Sin Chew journalist detained under ISA


Update at 11.43pm: Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng is now giving a press conference.

Sin Chew journalist Tan Hoon Cheng has been detained in Penang. She is the journalist who reported on the Ahmad Ismail statements.

She has been detained under the ISA and is likely to be held at the Penang police headquarters.

The Chief Minister’s political secretary is believed to have met the CPO of Penang. Among prominent figures who turned up at the police station were Toh Kin Woon, Teng Hock Nan, Chia Kwang Chye and Jeff Ooi.

About 40 reporters and others gathered along Dickens Street off Penang Road earlier.

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kenneth iswara

UMNO has destroyed whatever is left of people’s support for MCA and GERAKAN. They have no choice but to join PR on 916. For the simple reason that their supporters have shifted to PR. You have to go after your supporters. The alternative is to stay behind and swallow your pride, stay behind and be stepped on by BIG BROTHER UMNO every time. Remember, UMNO did not have the respect to even inform you before arresting TAN HOON CHENG. OKT and KSK were left looking stupid.

Vanity Fling

If it could happen to her, it could happen to anyone of us as long as we are NOT are their side…


The … got scared ….. at the shadows Louder as the days go by Knowing not what are out there The eyes blinking The scary shadows ride The empty train The … got scared Howling loud and clear Calling for assistance Calling for backup squads There is nothing left What must we do now? The … bones disappearing Slowly in the minds There is nothing left to fight The … got scared Whining in the dark alleys Biting the innocents going by Knowing not what are out there The … got scared Using its sharp teeth snarling angrily In the… Read more »

Murud L

My family’s prayers go out for Ms Tan and her family, that they will remain strong and not fear. It is darkest before the dawn..let’s pray for the light to come soon.
Anil, thanks for posting the updates on her situation. While we cannot be with her physically, it really helps to know and be with her in solidarity of spirit.


Why were all the UMNO/BN folks who made the racist comments not detained??? And the reporter who reports out the comments made in public got detained??? And of course she reported the truth, else the DPM won’t apologize and Ahmad won’t get sacked!!!!


UMNO-BN is blind with terror at the prospect of losing power. That explains why their action defies logic. Malaysians of all races are watching in disbelief at the desperation of UMNO-BN . Are we watching the death throes of a drowning regime?


The arrest of an innocent journalist under ISA bears a truly remarkable nonsensical logic! … Even those who merely did their job honestly as journalists and the newspapers that they work for are not spared. All the journalist did was to do her job conscientiously and do what a reporter should do i.e. report on what Ahmad Ismail had said. Ahmad Ismail is the worst offender in the whole racial slur episode. … All the journalist did was to report on what Ahmad Ismail had said. Yet her crime was more severe… What is more amazing is – what she… Read more »

road smoke

Stay calm everyone, we have got our leaders to lead. The BN is up to something to deter the 916. Be steady. Do not get stirred by their agendas.


PPL stay calm ! Dont get caught by BN-UMNO … tactic. WE (SUPPORT) THROUGH PR !!!!………

Kenny Gan

The arrest of Sin Chew reporter Ms. Tan under ISA is without any basis and merely to appease the racist elements in Umno unhappy with Ahmad Ismail’s wrist slap. But racism is a zero sum game. … Not that the Chinese will take any unwise action but it will drive a wedge further between the govt and the Chinese community. This will put further pressure on Gerakan and MCA to pull out of BN. If they stay put, they will sever their last linkage with the Chinese community. Let’s hope Gerakan pull out of BN over this ISA crackdown …… Read more »


Teresa Kok the latest ISA detainee! WHAT HAPPEN TO THIS COUNTRY??


… Shame on you BeeNd. Shame on Gerakan & MCA for being powerless and useless…

If Gerakan & MCA still remain in BN after this, then they have proven that they are useless and irrelevant any longer even though Koh Tsu Koon keeps denying they are blind “yes men”.
Show UMNO that you have a spine. Get out now. If you don’t believe in Pakatan, then become a third force. They have torn your photos….

sam Gopal

Information has been confirmed. Please do check Malaysiakini. Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng’s political secretary Ng Wei Aik confirmed the arrest of Tan under the ISA. Ms Tan was arrested under Internal Security Act Section 73 (1)


Koh tsu koon if you thought tearing your photo was bad nah another slap …


Let’s wait for confirmation, but this is getting increasingly worrisome. If she is neede for the investigation there are other ways to gather that info from her. I am sure she would give her fullerst cooperation if they turned up at her office tomorrow.

This reeks of intimidation but better wait for confirmation….


It is disappointing that government had choose ISA ahead of other legal means. Not long ago, PM had stated that media should report the truth without fear and favor. Now, this is the price when truth is reported.

How can the culprit could get away with mere party membership suspenship and yet the reporter subjected to ISA detention? Where is justice? What could we expect from this government which has no credibility at all?

Looks like the government is willing to take any measures in order to stay in the power.


916 pls make it happen!!!

this …government should be grilled…!!!

i would like to see if MCA, greakan & other component parties have the b— to make a stand against this brutality!!!


The journalist, as reported by Malaysiakini is now detained under ISA. Haih. What a setback to democracy in Malaysia.


If she did nothing wrong but just reporting the truth, will this be considerred wrong? What is happening now? What is betul and what is salah?
My heart is pain to see this…since it happen on the land where we stay….
The reporter Ms. Tan is my junior when i was in my secondary school..good reputation….


what she reported is true event and the ahmad was punished by the supreme counsils. then the reporter who reported the true was caught under isa. welcome to malaysia where the true cannot be prevail.. we only can keep quiet and let the scoudrels do all the bad things. where is the justice. Believe in 916


eh, why they arrest the reporter instead of the culprit? this is so stupid and clearly shows how biased the government is…reminds me of Gobalakrishnan who blew the whistle on the phantom voters but he was arrested instead… so ppl next time if u think of reporting a crime, better not lest u be arrested and the criminal walks free…DSAI, we desperately need u…


So, is there anyone out there still questioning the morality of crossover to form a new Pakatan goverment after all these evil nonsense act of BN?


Dear Anil…

YOU are in the position to get people to appeal to the UNITEd nation chapter of human rights…

UN intervention is needed now if the UMNO govt has turned into a dictator and Junta combined in one.

The reporters have not committed anything against the country… they were asked to report facts by none other than Badawai himself, why is she arrested.?

I can understand rpk arrest BUT not the reporters….

PLEASE CALL UP THE UNITED NATION before all the rest of us too gets arrested….


Will God bless Malaysia?

Will God be with the journalist who standby the truth and write accordingly?