RPK still blogging; Rosmah’s “conscience is clear”


It looks like an RPK posting, it sounds like an RPK posting, it has to be RPK!

Sounds incredible? See the latest posting on Malaysia Today.

Today is my eighth day of detention under the Internal Security Act (“ISA”). When I was detailed on Friday, 12th September 2008, it was supposed to be in respect of articles I wrote in Malaysia Today about our leaders, which was supposed to have confused the public and articles which insult Islam…. Full posting here.

At least, we know his spirit is still intact.

Meanwhile, Rosmah, in an exclusive interview with Sin Chew (photo credit MySinChew), insists that her “conscience is clear”:

During an exclusive interview with Sin Chew Daily at her house in Jalan Duta, Kuala Lumpur, Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor talked about her feelings on the implication of Datuk Seri Najib in the murder case of Mongolian woman Altantuya Shaariibuu.
“I really don’t care how people misunderstand me. The important thing is that my conscience is clear.”

She stressed that her conscience is clear in the face of rumours and slanders targeted at her, and that it was not necessary for her to prove anything.

“I have not done anything wrong or hurt anyone. Why can’t I lift up my head and walk with confidence? I really don’t care how people misunderstand me. The important thing is that my conscience is clear.”

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Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor, If your conscience is clear, why dont you sue RPK in court and bring him to the books? Why the sudden silence? Your statement seem so artificial, same like you. There are 1001 speculations splashed all over the net connecting you to you-know-what. If I were to ask, I will came forward and say please proof it and will clear my name once for all. That’s it… Khalas, its all over.


oh my …. god!!!… the onli thing she knows is shop till she drop …

… why she spk out when Rpk is in ISA, Rosmah, if ur coscience is clear, plz take RPK to court to clear ur name,

dare ya, ….

Samy Velu

I think the government is using ISA,OSA,Sedition Act to act on people who tells the government wrong doing its seen very clearly.Y we must support this, we must clearly support the Pakatan Rakyat bcoz we dont have other alternative.


..her conscience is clear…to do what she had to do!


Something just crossed my mind, what if YM Raja Petra is our HOME MINISTER or ACA chief?

We the Malaysians of all races & religions demand the immediate release of our Malay Hero YM Raja Petra and our Indian Heroes the Hindraf 5!!!!

Abolish ISA!!!!!

clear conscience

What a coincidence? Apparently my pseudonym name is also “Clear Conscience” and I have been posting comments in YB LKS, Teresa Kok & many other’s blog with this pseudonym name or the other pseudonym name “Clear Conscience Mirror”. Well, as my pseudonym name strikes a resemblance with the “clear conscience” expressed by someone of “great status”, I guess who has more clear conscience in the many facets of life. Your guess is as good as any Malaysian. It is definitely me, none other than me, but the only me. Why? Because, I don’t have the many swords hanging over my… Read more »

cinta Malaysia

I am wondering how on earth can RPK blog from his cell.It blows my mind off!

dr suresh

My dear fellow Malaysians,

Those of you, who havent signed the ISA petition at people’s parliament, please do so,we need the numbers and a strong voice,got to keep fighting.In the mean time lets all right thinking malaysians and foreigners alike keep praying for the release of RPK,the HINDRAF 5 and all the other ISA detainees.


No human can be a judge for the thereafter life. Anyone that said Islam is right or wrong is acting GOD. As Muslim in the Quran surat 35 shows us that all human will ONLY be judge on the judgment day Even the Angles (mailaikat) are not even allowed to pass judgment During this fasting month Muslim should share wisdom and sharing . Leaders that lie and use ISA as a vendetta for power and position should have allot to answer. My prayer is with all the families whose love ones are under ISA may the ALMIGHTY show you strength… Read more »


She’s … STUPID…. the great Socrates said, The unaware life is not worth living.” Even if invited I wouldn’t even wish to have tea with her. Some people hardly wake up. … She will never get to see it at all. People like this will surely have a nightmare. She will continue in the nightmare. People who are busy in denial, … She will live through blaming life and everyone else in society…. The trouble with her and her husband is that they are busy fixing things, aren’t they. It seems to me that it never strikes them that things… Read more »


I wonder how they are going to defend these statements when the truth eventually comes out – and rest assured the truth has an uncanny way of doing that – at the most inopportune time! Anyway, has anyone asked our boys in blue and/or Syed Hamid ALLBLUR how in God’s name RPK managed to post an article on Malaysia Today whilst under their custody? Hey, … you got the WRONG RPK in custody! neh, ne ne ne neh! Come on DSAI – lets ‘sock it to em’! Just you watch all these … flee the country when PR takes over… Read more »


Let’s all pray for the release of RPK and the others. Hope the people have not forgotten the 5 who have sacrificed their freedom for the downtrodden Indians in the country. Let’s not forget the many others detained and whose family members are deprived of care and love. The Divine power is great. The Divine power will show us the right path. May all these people who are detained freed unconditionally. RPK has enlightened many Malaysians with his explicit reporting and has made Malaysians differentiate between evil and right. RPK should not be penalised for his outright reporting. Malaysians are… Read more »


Conscience is full of ****!!!

…..prefer to have Datuk Wan Azizah as our FIRST LADY… !!!!!


Anil History is replete with good men ruined by evil women and in the process the countries fell. Equally we find that the reign of wealth and prosperity existed during times when the wives of kings and officers were good-hearted. What is going to come of Malaysia… If we look through the comments of most blogs today, it seems many people are invoking the name of God and Allah to help us through. It indicates the feeling of helplessness and loss of faith in man leading our country and we look for help from above. It is a poignant time… Read more »

telur dua

As if it means anything.


Will Najib, also, declare his conscience is clear?


The Star : Supreme council members want speedier transition

If I was Badawi, I would release RPK. He is the only one able to keep the certain UMNO supreme council members (u know who) in check.


Oh, forgot to mention, OSA as well. And to pass the Freedom of Information Act


Not just the ISA, but the Sedition Act, the Printing Press Act and the State of Emergency (since 1969) lifted.

Adam & The Ants

Should the ISA be abolished?

Yes, get rid of it


(She) now says “her conscience is clear”….

Whatever U say from now onwards, (few) will believe U. …


If she really don’t care about what people think or how they misunderstood her, why on earth she needs that interview for?

Just like how Najib needs to swear on the book; totally unnecessary if they are ‘clear on their conscience’ …


“My conscience is clear”…

(Is that) because her understanding of the word clear is EMPTY?

As long as she’s happy doing something (e.g. …shopping spree), she’s ok with it….


Your conscience of course is clear but Jeanni is wondering why she has to clean the kitchen now.

Cepat!!! SIL you hv to bring your FIL to the “Mongolia Festival on 31st October 008” for a clean up.


Only for those people who have conscience, can talk about conscience, otherwise it is talk. Almighty is watching everyone, the people who have committed any crime must one day face the almighty.