Significance of 10 August


10 August 1947 was when the Putera-AMCJA constitutional proposals (based on 10 principles) were adopted by the constituent members of the two coalitions (Pusat Tenaga Rakyat and All Malaya Council for Joint Action). The People’s Constitutional Proposals were later put forward to the public on 21 September 1947.

Photograph: Pusat Sejarah Rakyat
Photograph: Pusat Sejarah Rakyat
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Don Anamalai

13 Mei : Rekonstruksi Sejarah & Pembinaan Malaysia Pasca Rasisme


Our history books have become more Islamic and it is politically driven. Malaysia seems to be actively filtering out any trace of Hindu-Buddhist influence from it’s history. At the Bujang Valley museum in Kedah, which is the site of Indian-Hindu habitation, many of the Indian-Hindu artefacts have been phased out while Islamic artefacts and exhibits have taken their place. It is well-documented history that the Malays existed as mostly Hindus before the arrival of Islam to the Malay archipelago. Many customs, practices, dress code and the language all point to the Malays having been richly influenced by the Indian/Hindu culture.… Read more »

Don Anamalai

Lembah Bujang at Gurun could have been a top-drawn tourist attraction in the scale of Angkor Wat or Borobudur to bring in tourist dollars for Kedah residents if the local authority could appreciate the true history of the region without being clouded by the religious factor.


Just a note. On August 11, 1786. Captain Francis Light founded the British colony of Penang.

loo seng tak

This is not covered in the syllabus of our SPM Sejarah.