Scenes from the RPK trial


RPK returns after a morning break on Day Two of the trial

(Court photos by [email protected] for

Anwar rushing to his own court case after dropping by on Day Three of the RPK trial

Women Power on Day Three of the RPK trial

Banners are unfurled outside court on Day Three

Marina, just before an interview with the foreign media on Day Three

The trial resumes on Monday from 9.00am to noon.

Candlelight vigil in PJ tonight (Picture courtesy of Free RPK blog. More pictures here.)

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RPK dares to fight On the big guns on the Dark Hill He doesn’t worry what will happen to him It is the truth he asking for it He never wants to fail He knows the jail is waiting for him What he writes and speculates Mixing his spices to taste good in the mind Only the ruling elites can’t stomach it alright So he fights on He knows the obstacles stack against him He is a fighter; a Bugis prince never runs away He challenges the ruling elites Until they put him away The Dark Hill tumbles The echo… Read more »


DPM wannabe reckons there won’t be a return to Mahathirism with the “new” leadership. Has it truly left the political arena, with political persecution still very much alive and kicking?

There’s also a new and improved version climbing up the political ladder who will make Khairy look like a saint.