Video and see what happens, Gerakan K!
Anyway Penang is nearer to Haatyai for him!


Gerakan K

Of course no free lunch. They are chip2. It is karaoke and yum seng at happy hours after lunch . Unfortunately the OKT left earlier otherwise Gerakan K has more fun


Oh, not again, why another MCA guy?! Looks like Najib has no one else for the job or MCA make good buddies?

Why not Tengku Razaleigh, Kayveas or even the man who refused to stop working …Apanama Kutty? 😀


Gerakan K

Good for you. This time you really strike rich – money, women and wine. Now the earthquake shift from Pasang (Minnanhua) to Penang. No billions but millions can will do