Say NO to racial politics


Everyone seems to be worried about the way issues of race have shot to the forefront as 16 Sept nears.

Certain politicians are using the oldest trick in the book to whip up support: the manipulation of racial issues to appeal to base, primordial sentiments.

We must reject such bankrupt politicians – or better still, ignore them. When I was a kid, my mother told me if anyone calls you names or tries to rile you up, just ignore them. And you know what? It worked. Those who do that thrive on getting an angry response from you. But if you act like it doesn’t matter what they say – if you show them that it doesn’t affect you one bit – they walk away disappointed that their taunting didn’t work.

Similarly, if there is one thing a politician fears or hates more than losing public support, it is to be ignored completely by the public and by the media and to be rendered irrelevant.

So more Malaysians should ignore such politicians. Let them end up speaking to the wall. Let the BN politicians play their sandiwara game and sort it out themselves. I appeal to Malaysians not to fall for such race-baiting tactics, which thrive on a never-ending spiral of response and counter-response, thrust and counter thrust.

Malaysians now are a lot smarter and more mature. Many of them showed on 8 March that they have rejected racial politics and are now more inclined to multi-racial politics. Let’s continue this trend and let nothing stand in its path.

One of the reasons the Pakatan did so well on 8 March and in Permatang Pauh was that they appealed to the hopes and aspirations of the people for a better country – which we all know we are capable of.

Say what you like about Anwar, in Permatang Pauh he cleverly managed to reassure both the Malays and the non-Malays that they had a place under the Malaysian sun. It was a positive campaign.

On the other hand, the BN resorted to the politics of fear and played on people’s insecurities. In Permatang Pauh, we saw how they appealed to the fears and insecurities of the Malays  – who, uniquely in the peninsula, are a minority community in Penang. It was a negative campaign and about two thirds of the Malays there, saw through it all and rejected such racial tactics.

Now we see the politics of race rear its ugly head again as 16 Sept – or 20 Sept – approaches. Is it a diversionary tactic intended to derail the unstoppable will of Malaysians for a fairer, more just Malaysia?

Once again, we have to reject such racial politics – and ignore the bankrupt politicians who use such tactics –  and instead usher in a new Malaysia where everyone is treated with justice and respect. Let these politicians display their depravity for the whole world to see.

Check out Farish Noor’s “A racist start to Ramadhan” here.

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I agree. Let them do what they do. If we respond in kind, we are no better than them. They are forcing us into a situation with an expected outcome, hoping that we will respond. I think we are all level headed enough to decide what we want to respond to. Ultimately, their target is to cause us to respond in a physical way, which (may) cause the BN to declare an Emergency which is not unlike May 13th. If you read the May 13 book, you’d know what to expect. Really deja vu! But the only thing different is… Read more »


Dear Anil,

You may be surprised to note that to a certain extent we agree with you:)

But we do feel a deeper understanding (beyond the normal, typical lame conspiracy theories) of the reasons behind his actions, the racial polarization post PRU-12 and the continued weak leadership exhibited by Pak Lah & Co would help towards uniting Malaysians.

Just a thought.

Dr. SK

Can’t concur with you more. We should not dignify such low down bottom feeder with any response. It is very obvious he has the support of the racist UNMO elites …


Exactly my sentiments, Anil. A bully succeeds only if you take the bait. They will be stunned when they don’t get the response they are expecting.

Remember how Karpal responded to Mahathir’s opinion that he was one of the most contemptible politicians?

Rascists hope that their sparks can turn into raging wildfires. Little do they realize that they are, as Raja Petra puts it, spitting in the wind.

Ah Singh

I am a Singh or a sikh. But my great great grand father came to malaya in the 1800’s. My great great grand father was a bodyguard to the then bugis sultan of selangor. I have cousins who are malays, chinese and tamils. My uncle married dorris chua the rtm news reader in the 1980s. So I got close relatives and cousins who are chinese too. we malaysians are now all ‘chup cheong’ or rojak already. I have close cousins who are also malays. … we are now all equal. lets make hay while the sun shines. let us all… Read more »

Justin Choo


It is good to be reminded of your mother’s wise advice. Most times we got carried away bec we got so angry and stoop low down to be with the other party.

Yes just ostracize them. Please get the press poeple not to attend his so-called “press statement”. That will shoo him away!!

malaysian niah

I agree that we should stop this racist issues and the first thingis to no longer support race base politics, parties and politicians. We should be having more multi-racial parties fighting each other and not just a grouping of race-based parties like MCA, MIC and UMNO to form the so called ‘multiracial’ front.


You are absolutely right. This is just political posturing to stir up people’s emotion for whatever reason only known to Umno. I think Ahmad Ismail is only a messanger, a mean to an end. This is Umno trademark all over. Ignore them I say.


Hi Anil I like the part about ignoring people who tease you coz they will stop eventually. I think that applies to a lot of everyday life interactions among individuals. I do think however, that it is wrong to ignore the words of Ahmad Ismail. It is because these kind of expressions have been allowed all this while that he did not think twice before voicing them the first and second time. Ahmad Ismail was speaking as a representative of the ruling coalition, and UMNO at the time he allegedly made the first statement. As a Malaysian, it disturbs me… Read more »


If NIKE say ‘just do it’ Now all Malaysians must say ‘just ignore it’. Let pray everything goes well today and wait for the 16, 20……but remember hari raya AIDILFITRI is just around the corner so get ready to enjoy Malaysian foods and this is something we cannot ignore. Ok Malaysians have fun and happy Ramadhan.


This is what happens when a government long in power loses its legitimacy in the eyes of the people. I would see it going the way of the mainstream media, or is it the other way around? The fact is, 2/3 support is gone but the arrogance that comes with it is not. The fact that they had only 51% popular support must still be smarting. Imagine if they had lost the GE outright? I shudder to think what we would be facing right now. Self retrospection do not seem to be in their dictionary. Race is once again used… Read more »


Don’t be too gentle Anil. The real word for ‘Certain politicians’ should be UMNO lembu-s. These are the real culprits that caused all kinds of racial politics since before Merdeka!

old f***

Spot-on Anil. Enough mileage has been given to this racist moron, so let’s stop playing into their dirty tricks. Totally ignore him as if he doesn’t exist on this planet and he will have no choice but to lamely walk away with tail between his legs.

Go! Malaysian...

saya percaya Isu Menumpang ini ada motif di sebaliknya…

lihatlah ni…

Kenapa Ahmad Berani Ingkari Arahan

Rakyat Malaysia!
Jangan Terpengaruh dengan taktik MEREKA!!!


Elvis Bob Marley

I agree with Han2. When people in power behave in this manner, a very clear message of disapproval must be conveyed. That gives meaning to the essence of democracy – freedom of speech and expression. If it is not done in good time and in volume, the untrue will be become true, the very vicious cycle we are caught-in as a nation in the last 51 years, condoning bigots.


For all the Pakatan Rakyat supporters, Many sign shows that the 13th General Election will be coming very soon. Do you ever wonder why the Ahmad issue can drag for so long and keep on be the headlines in the Main Stream Media which control by BeeNd? The Ahmad case is one of the sign for UMNO to woo for Malay voters and MCA & Gerakan to woo for Chinese voters. The UMNO Supreme Council will meeting tomorrow to discuss the punishment on Ahmad. But the outcome is very clear! Ahmad will be either suspended or sack by UMNO. Ahmad… Read more »


We should all oppose vociferously anything that is not right including racial and divisive politcs. Unless we do, Malaysia will have no future. If I may quote the proverb by Edmund Burke, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”.


Please read Malaysia Today latest article on this. … Also this is a political plot to embarrass Pak Lah and in the process bring him down. I agreed with you , the best way is take away their platform by ignoring it.