Sin Chew reporter released


Just received word that the Sin Chew Daily reporter, Tan Hoon Cheng, has been released by Bukit Aman.

A vigil had earlier been scheduled outside the Sin Chew office in Penang from 2.00pm to 6.00pm.

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sinaran suria

Detention under ISA is a desperate move by UMNO to play racial cards again and again. It seems UMNO and BN never learned anything from the recent general election. It is very sad indeed to have leaders that are so short sighted and living in a box. Malaysian have seen all these Drama before played by UMNO and group. Funny thing is MCA, PGRM, PPP, PGRM still in the coalition. It is a matter of time before all these parties will jump ship. Hope for a better Malaysia.


UMNO – U Must Not Object
ISA – I Suka-suka Arrest


Apa pun pandangan pelbagai pihak, saya masih setuju ISA dikekalkan tetapi penggunaannya hendaklah apabila betul betul perlu terutama apabila terbukti wujudnya ancaman besar kepada keselamatan negara. Janganlah menggunakan ISA sewenang wenangnya seandainya sesuatu kes itu masih dapat diurus dengan cara lain.

Passer by

Tan was picked up/arrested/detained because police received intelligence that her safety would be threatened. She is now released/returned home/freed because she had cooperated with the police.

Is the threat upon her life still exists after 24 hours ? Had the police been able to find the person making the threat ?

— the arrest and subsequent release stinks to seven heaven and it is nothing more than an abuse of the law. Tan should start legal proceeding for wrongful detention/arrest.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng

Let there be a lighted candle within each heart
That can neither be extinguished nor torn apart
To remind each one of us to play our solemn part
In ensuring justice is restored never to depart

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 130908
Sat. 13th Sept. 2008.


Just saw on tv the press conference by syed hamid albar. … he has lost all credibility.

how can we ever listen to the drivels (mean talk stupidly) of government ministers and believe them. they have lost the confidence of people. how can they go on to govern the land.


Heard just now from realiable sources that this is the same replay like 1998. The ISA arrest of Tan , RPK, Teresa is a prelude to something big. There is a pushtu against…

See all the fliplops with the ISA arrest.

There is more to come and even the police are confused .


We are glad that Tan was realeased. Very disappointed with the police & Syed Albar …
Another flip flop excused by Abdullah Adminstration.

Adam & The Ants

rakyat akan keluar beramai ramai memberi
sokongan kepada PR untuk menubuhkan
kerajaan Persekutuan yang baru
secepat mungkin InsyaAllah.



The reason given by the botak one that Hoon Cheng was taken into custody (arrested!) was to enable the police to get some statements from her as “she had made the first report” and also because her life was being threatened. Oh how stupid he is to think of such a lame excuse for the govt’s action! And he insults our intelligence… When statements are required, the person is REQUESTED (not arrested!) to go to the police station. In addition, when one’s life is being threatened, the victim is taken into police protection (not slapped with ISA!) and the police… Read more »

telur dua

She shouldn’t be arrested in the first place.

Sheikh Housein

The Government had gone bonkers and nuts. Where is Khir Toyo, he is the person who started all in this “Teresa Kok” issue, and why Utusan is not issued a “show-cause” letter.

I never thought our PDRM will be that dump to use ISA on this reporter who reported what was told by the UMNOPutra Man.


The biggest joke is syed the botak albar said she was arrested under isa to protect her! kecewa la


PERSOALANnya sekarang samada kita mahu membawa negara Malaysia tercinta ini ke hadapan atau ke belakang? Perasaan hormat menghormati sesama manusia sudah hilang apalagi untuk menghormati sesama kaum, bangsa dan agama. APA yang kita mahu sebenarnya? Hanya kerana cita2 politik beberapa kerat manusia sehingga mengakibatkan penderitaan seluruh rakyat. Masalah demi masalah timbul, kekacauan, ketakutan, jenayah, masalah sosial, kenaikan harga minyak dan barang dan lain lain lagi sudah cukup membebankan rakyat, kenapa ditambahkan lagi dengan ketidak tenteraman perasaan antara kaum? Gunalah apa ISA atau apa akta sekalipun, jikalau tiada kesedaran ke arah toleransi antara kaum, tidak hormat menghormati serta tidak akur kepada… Read more »


Does making an A** of themselve means anything at all?


HariPuttar said: “where else in the world can the person threatening an innocent being be free to continue whatever, while the threatened gets arrested.”

Only in …land where a compliant a… can be used to bring down a potential head of state! Remember the case that got Guan Eng imprisoned for 18 months? …. the poor girl is sent for rehab, while the MP raising the issue in Parliament gets thrown in jail.

All this heavy-handed action is a legacy of the Incurable Dr M. May he live to see Anwar Ibrahim installed as PM!


I am wondering what kind of intelligent report submitted by the police to the minister. Who hold the power that be, who is playing wayang kulit. Somebody has got to be accountable for this action.If not now, later but all this mischievous conduct of who is who must be taken to task. While life is going on and people are unperturbed with the political hype of wayang kulit for those eager to retain power at all costs.suddenly publics was given a slap of ISA … what la this PM, tangkap wrong innocent people… You never learn, watch out the invisible… Read more »

James Kuick

This is the new Malaysia, please make way for individuals who are prepared to make way for a change and embrace that change. We all need a breathe of fresh air. My hope and aspiration is to see that Pakatan takes over and see that my country progresses. Clearly using ISA to arrest is an blatant abuse of power and furthermore its making a mockery of our country’s law and institution. I strongly feel that our PM had been pressured into making these arrests. Just go think about the timing of our … holiday-ing in Taiwan, the mess brought about… Read more »


The reporter should not have been arrested in the first place. This clearly shows that ISA can be abused and should be repealed if Pakatan takes over.I believe that the repeal of an Act of Parliament like ISA only requires a simple majority. Whoever is advising Pak Lah is surely making a mess out of everything from the last general election strategy,the fuel price increase, the handling of Anwar and now the ISA arrests. Everything done by the present administration since the last GE has only alienated the rakyat further. This administration is the author of its own misfortune and… Read more »

Murud L

This is beyond silly, the action taken to ISA these people is nasty, malicious with the intention to intimidate. Ya, Ms Tan has been released but who is going to account for the trauma that she and her family had to go through? Her rights as a Malaysian citizen has been violated. Can those who did this please imagine the same treatment happening to your own daughters and wives. Too much!!

Kah Seng

Every anomaly has informational value. Who issued and signed the arrest order? Who issued and signed the release order? What can they get from her in information in 15 hours or less minus traveling time they could not get from her police statement? Who thought they could? Who believed her arrest has threatening value? Who believed her arrest has value to appease Ahmad Ismail supporters? Why risk losing face and credibility for such quick turnaround? Was Syed Hamid in full control of the “catch and release” “sports” event? Will anyone take responsibility for the meaningless event? Many more questions. Slowly… Read more »


Hooray1 Hooray! Another Malaysia Guiness Book Record ~ for being the shortest period of time ISA detainee. Malaysia Boleh! Syabas Syed Hamid.

Welcome back Tan. Malaysiakini reported that you were released at 4 pm and now you are safely back in your home in Bukit Mertajam. PDRM sent you home with their helicopter ah?


The harm has been done.